Monday, September 24, 2007

A visit to my gorgeous Japanese masseur

The day after I gave boyfriend number 3 his birthday present, I get home around 7pm to an empty house. Boyfriend number 1 usually cooks a meal for me in the evening, but tonight he's out with one of his friends, so I have to fend for myself.

gaydar logoWhile wondering what to do, my natural urges get the better of me and I decide to log on to gaydar to see who's around :-). I spot B, my gorgeous Japanese masseur, who I haven't visited for a couple of weeks or more, so I send him a message in the chat system so see if he's free this evening

GB: hi mate, u there?

But I get no response :-(. So I start checking emails, and looking at the profiles of guys that I don't know, but after about ten minutes I do get a reply

B: hi gb, sorry was with client

We chat for a short while, but soon I'm wondering whether he's busy tonight or not.

GB: would be nice to see you again sometime
B: yes u been naughty boy skipping massage
GB: perhaps I could come round tonight
B: not sure, I got another client soon
GB: well perhaps we should go running together along the river sometime
B: ok but jogging better, you run too fast lol

We chat a bit more but after another five minutes or so, another natural urge starts to get the better of me. What on earth am I going to eat for supper!

GB: I'm going to have to go soon
B: ok
GB: boyfriend number 1 is out tonight, so I don't have anyone to cook for me this evening
B: he always cook for you
GB: yes usually, but tonight I'm going to have to go to the shops and buy some supper myself :-(
B: maybe I cook for you then
GB: wow that would be great B
B: sure, why not
GB: but don't you have a massage client tonight
B: perhaps, but he not confirmed yet

I often find B like this these days! He can be a bit devious and hard to pin down. Similarly, I always enjoy activities with him, but sometimes we have a bit of fun when we meet and sometimes we don't. I'm at a complete loss in terms of what I should do or say to make activities with him more likely when we get together. Perhaps the explanation is simply that he's juggling his commitments to all his different boyfriends!

GB: well if you can cook something for me this evening that would be wonderful B, I'll be round in about 30 mins is that OK
B: yes sure
GB: do you want me to bring any food?
B: I have enough here, dont worry
GB: ok gr8, and just send me a txt msg if you need to change plans because of your client
B: tks

Luckily, as I'm getting ready to leave the house, I remember that it would be rude to arrive empty handed. A quick visit to my wine cellar sorts that out and soon I'm wondering towards B's apartment with a decent bottle of 1999 premier cru red Burgundy in hand.

"Hi B," I say as I arrive, "I brought you this," and I hand him the bottle of wine.

"Thanks you," replies B giving me a quick kiss on the lips, "come in."

He's got me well trained because I know the drill! I take off my shoes in the entrance hall, before following him into the main room. I quickly discover that his business partner is out, which puts me in a good mood. Although I get on well his B's business partner, activities are always much more likely when he's not there!

We stand around talking while he shows me a few changes that they've made to the apartment since my last visit. At every opportunity, I get close to him, putting my hand on his shoulder and smiling at him. He smiles back, and rubs me on my shoulder a couple of times too, but after a couple of minutes he's got a question for me.

"You like drink of this wine then?" he asks.

"Yes sure, if you're going to have some too," I reply, "I can't manage it all on my own!"

He smiles at me nodding, and then gives me the job of opening the wine while he starts rummaging around in the cupboards in the adjoining kitchen.

Bowl of noodles"So, what you want me to cook?" he asks.

"Whatever's easy, I'm not fussy!"

Twenty minutes later and I'm tucking into a hot bowl of spicy noodles :-). But he's sat me in a chair at a small table. I'd much rather be sitting on the floor with him, so that I can snuggle up to him, and put my arm round him to thank him for cooking for me :-).

When I've finished the noodles, however, I manage to find an excuse to join him among the cushions on the floor.

"Perhaps we go next door," says B a few minutes later smiling at me, "more comfortable :-)".

My life usually doesn't work out as neatly as this, being able to visit one boyfriend for supper and fun when it turns out that another boyfriend is unavailable. When things do work out in such a convenient way though, I feel that I'm a very lucky guy!


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I guess B is now boyfriend number 4?

close encounters said...

it's quite comforting to find out that somebody as confident as you, does have their moments of not knowing where they stand !

glad to hear you had a good evening !!

GB said...

Well K, the thing is, I don't number boyfriends any more! And I'd stop calling boyfriends 1,2,3 by those names if I didn't think it would be too confusing!

I think it might be a cultural Japanese thing close encounters. Us Western guys often ask direct questions and expect direct answers, whereas I think the Japanese tend to avoid that. Neither way is right, it's just a cultural difference.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

you are a lucky guy! you really are!

Monty said...

You have soooo got it sorted GB! :-)