Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Gay Entrepreneur's Toolkit

I got an email from a reader recently telling me that he'd been involved in publishing The Gay Entrepreneur's Toolkit: 100 Networking Resources, Guides, and Links. Since a lot of my readers are gay, I thought I'd draw people's attention to it :-)!


Masturbedroom said...

I don't know whether to rejoice or despair whenever I hear that your blog is gaining prominence. You have been mentioned in the Guardian if I'm not mistaken. What next? The Beeb? Deep down I selfishly wish for your blog to remain an 'underground' phenomenon.

Seriously GB, have you thought of what to do if someone outs your blog? I think it might also depend on who that someone is. Have you posted before on what you plan to do if this happens? Perhaps the most pertinent question is: Will that make you close this blog and retire as a blogger?

Have you thought of the possibility that you might have been outed but that person has decided to act none the wiser and has become a faithful reader of your blog? Does that thought scare you or are you indifferent to it?

GB said...

Oh dear, comments like your's Masturbedroom worry me! Are you saying that you know me in the offline world, and that instead of telling me that you've found my blog you've simply become a faithful reader? It is a scary thought, that's for sure. I guess the answer to your question is that I have no idea what I'll do when boyfriends, friends, family, acquaintances or colleagues connect me to my blog. So here's a plea: if anyone out there knows me (apart from the very small number of bloggers who I've met face to face), then please let me know. Please?

GB xxx

Masturbedroom said...

I apologise for the false alarm, GB! If you believe in the theory of six degrees of separation I think there's quite possibly the maximum of five people between us.

It's just that yours is indeed my favourite blog and I will feel as though I have lost a loved one if you decide to close it one day.

I guess when that day comes all I can do is mourn the loss of a blogging legend and move on. xxx

GB said...

Actually Masturbedroom, I do believe in the six degrees of separation concept, and even if there are a few hermits around the world that invalidate the absolute truth of the theory, it's probably about right for most of the world's population.

Thanks for your kind words too. But I think I've got a very long way to go before I could be described a 'blogging legend'. My pagerank now is only 2/10, and in all the standard blogger hierarchies I'm quite insignificant (technorati, ttlb, technoranki, etc).

Best wishes, GB xxx

Masturbedroom said...

Quality and subject matter matter more than quantity to me, GB. I won’t read a blog just because it is in the top ten.

It doesn’t matter that sites like ttlb rank you as a lowly insect; I’d like to think that as yet you’re an undiscovered gem, much like those untouched and beautiful places one discovers when going off the beaten track in a heavily touristed country.

Keep blogging. xxx

Anonymous said...

YEA GB we all love you really! Your my favouite blog! Don't ever leave us..........nnnnooooo....LOL