Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The last Sunday in June

It's late afternoon, on the day before the last Sunday in June, and I'm logged into I'm about to log out and get ready to go out for the evening with boyfriend number 1 when a guy who turns out to be called L suddenly starts chatting to me:

L: hi
GB: hi
L: how are you?
GB: fine :-)

His profile suggests that he may be based in a Mediterranean country, so I decide to ask him where he is at the moment. Sometimes I don't mind chatting online to guys who aren't local, but with other things to do, I'm not in the mood for that at the moment.

GB: are you in London?
L: yes, why?
GB: ahhh ok, your bio line says something else!
L: yes born there, but living west lon at d mo
GB: uh huh :-)
L: ok. wat r u up for?

So he's a guy who likes to get straight to the point! Given that time is short at my end, that suits me fine :-). We briefly discuss potential activities, but then I feel that I need to come clean.

GB: One thing, I can't visit today, sorry, is tomorrow morning any good?

He thinks about it for a while, and I'm about to send a "soz m8 gotta go now" message when he replies

L: maybe later, in d eve
GB: tomorrow eve no good for me either, but early lunchtime might work, e.g. 1pm ?
L: I might be out

But then again, he might be in too :-). The guy is clearly up for a bit of fun, if only we can agree a mutually convenient time.

GB: u got any pics?
L: no sorry, I am 32 5ft11 slim/athletic average build dark hair brown eyes
GB: u sound tasty :-)

I decide to trust his description of himself, for now at any rate, and tell him where he can find pics of me online.

GB: how about we swap mobile phone numbers? I could txt u lunchtime tomorrow to see if it's convenient?
L: it depends on d weather
GB: ok, well its up to you, we could swap mobile phone numbers if you want
L: ok

Everything seems to be going well. I tell him my mobile phone number, with strict instructions about when he can use it, and wait for him to give me his.

GB: u?
L: will txt
GB: we agreed to swap mobile phone numbers didn't we?
L: do not worry will txt u tomorrow

Hmmm. I always reckon that online cruising like this is a question of gradually building trust, and as soon as the trust isn't there, it's best to move on.

GB: if you don't trust me, just throw away my number please, you said "ok" to swap, not just me give you my number
L: u r getting horny!
GB: lol - yes but can't visit now, going out soon
GB: but I am getting a bit annoyed that you don't trust me with your mobile number

That seems to do the trick. Within a few secs, he gives me his number and I start to get a good feeling about the situation again.

GB: ok great, well I AM feeling a bit horny LOL, but can't visit now (sorry). Tomorrow is possible, morning around 9am, or lunchtime around 1pm best for me?
L: ok, early morning, big hardon....
GB: sounds good LOL, shall I txt u around 8.30am then?
L: yes
GB: ok great

We carry on chatting for a while, we exchange names with each other which I suddenly realise that we'd failed to do so far, and then he even tells me his exact address. A lot of guys in this situation prefer to divulge their address at the last possible minute, which is understandable because one can never really know who's at the other end of an online conversation. After that, within a few minutes I make my excuses and wish him a happy evening.

The next morning, when I look at my phone around 7:45am he's sent me a txt msg. Well in fact it's a kind of picture message, but I need to access the Internet to retrieve it. It doesn't take me long to find it online, and when I open it there's a lovely pic of a young guy on the beach wearing tight trunks that leave little to the imagination. Wow, I certainly can't wait to visit him now, so I immediately send him a txt msg in acknowledgement

GB: thx for the pic L, u look cute :-). So I'll visit u this morning but pls confirm by 8:45 otherwise I won't have time. GB x

I'm really looking forward to the meeting now, but ten minutes later he sends me another txt msg

L: sorry mate but I have 2 cancel. Got 2 work :(

Awwwww :-((. I'm quite surprised, given that he's sent me the pic too. What a terrible shame! I can't help wondering whether he'd been lying in bed, and perhaps the excitement of the thought that I was soon going to visit had meant that he'd been unable able to contain himself. Anyway, I'm keen to visit him at some point so I send a brief txt msg in response.

GB: no probs m8 another time perhaps! GB x

Feeling slightly horny, I go for my Sunday morning run with the guys from the gym, and when I get home afterwards I'm feeling even more horny so I log on to again. Within fifteen minutes or so, another guy starts chatting to me.

guy: hey
GB: hi :-)
guy: how's it going?
GB: ok, u
guy: not bad, tks

He's seems like a friendly guy, and it's clear that he's giving me his full attention too because there are very few pauses in the conversation. Soon we've exchanged pics and it turns out that he's a lovely looking Asian guy. Immediately I start to wonder whether it would be possible for me to visit him.

GB: where in london r u mate?
guy: west london, zone 2
GB: cool, not too far :-)
guy: what u up to?
GB: just chilling
guy: cool

Some guys really hate it when one gets down to business too quickly, but other guys prefer the direct approach. While I'm trying decide how to play it with this guy, he sends me another message.

guy: so, not looking for *fun* then? :-)

Well of course I'm looking for fun!

