Saturday, September 15, 2007

An outstanding success

The week after I visited the guy who used poppers, I got a txt msg from boyfriend number 3 on my way into work on Monday morning:

Hello GB..hope you're keeping well. .just got to my flat last night-are you free to visit today? x

That's the boyfriend number 3 I know and love, giving me ample notice of a possible rendezvous! But in fact I can visit him at lunchtime today, so I'll finally be able to give him his birthday present :-). I send him a positive reply

Good to hear from u m8, actually I woz getting worried about u 'cos I noticed recently that u hadn't logged on to g'dar for over a week! I'll come today around noon if that's OK? GB xxx

and within a few minutes it's all confirmed

Yes 12 is good for me as the gas man is to visit some time this avo..have been with my man recently, see you later x

The morning is quite busy at the bank, but somehow I manage to slip away for an early lunch. I send boyfriend number 3 a quick txt msg to let him know that I'm on my way:

In a cab now :-). So, what do you think your pressie is going to be? GB x

I guess he's not sure what to say because the taxi arrives at his flat before he sends me a reply. Soon he's letting me into his apartment.

"Mwwwah", I say, giving him a big kiss on his lips, "so how have you been?"

"Oh bearing up as usual," he says grinning at me.

As usual, I start to strip off once he's closed the door, and soon I'm sitting on his sofa wearing just my undershorts. But I'm also holding a small box, which has been wrapped with a big bow which is holding the black wrapping paper onto it.

"So, you never replied to my txt msg, what do you think it is then?"

"Hmmmm," he says talking hold of it now, "well it's quite light!"

"I also hope you remember our conversation about this," he says anxiously, "if it's inappropriate I won't be able to accept it!"

But I'm not worried. I put my arm around him and squeeze his shoulder affectionately.

"So what is this then ...," he continues, "is it a ...," but when he finally realises what it is he's lost for words.

It's not anything expensive, in fact it's just a wallet, but I know that it's what he wants because it's in exactly the same style as my own. On several occasions since I've known boyfriend number 3 he's noticed my wallet, and he even took a photo of it on one occasion. So I was pretty confident that he'd like the present :-).

"Thanks GB," he says quietly. He bends round to give me a kiss. "You knew that I'd love this present didn’t you."

"Uh huh," I say confidently.

"It's one of the BEST presents that anyone has ever given me," he sighs, "so thoughtful!"

I feel enormously pleased, but shocked at the same time. I can't help thinking that this says more about other gifts that he's received in the past.

"So what did your guy give you this year?" I ask.

"When he realised it was my birthday he offered to take me out for supper. There was no effort, and he hadn't got a card for me. But I know what he's like, I didn't expect one!"

I feel enormously upset to hear this, so I turn his face towards me and give him another kiss.

"Well, I'm glad you like my present anyway!"

Unfortunately boyfriend number 3 has been quite busy recently, and what with my holiday as well, we haven't been able to meet up since then. But in the emails that I've received from him since we met he thanked me again for the present, so I think I really scored a winner. The only problem though is that I've got no idea as to what on earth I can get him for Christmas!


VM said...

Bankers normally like Armani

aurix said...

great blog. just stumbled upon it but will now become a regular reader.

Queerest_Chris said...

That's really thoughtfula nd observant GB :)