Thursday, July 19, 2007

A few random encounters

It's been a few weeks since I posted a story about an encounter with another guy. I've been getting a bit behind in blogging about that aspect of my life, although the truth is that I haven't been meeting that many new guys.

Rolling the clock back to last March, after the Pakistani guy came a lovely straightforward British guy. We met on gaydar on the second Saturday of March, and he was a breath of fresh air :-). I'd been chatting to the guy who almost didn't meet me a couple of weeks before, and he was dithering about whether he wanted to meet me again or not. Still, I prefer him to dither online rather than when I'm actually on my way to meet him which is what he did on the previous occasion! But then a guy who lives about 15 minutes walk away contacts me, boyfriend away on holiday in Asia, needs a bit of fun in his absence, so do I want to visit him? I do! Everything falls into place almost immediately and we had a lovely time together :-).

"We did discuss what we'd do about sex while he was away in Asia," he tells me afterwards, "and we agreed that meeting other guys wasn't a problem. Best to be upfront about it, eh!"

Well exactly. Why can't all guys be as straightforward as this lovely chap?

Then on the last Saturday in March I met an American guy who was over here on business. It was a pretty dull encounter, although we both got the usual satisfaction out of it. The only memorable thing was what he said was about Los Angeles afterwards.

"I know it's my home town, but honestly, don't go there! Well, perhaps for 10 mins to get the standard tourist pics if you can be bothered, but leave immediately after!!"

Anyway, I'm happy to be convinced otherwise, if any readers from Los Angeles want to make a case from the opposite viewpoint?

It was two and a half weeks later before my next encounter with someone new. It happened before work on the Thursday morning, and was quite an interesting occasion.

"I'm not sure where we can go," whispers the guy as he lets me in through his front door.

"How about your bedroom?" I suggest, whispering too. Well, it seemed rude not to whisper given that this guy is whispering to me!

"The problem is that my flatmate is asleep in the room next door," replies the guy looking a bit sheepish, "and I don't want him to catch me with another guy in my bedroom." And then in a very hushed voice, "he doesn’t know I'm gay!"

Walking into the main room on the first floor, it seems very laddish. There's a pool table in the middle of the room, and even a basketball net screwed high up on one of the walls.

"What about doing it on that :-)," I suggest mischievously pointing at the pool table. I'm about to make a joke about potting a hole in one, but luckily the guy responds to my comment almost immediately.

"Are you mad?" the guy whispers sounding terrified. "Look, let's go up to my bedroom, but please please, you gotta be quiet!"

While he's speaking I realise that pool and golf are different sports!

After that, most communication is by eye-contact. When I get his trousers off he's wearing aussiebum undershorts, and as I pull them down I can't help thinking about the horny advert that GBD put on his blog last year. Somehow the need to be quiet with a straight guy asleep next door makes the situation especially horny, and we have an unexpectedly quick session together which is very enjoyable.

A week and a half later, it's the last Saturday in April and I end up meeting an Asian guy for a bit of fun in East London. His sister is away so he's got the flat to himself. It's a satisfactory event, although I have to do most of the work. Afterwards he clearly wants to get rid of me, so I don't hang around.

After that, going into May and June, I didn't have any encounters with any new guys. However throughout this period there were various repeat performances with a few guys that I've met before, as well nights with boyfriend number 1, a few trips to see boyfriend number 2, lunchtime visits to boyfriend number 3, and the occasional visit to my gorgeous Japanese masseur.

And then came the last Sunday in June, which turned out to be a particularly memorable day :-). But I've run out of time now, so I'll have to blog about that on another occasion!


Anonymous said...

That's not fair! I'll have to sit here pressing "refresh" until the story about the last Sunday in June appears! :-(

GBD xxx

P.S. Good to know the rest of the story ;-)

Monty said...

Oh you can't leave us hanging like that....we need more!!! :-)

close encounters said...

what a relief - i was afraid that you'd given up on new encounters altogether ... i look forward to reading in full about the June one !

btw, a few trips to see BF#2, or just the one ??