GB: a bit of *fun* might be nice :-), u know where I can find some?
guy: well could always visit me :-))

So he'd solved my dilemma for me, he's the kind of guy that likes to discuss business early on! We discuss the potential activities and everything slowly falls into place. Soon we've exchanged mobile phone numbers, and he's told me his exact address too.

guy: say about an hour from now my place?
GB: I might be able to get there in 30 mins, is that OK?
guy: sure
GB: ok see u soon
guy: i am just going to take a quick shower
GB: no probs, I had shower an hour ago at gym :-)
guy: in a bit
GB: yeah, see you soon m8, x

Ten minutes later I'm in a cab on my way to visit him, so I send him a txt msg to let him know I'm on my way:

GB: In a cab now, see you soon :-), GB x

Almost immediately I get a reply

L: Hi. How's ur day been? Still horned up?

WHAT? This wasn't the reply I was expecting! It’s the guy L who was unable to meet me in the morning. What on earth can I say to him, because it sounds like he's wondering about my availability? Before I can reply to L, I get a reply from the Asian guy too

Guy: gr8, ready and waiting

Suddenly, a sneaky thought comes into my mind. Both L and this Asian guy live in West London, which could just be a fact too convenient to ignore. I decide to send L a txt message which keeps my options open:

GB: Hi L, thx for txt msg, I just got back from the gym :-). I might be able to visit u this afternoon if u want, if I don't end up meeting a friend, not sure yet. Might u want me to visit, and if so, what times are good? GB x

If it's an exceptional session with the Asian guy then I'll be all spent, so the best thing to do would be to visit L another time. But if it's just an ordinary, good, satisfying session, that might just put me in the mood for ... who knows? Anyway, the first thing to do is to concentrate on the encounter that's already been arranged, so I turn my mobile phone off in case L sends me any further txt msgs.

Soon I've arrived, and I'm buzzing up to the Asian guy's flat. He releases the door and lets me in.

"Second floor," I hear crackling through the door intercom.

When I reach the second floor, I spot the guy that I've come to visit peering out from behind his door. I smile at him, and he grins back at me.

"Nice to meet you," I say as he closes the door, and as he turns towards me I give him a gentle kiss on the lips.

He smiles back.

"So where do you want me then?" I ask.

"Let's go in here :-)". He leads the way into a large, light and airy room, containing a large double bed.

I always find that shoes and socks are the most irritating items to remove when visiting other guys for fun. Other items of clothing can be removed during the course of the activities, but removing shoes and socks spoils the natural rhythm of getting to know each other, because it always takes me far too long. So once inside the room, I immediately sit down on the bed to take my shoes and socks off, because he's already barefoot.

"You got here quite quickly," he says making conversation as I put my socks inside my shoes and then safely to one side.

"I took a cab!" I confess, answering his question. Some guys seem to think taking cabs is a bit decadent, especially using them when visiting guys for fun, but this is a very smart West London neighbourhood so I reckon I'm safe telling him the truth.

He smiles, and I stand up and look him lustfully in the eyes, smiling too.

"So, nice to meet you," I say, and I lean forward and kiss him again, slowly but deliberately. Next I lower my hand to caress the bulge that's gradually appearing in his trousers, and while we kiss, he reaches inside my shirt and gently rubs my chest.

Soon I've forgotten all about L. And after another five minutes, I'm naked with the Asian guy on the double bed, and we're enjoying each other's company even more. He loves kissing and so do I, especially while fondling other parts of his anatomy! We have a lovely time together, and eventually lay there together, both feeling quite satisfied :-).

"Do you like cuddling?" I ask him, hopefully. I always enjoy cuddling up to another guy after activities.

"Actually I've got a few things I need to do this afternoon, sorry!"

I guess that now we've had our wicked way with each other, his mind has turned to other things :-(. Never mind, it was still very enjoyable. I put my clothes back on and after my customary glass of water, I make my excuses and leave.

Out on the street I turn on my mobile phone and immediately it buzzes with a txt msg, sent about twenty minutes previously.

L: Horned up here...

and then another which was sent only five minutes ago

L: u been pumping hard at gym? Mmmmm

So clearly, he DOES want me to visit :-)! And not having had a cuddle with the Asian chap, I find myself hankering after the soft touch of another like-minded guy. I decide to send him a short txt msg.

GB: I could visit you now if you like? Pls let me know before 14:45 though! GB x

That gives him just under ten minutes to make up his mind, which will hopefully be enough time. I don't want to hang around on street corners for too long without a clear idea of where my afternoon is going!

I'll obviously get another cab, so while I'm waiting for L to respond, I wander along the streets looking for a good place to find one. A small mini-roundabout, a few minutes walk from the Asian guy seems to be just the place. I stand on the corner by a closed restaurant and notice that a vacant taxi seems to pass by every minute or two. But why hasn't L responded? Soon it's 14:45 and no txt msg. 14:46 and no txt msg. I see a cab in the distance and stick my hand out to wave it down, deciding that home is going to be best. But as I jump into the cab my phone vibrates and another txt msg arrives.

