Thursday, October 15, 2009

A visit to my gorgeous Japanese masseur

Very long time readers of this blog may recall B, my gorgeous Japanese masseur, who I used to visit regularly for massage and sometimes other activities. I still sometimes visit him for massage, but since he goes back home to Japan very regularly, just when I start to get into the habit of seeing him he'll be off on another trip and so the habit gets broken again.

On a recent visit to see B, I bump into his English colleague N, who's on his way out of the building where the two of them have their massage business.

"Hi, how're you?" I ask N, "I haven't seen you for ages!"

Indeed, I haven't seen him for well over a year because whenever I've visited B for massage, N would either be busy with another client or somewhere else entirely.

"Oh I'm fine thanks, you?"

"Yeah I'm good. I've got a new boyfriend now :-). It seems to be going well, at the moment anyway!"

"So what happened to the boyfriend who lived abroad?" asks N.

"Oh, I split up with boyfriend P back in January :-(," I reply, with a despondent tone in my voice, "and if I ever see or hear from him again it'll be too soon!"

"Still, you're looking great mate," replies N, eyeing me up and down approvingly, "what's your secret?"

"Well I still go to the gym regularly, ..." I start.

"... with perhaps a bit of Botox?" he interrupts, with a big grin on his face.

Bloody cheek!! How old does he think I am anyway?

"No certainly not!" I answer, sounding genuinely offended, "Anyway, how about you?"

"Actually I've also got a new boyfriend too," replies N, still smiling, "he's a Greek guy :-)."

"Wow, really?" I ask, "I thought you were a confirmed rice queen!"

"Naaaah, I've given up on Asian guys!" replies N, "they're too difficult and they never do what you want!"

I find myself wondering whether he means that they don't remember how much milk he likes if they make him a cup of tea, or whether he's talking about what he wants them to do in more intimate situations.

We say goodbye to each other, and while I'm climbing the stairs to visit B, I suddenly realise that something that one of my old friends told me last May must be wrong. When I met a friend of mine for dinner, he'd told me that becoming a rice queen is a 'one-way street', meaning that once a Caucasian guy starts dating Asian guys then all his boyfriends from then on will be Asian. But since N has a Greek boyfriend now, it's clearly not 100% true.

Although my gorgeous Japanese masseur always insisted that N was only a colleague and nothing more, I always thought that there'd been some kind of loving relationship between the two of them. Indeed, it might even have been the failure of a relationship between the two of them that forced N back up the one-way street!


Anonymous said...

You are getting old GB and certainly ancient by gay standards. There's also nothing wrong with botox you shouldn't have been offended.

I like posts like this, very funny and provides insight into your bumper bonus-fuelled, sex and the city-type life. If you want your readers to come back post less of those convoluted uncle agony letters, only a couple have been interesting enough to read.

Anonymous said...

I saw an ad recently for a mature gay dating site - the two blokes pictured in it were supposed to be 38 and 43 ! Perhaps being gay wears off after the age of 50.

Anonymous said...

Once "X" always "X" is an urban myth. Sure, a few rice queens, potato queens, etc., go by that rule. But, there are far too many exceptions to really make it a practical rule by any stretch of imagination.

I have dated several Asian guys (of different national backgrounds)over a few years, and frankly, I loved it. Some of their common cultural/personal traits worked well for me. At first, they were rather on the shy/modest side. None of them had a problem being a total bottom for me. They took the issues of personal hygene very seriously. All of them very sexually positive guys, and had neither hang ups nor regrets... As far as I was able to say, the chemistry was just fine.

On the downside, the Asian guys I was dating both in the States and in Europe were all very much money and career minded, at times even obssessed with it. There were quite a few issues with their low self-esteem. Several of them felt uneasy, if another Asian guy joined the company for drinks or even for a simple chat. Some of them wanted to keep our budding relationship secret to their other Asian friends, since they did not want any 'competition', and apparently did not want to be perceived as 'potato and size queens'... etc., etc...

I would certainly have absolutely no hang-ups about dating another Asian guy, if he crossed my path, and if the vibe was right.

But I would certainly not ONLY go for the Asian dudes.

Anonymous said...

Came across this BS Blog some time ago! I must leave a comment here! Just a whole lot of crap here and some invented stories which are so fucking boring that u're bound to fall asleep after 30 seconds!

And confirms the bad image of gays perfectly! Mindless, hedonistic, egocentrical, promiscuous idiots!

I coulnt think of a more perfect example of how to harm the image of gays!

Today is world hunger day, by the way. 1 bn people have not enough food to eat and are starving.

And the queers are bitching about their fuckbuddies Nr. A, B, C, D , E, F, G to Y, Z ....

What a sick world!!!

Anonymous said...

