Monday, December 14, 2009

Who wants to go to Heaven?

"Hey GB, look at this!" says boyfriend T excitedly, "This magazine says that X-factor star Lloyd Daniels will be performing at Heaven tonight :-)."

It's Saturday night just over a week ago, and I'm in a gay bar in central London with boyfriend T. We've planned to meet B (my gorgeous Japanese masseur) socially for a few drinks. While we're waiting for him to arrive, we're idly looking through the free gay newspapers and magazines that are always available in these kind of venues.

"I didn't know that you're a fan of Lloyd Daniels?" I say, slightly bemused, "He's a bit young for you isn't he!"

"Well he's not my favourite, but he's sings well so it might be fun to see him perform live :-). And you know that I've always wanted to go Heaven!"

We're still discussing the merits of Lloyd Daniels and a possible visit to Heaven when B arrives.

"Hey B, do you fancy a trip to Heaven tonight?" asks boyfriend T immediately, keen to drum up support for his idea.

"Could do :-)" replies B in a non-committal way, "Anyway, does anyone want a drink?"

But about half an hour later, after a trip to the toilets, B comes back brandishing the kind of bracelet that get's put on your wrist to identify you while you're in hospital.

"Look," says B, "I can get into Heaven tonight for just £2 with this wrist band :-)."

"Great," says boyfriend T, "where did you get that? Can we get them too?"

"Yes of course, there's a guy outside giving them away for free!"

It's probably been around ten years since I went to Heaven, and although I don't spend much time in night clubs these days, I am curious to see what it's like now.

We finish our drinks and soon, after a brief walk, we're queuing to get into Heaven. Inside, all the walls are painted black just like they always used to be, and I struggle to work out if anything's changed since my last visit.

"I'll swear that there used to be a walkway high up along that wall, from where you could look down on the main dance floor," I say, after we've walked around a bit to get an idea of what's available, "but the rest looks pretty similar!"

We buy some drinks, and settle in for a while on the smaller upstairs dance floor. But the music upstairs seems like less fun to us than what's being played on the main dance floor, so after about half an hour we head back downstairs.

"Oh my god!" I laugh as an old song that I recognise begins, "I can't believe that they still play this!!"

"What is it?" asks boyfriend T.

"KYLIE :-)."

Just to emphasise how little has changed, Madonna's Vogue follows Better the devil you know. However, I'm also surprised about how much of the new stuff that gets played turns out to be songs that I've downloaded for my iPod! When it comes to music, I guess it just proves that there are certain songs which appeal to gay men, even if they don't go to dance clubs much any more.

Eventually Lloyd Daniels makes his appearance, and all of a sudden it looks like the audience have all raised candles into the air. But of course they're not candles, instead it's the bright displays of iPhones, Blackberrys and other such devices which can take photos!

Overall, Lloyd Daniels acquits himself reasonably well, alhough the three songs that he sings don't really fit very well with the night club setting. Interestingly, compared to the impossibly cute and boyish image that he'd been given on X-factor, on stage at Heaven he looks much more beefy and grown up. I've always said that I prefer my men to be fully developed, so even though he's far too young for me, the guy that I saw from a distance that night at Heaven was much more appealing to me!


Sir Wobin said...

Oh GB, the image of you in Heaven with T being excited by a Kylie song had me laughing. You are the best antidote to all this nonsense about bankers and the bonus culture - so down to earth and you just don't take yourself too seriously.


GB said...

OK I admit it, LWW, I do enjoy dancing to Kylie! Although Better the Devil You Know reminds me of Belgrade during the Yugoslav Wars. But that's another story. Anyway, I've always wished I knew how to Vogue, any tips?

GB xxx

Jake said...

Lol GB! I would have LOVED to have seen Lloyd Daniels - easily the hottest 'young' Welshman I know of. Such a gorgeous accent, (I've never picked up the Welsh accent and I'm 100% born and bred) although good to know he looks a bit more manly live, as I'm only a few years older than him (21) but still feel like a cradle snatcher lusting after him! xx

Anonymous said...

Was there that night! Possibly even saw you unknowingly.

Definitely a good night.

- July's "gay student in the UK"

Jake said...

I have only been to Heaven be honest, I think it was overrated!

Has anyone heard the rumour that Lloyd and Danyl from the X Factor were/are getting it on? Only a rumour as far as I know, and probably false too!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

:) I was there that night.

And to think I may have seen you and not even known.

I lost my heavenly virginity that night too - AKA my first time there. Had been meaning to go for ages and it was very 'shall we go, shall we not, yeah lets just go' that night.

Hope you had a good evening.