"Where to mate?" says the cabbie.

"Hang on," I say, looking at my phone.

L: Ok, U coming by tube?

Perfect :-).

"Not far," I say and give the taxi driver L's address. I then send L a quick reply

GB: I'll grab a cab so see u in 15 :-)

And in less slightly than 15 minutes I'm buzzing his flat, wondering whether L will be able to tell that only 30 minutes previously I'd been with a cute Asian chap. Standing outside his flat however, I wait for a while and no one answers the door. I can't believe that L has stood me up, so I phone him. Luckily he answers after a few rings.

"Hi L, it's me, I'm outside buzzing your flat number but you're not answering!" I explain.

"Didn't you get my last txt msg?" he asks, "the entry system is broken! Hang on I'll come and let you in :-)."

Shortly afterwards, the door opens and finally I get to see L face to face. Since the beach photo that he sent me was taken, he's grown a small beard and it really suits him. He smiles at me, and beckons me upstairs to the first floor. For some reason we don't speak until we're inside his flat.

"So we managed to meet up today after all!" he says smiling, "let's go in here :-)".

We move into his sitting room and almost immediately he starts kissing me. And he's a great kisser :-). I wrap my arms round him, and he wraps his arms round me, and still standing up we kiss some more. Slowly I edge my hands under his t-shirt, rub his back, and then move to lift his t-shirt over his head. Breaking away from the kissing, he doesn't resist me.

"Thanks for coming over," he says as I sit down to take my shoes and socks off, "I think we're going to get on fine :-)".

And indeed, before too long, we're sitting down on his sofa in just our undershorts, getting to know each other. Kissing is clearly what he enjoys the most, which is fine with me :-). We don't rush, and ten minutes later we're still both wearing our undershorts, although with both of us, there's clearly something staining to be released. Eventually though, nature takes its course, and then we just lie there relaxing in each others arms both highly satisfied.

"So you must have been in the area?" he says afterwards, "to get here so quickly."

"Yeah I was visiting a friend," I said, "but he had a few other things to do so I thought I'd come over and see you :-)"

Well, any guy that I meet for fun is a kind of friend!

"Well, I'm very glad that you came to see me."

I didn't feel like there was a strong connection between me and the Asian guy, but this Mediterranean guy is definitely someone that I'd like to see again.

It was a very memorable Sunday. I'm not usually that greedy, but I don't see the harm in being slightly greedy just every now and then :-). As the old music hall song goes, "A little of what you fancy does you good"!


Tales of the City said...

GB - you did'nt shower between the two! LOL you must keep cabbies in business... zipping around town at the drop of an undershorts...

Anonymous said...

LOL, oh man i was thinking the same as i was reading it! GB leave some men for me!

oh btw Cutectguy i want to read your blog those its invites only. cant find a email adddress for you? How do i contact you?

Tales of the City said...

anon - email at and lets chat.

GB said...

According to you two it's like "Blimey GB, what's the matter with you? EVERYONE knows that whenever one meet two guys for fun on the same afternoon, one ALWAYS showers in between"!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

You're such a hornbag GB! lol! No shower? bad bad boy! ;-)

GBD xxx

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

Hornbag is mild :P, least he had his customary glass of water to keep the body fluids in check - don't want to loose too much and not put any back in :-)

Monty said...

Legend GB! Two in the space of a couple of hours - you ROCK!
but yes, please leave a couple of boys in London available for when I come over in October! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mmm, L sounds lovely, I like good kissers who kiss a lot.

GB haven't you mastered the art of taking your shoes off without hands? If you can't do that your shoes are probably too tight or maybe you just don't like the idea of inflicting some damage to the shoe heels. You will need hands for socks though but imo they are no different from peeling off your pants.

I'm guessing most of your encountees don't know what you do for a living but really, for someone whom money isn't a problem, I think cabs are great compared to faffing around with tax, insurance, congestion charges, parking, maintenance and the risk of having a car stolen or broken into.

J xxx

P.S. GB to make your internet age more believable I suggest you stop saying 'blimey' :)

close encounters said...

excellent post !

made me wonder, how many is most encounters you've had in a 24 hour period ... or is that too personal ?

GB said...

LOL j, but I can't help wondering what age you think is implied if a guy uses the word 'Blimey'? Actually I can remember being in a conference call at work with New York office years ago, and at one point I said 'Blimey' and everyone in New York roared with laughter. They said, "We've heard that word on Eastenders on TV over here GB, but we didn't think that anyone actually used that word"!

A thought for you close encounters: don't you think it's important to go for quality rather than quantity? And then if quality is available in quantity, so much the better :-).

GB xxx

close encounters said...

hmmm ... i'm not sure that you can convince us that you believe in quality over quantity, after having exposed your life on this blog ... not that i'm complaining - i love you reading about your quantity !