In the past with the harassment meted out to ethnic minority children in schools by their peers (not so much of a problem these days) and presently the invisiblity of Asian males in the media except in stereotypical roles (Jackie Chan martial artist, Jet Li martial artist, Chow Yun Fat hero who never gets to kiss the girls and seems asexual, the Hiro character from Heroes a foreginer who can't speak proper English and the others are mostly takeaway or laundromat workers), you'd wonder why they have low self esteem. The physical traits most of them possess is also almost the complete opposite of the idealised gay white male (frankly many gay white males don't possess those traits either) that we are made to idolise. Are we seeing some sort of psychiatric syndrome here? Where non-white males, gay or otherwise, brought up in predominantly white environments end up having low self esteem, the embodiment of which shall i un-PCly say is perhaps seen in a certain singer who died not so long ago.

and all the "competition from other Asian guys" nonsense just makes me cringe. ASian guys please start dating each other, the hot ones with the hot ones and the not so hot ones with the not so hot ones, simple as. Why go for a man far below standards you can reasonably expect just because he is white? When Asians collectively have more of a sense of self worth then hopefully they won't be some sort of a fetish niche in the interracial dating game. And also try to prevent being typecast if they are actors and performers, turn down those roles and do your community a favor. If I were an Asian male I would never take the role of the baddie Viet-Namese guy in Miss Saigon, saw that play which also made me cringe.

GB said...

Indeed first anonymous commenter, whoever you are, we're all getting older :-). I've always thought that getting older is preferable to the alternative! But ever since I've started blogging, some readers prefer one type of post, and other types of readers prefer others. So I don't try to worry about that too much and just post what I enjoy writing!

If being gay wears off after the age of 50 second anonymous commenter, whoever you are, then what's left? Heaven forbid that we're all straight underneath!

Interesting thoughts on dating Asian guys, SilverRRCloud. I don't think that my boyfriend T has any regrets, although I think he still has a few hang ups about being gay.

Indeed third anonymous commenter, whoever you are, it's quite a sick world when someone feels the need to leave an abusive anonymous comment. If you've got something like that to say, it's cowardly to hide behind the veil of anonymity. In any case, I wonder what good you've ever done, to try and help others?

Some Asian guys do date each other fourth anonymous commenter, whoever you are, especially in Asia. But beauty, or "hotness", only exists in the mind of the person who perceives it. So the idea that hot guys should date hot guys etc isn't at all useful. Actually it's also mildly offensive because it suggests that there should be a hierarchy and that guys shouldn't be allowed to date each other if they're not at similar positions in the pecking order.

GB xxx

A-Philosophical said...

Well, How do you call a latin guy becoming addicted to Americans?

It is happening to me now!

I personally do not like the USA as a country to live in, maybe now it is better since the Bush era is gone!

But I do love American men to be honest. My Ex is a New Yorker and my previous ex is from Chicago. They both lived in Uruguay.

It is that sense of irrationality I like. The non-limit or endless thought. The go-ahead and let's-go-for-it idea. And yes, sex with both exes was very good with a high standards of quality in addition to the fact that I love cut lads!

The idea of being off limits and not measured or rationalize everything but being a bit irrational and full of excess is what I love in American gay men I cannot find in any other nationality, not even in the mediterranean. I am quite square, so I like the opposite. I am uncut, so I like the cut.

A-Philosophical said...

Now I am just back from spending the weekend with a fellow American living in London I met at my job.

This guy comes to me a couple of weeks ago, and sees my name is the tag and asked me whether I was Catalan. And I said "no" but I lived in Spain for 18 months. His responses "I lived in Spain too.... ahhh but "P" you sound American" I added "I lived in the USA as well and I love your country (I actually didn’t mean to say that of the country but about the American men)." And added "I love especially Miami, because I am a latin guy but I'd say the nicest place to me would be Chicago" he responses "I lived both in Miami and Chicago."

Time goes by.... He comes everyday to the shop. At times more than once. He says "hello P". Being a mechanical kinda job I was more than holding a smile for someone to say hi and call me by my name. I started to like him. More than physically speaking who he is ok, but his attitude won me over.

I spent the whole weekend shagging with the American guy. I hadn't indulged myself with Yankee beef in such a long time. I loved it, and I want more! Ohhh gosh! Until that day two weeks ago when I confessed to weakness towards Americans.

Is there a name for this kinda behaviour? Let me know GB, please!

GB said...

I don't know of any phrase to describe Latinos who like Americans, A-Philosophical, but following the rice-queen, potato-queen nomenclature, I'd offer McDonalds-Queen as a possibility LOL! Or is there a better choice of 'food' that Americans all tend to eat?

GB xxx

Jay said...

I have to agree with the first post! We want to see more of your life and views and less of the Uncle I need your help letters.