Thursday, September 06, 2007

My penis and everyone else's

My name is Lawrence Barraclough and I want to talk about penisesIt was an interesting TV programme. Last Monday at 9pm on BBC 3, myself and boyfriend number 1 watched a programme called "My penis and everyone else's", presented by a guy called Lawrence Barraclough. One of the interesting things about Lawrence is that his erect penis length is just 3½ inches, which he admits is a bit on the small side.

The programme turned out to be a follow up to a programme he did a couple of years ago, called "My penis and I", where he explored why he was bothered about having a small penis. At the end of that programme, having decided against surgery, he ended up coming to terms with his small willy by getting a plaster cast made of his little chap which these days he seems happy to show to anyone who's interested!

Perhaps it was covered in the original programme, but I couldn't help wondering whether one reason for the small length of Lawrence's penis was the fact that he's a bit overweight. My experience is that chubby guys have smaller penises than average, which makes sense because some of their length is buried within themselves due to their excess fat.

One of the interesting things about the new programme was the way he ended up managing to get a few straight guys to talk about penises. He tried the direct approach in quite a few ways, all ending in abject failure. It was funny though, watching him wander through the streets of London wearing boards with the slogan "I want to talk about penises". On another occasion, the reaction of one market stallholder was funny too, he said something like:

"Talk about penises, what's that about eh? Talk about birds maybe, but if I go and talk about penises I'm going to look like a right prick!"

In the end he managed to get a few straight guys talking about penises as a result of his "Snap your Chap" exhibition, which was put on one afternoon at a bar in Hoxton called The Foundry. He'd managed to get several dozen anonymous guys to send him pictures of their flaccid penises via his "Snap your Chap" web site, and the exhibition was to show these pictures. After a while he was able to persuade some of the guys, who were originally just drinking in the bar and had just wandered into the exhibition room to see what was going on, to talk about the exhibition and hence about penises. He even managed to get a few of them to step in to a tent and photograph their own chaps on a Polaroid camera, which were then added to the exhibition. I think the alcohol the guys were drinking though probably helped Lawrence achieve his objective.

Is it true that straight guys rarely see anyone's penis but their own? Lawrence seemed to think so but I'm not convinced, in terms of younger guys in London anyway. These days fitness is much more popular than it was 20 years ago, and sports facilities have changing rooms and showers. My experience is that in changing rooms, and public urinals too, straight guys can often be found taking a crafty peek and sizing themselves up against each other.

For me, the one big thing missing from the programme was a gay viewpoint. Gay guys have LOTS to say about penises, and are obviously very well placed to comment on the subject too. I've said it before but in general, I’d rather have a hard penis to play with than a big one! Guys with really big cocks can have problems getting and maintaining erections. No doubt Lawrence made a deliberate decision to avoid getting any gay input for his programme, perhaps fearing straight guys would be put off? Maybe, but just ignoring us gay guys doesn't make our views less relevant, so perhaps he needs to improve his attitude towards homosexuality so that any follow up programme can be more balanced.

None the less I did enjoy the programme. In fact, I'm sure it had an effect on my sleep that night. When I woke up the following morning, I realised at once that I'd been having quite an enjoyable dream. I won't go into details, but on the sidelines throughout the dream, there had been various different types of snakes. Very Freudian!


close encounters said...

i didn't see this programme, but i did see the previous one - and yes, he spent some time talking about the fact that being overweight shortens the apparent length of a penis !

Sir Wobin said...

Straight guys sneaking a peak? Really? Then again, I'm terrified of being caught out at the urinal; old boarding school phobia that I could probably do with loosing. Still, one can't help but notice some things!

Masturbedroom said...

Have you thought of snapping your own for the exhibition GB? You can then bring one of your boyfriends to the exhibition and see if he can tell which is yours.

gayboydiary said...

I missed it too :-(

Totally agree with you GB, a hard one is preferable to a large one!

GBD xxx

Joshua Carrey said...

Hey thanks for your comment on my blog. You're right, I've definitely got a lot of catching up to do if I'm to become a bona fide man-whore! It's a shame you're all the way in London - you could definitely teach an aspiring hussy like myself a thing or two!

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

I always miss all these nice programs. Can you send me an email GB and tell me to stay rooted in front of the tube? :P

GB said...

I think the exhibition is over Masturbedroom, but I wouldn't have had a problem sending in a pic of myself for the exhibition.

It was just chance that I caught the program HBH, so I don't think I'm the best person to notify anyone of good programs to watch. Anyway, I'm still old-fashioned enough to think that the best swtich on the tube is the 'off' switch LOL. In my opinion, it's always better doing stuff yourself, rather than watch other people do stuff.

GB xxx

cuteCTguy said...

Oh I dont know GB.. sometimes its fun watching others.

Anonymous said...

you can watch it on bbc iplayer and download the progamme if you missed it!

Masturbedroom said...

GB, just to point out that on his website he said that a bigger and better exhibition is planned. So snap away :)

Mastur xxx

czechOUT said...

I thought that was you! Knew that I'd seen the plastercast before.! Matches the pics you sent me. Tee hee!


(GB edit-just a joke. GB comes far better endowed)

Anonymous said...

well recently i went through a weird thing which apparently happens to everyone thanks for telling me well my foreskin stopped covering my penis head when i was erect its quite uncomfortable and wont always cover it when im soft but any teenage boys when it retracts it is normal if it doesnt apparently you might want to look into being circumcised as an option lots of love hormonal teenager