Thursday, October 22, 2009

A quiet evening with boyfriend T

One evening last week, I'm cuddling up on the sofa with boyfriend T watching some TV, when suddenly he asks me a question.

"My shoulders have been quite stiff recently," he says, "do you think a massage would help?"

"Yes probably," I reply. "Do you want to come with me to visit my masseur friends B and N sometime?"

"Yes please. Or do you think they might be able to fit us in now? It would be great if they could :-)."

"OK, let me call them and find out."

As luck would have it they're both available, so soon we're making our way round to see them. Since I'm a regular client of B's I take a massage from him, while N looks after boyfriend T. A couple of hours later, as we're walking back home together, we compare notes.

"So was N's massage any good?" I ask boyfriend T.

"Actually YES," he replies enthusiastically, "one of the best massages that I've ever had :-)."

"Wow, you sound keen! I've never actually had a massage from N, because I've always been B's client, but I'm glad you had a good experience with him. What did you wear?"

"Initially I had my undershorts on," answers boyfriend T, "but after a bit, just before he started using the oil, he asked me to take them off. I was a bit shy at first but it was fine actually, once I got used to it! After all, he's just doing his job :-)."

"Did B give you an oil massage too?" asks boyfriend T after a short pause.

"He used to, but these days I normally get him to give me a traditional massage without oil."

"So you don't have to go naked, right?"

"I suppose, although I always do go naked :-)."

"Really?" replies boyfriend T, mildly surprised, "And what does B wear?"

"Shorts, just like you saw him wearing this evening, why?"

"Oh, just wondered ..."

I think I can guess where this conversation is going.

"GB ..." says boyfriend T after a pause.

"Uh huh :-)."

"Have you ever had sex with B?"

"Yes!" I reply laughing slightly, feeling pleased with myself that I'd spotted this question coming, "Although in fact we haven't done anything together for about a year now."

"Why not?"

"I don't know really. Actually B started out as a friend from gaydar, but after I'd seen him a few times I decided to try letting him massage me. He doesn't like to mix sex with massage, otherwise he feels like a rent boy!"

"You've had sex with all your gay friends, haven't you!" asserts boyfriend T, with a playful tone in his voice.

"No of course not," I giggle.

I can't help feeling that boyfriend T is sometimes a bit jealous of my happy-go-lucky approach to gay life.

"Well, you slept with that friend of yours that you were seeing earlier this year, around the time that we also started sleeping together, didn't you?"

"Yes, true," I reply. Ever since we started being boyfriends, I've been careful to be scrupulously honest with him about everything, especially if he asks me a direct question.

"And I bet that at some point you slept with that friend who split up from his boyfriend recently?"

"Errr yes, true, but before he started that relationship."

"See," replies boyfriend T with a grin on his face, "you've slept with all your friends!"

"But I haven't slept with either my friend P or my colleague P," I protest.

"OK, but you've slept with your colleague M haven't you!"

"Errr, well we didn't actually *sleep* with each other, we just ..."

"I don't need to know all the sordid details," he laughs, interrupting me.

We carry on joking with each other all the way back home, and soon we're cuddling up on the sofa again to watch a bit of TV before bedtime. I'm glad that I can talk freely with boyfriend T about activities with other guys, because I think it makes for a much healthier relationship :-).


Superchilled said...

"A couple of hours later, as we're walking back home together..." did this massage session last a few hours?

I do like the openness developing in this relationship. I'm looking forward to watching it evolve.

Sir Wobin said...

How far your blog has come GB. The original title "things I can't tell boyfriend number 1" is now completely unfounded. :-)

You should tag this milestone post with Gay Lifestyle Black Belt.

A-Philosophical said...

Before I started off a relationship with my ex husband I told him not to condemned me for my past life since most of my friends at that time had slept with me and later just became friends without shagging. I do not understand that feelings of jealousy about the past lovers, not even about our fuck-bodies!

I do not know if he misunderstood the present (not the past because) he was very jealous of all the people str8 or gay around me when we were "formal" lovers.

My last Spanish lover(not my Ex husband who's Yankee) was quite apathetic about sex with other men and I kinda dislike that attitude, that feeling of "whatever comes up it is fine".

I must admit I prefer men to be a bit jealous rather than filled with apathy about other men.

I am glad you can be honest with you lover about your encounters.


MadeInScotland said...

Ahoj from Paris GB.

Well, at least you can tell boyfriend T that despite having 3 dinners with MiS and taking him home for a nightcap, and to show him your cave (not, GB readers, a euphemism for darkroom) you haven't slept with him!


Antony said...

Awwe, it's so lovely you have boyfriend T. I haven't been on the blog in a while (don't ask) and was well pleased to find you have a bf. I'll have to back read.

Antony x