Monday, December 21, 2009

An evening in Bangkok

"So did you find anyone for fucking?" asks R.

I'm sitting in a cheap restaurant in Bangkok with my Thai friend B and three of his friends, and we're discussing the city's gay saunas. As soon as I admit that I went to Babylon last January, R asks me that rather direct question. The rest of the table immediately start laughing, because it turns out that R's known for his directness, and his intimate knowledge of the city's fleshpots.

"Well, I met a lovely Chinese guy there, who I then met in Paris last May :-)," I say, only half answering R's question.

"So what happened, where is he now?" asks R, continuing the interrogation.

"Well, he's back in China. I've got a different boyfriend now called boyfriend T. But he had to go back home for Christmas, so I decided to take the opportunity to visit Thailand again :-)."

The chat continues in a mixture of Thai and English, and after the meal we head off to one of the city's local gay bars. Soon we're sitting in The balcony in Silom Soi 4.

"Everyone must think you very excellent farang, with four gorgeous Thai guys accompanying you!" laughs R.

"You're like Charlie from Charlie's Angels," says B, expanding on the joke.

I laugh, although I feel slightly peeved because the age gap between us all is nowhere near as big as the gap was between Charlie and his angels!

"So which of us are you going to take home with you for the night?" asks another of B's friends, "you got four handsome Thai guys to choose from!"

Looking at each of them in turn, they're all lovely guys, and indeed I've wanted to get B himself into bed for ages! But of course, it's not a serious offer.

"I'm the spicy one," says R with a cheeky tone in his voice. And then with a whisper to me, so that the other guys can't quite hear, "I'm like a little Mexican chilli! Not big, but definitely HOT!"

Interesting! Is R propositioning me? There's definitely something quite cute and appealing about him :-).

The evening continues in much the same vein, with R looking me in the eyes every now and then, until around 11:30pm when he asks me a question.

"You not going home yet, are you?" he asks.

"Well I feel a little tired, I think I'm a bit jet-lagged, but I'll stay for a bit longer :-)," I answer, smiling at him.

"I just need to go and do something," he says cryptically, talking to everyone now, "so I'll be back!" With that, he gets up and walks back to the main road.

While he's gone, a little plan hatches in my mind. If I make my excuses now, I might just be able to intercept R when he's on his way back to join us. Even with my beer goggles on, I wouldn't want B and his other friends to see me leave with R. I quite like the idea of finding out more about his Mexican chilli! Of course, if I leave now I might not be able to meet R, because none of us have any idea where he's gone. But then, so what! I do feel a bit tired and jet-lagged, so the most sensible course of action is probably to go home alone anyway :-).

I put my plan into action, and having said my goodbyes, I stand up to leave. Just then, R arrives back and sits down at the table :-(. Ahhh well, perhaps my plan was a bit too cunning. I'm not going to be able to take him back and impress him with the size of my hotel room now!

"Hope to see you again," I say to R as I'm leaving, and as I start to walk away I think he looks a bit surprised and disappointed.

But as I'd thought when I was hatching the plan in the first place, going home alone for a sound night's sleep is probably the best plan anyway. In any case, I do have a boyfriend, even if he's not with me at the moment. We've discussed the monogamy issue, and although I know that he doesn't expect me to be monogamous in this situation, I know that he prefers it!


Anonymous said...

So I take you don't expect him to be monogamous either?

Anonymous said...

But Bangkok is such a lovely city! Gay men EVERYWHERE...

gayboyinldn said...

I do admit Bangkok's always a place of temptation.

A new reader of your blog and it has inspired me to start one myself. :)

m4m said...

Bangkok is full of gay men.. enjoy, GB.

GB said...

Of course I don't expect boyfriend T to be monogamous, unsungpsalm.

Good luck with starting a blog, gayboyinldn.

And you're both right, unsungpsalm, m4m, Bangkok is full of gay men :-). I've moved on to other places in Thailand now, but while I was there I felt a bit like a chocoholic in a chocolate factory!

GB xxx

Jem G. said...

Yes, BKK is a nice place :)

I am from the Philippines and my home land is nice too :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Enjoy your stay there :)