Sunday, July 08, 2007

A light supper with boyfriend number 2

A few weeks ago I went to the theatre with boyfriend number 2. We were going to meet a friend of his afterwards, but it turned out that the show was quite long so in the end it was just me and boyfriend number 2 who went for a snack supper afterwards.

"How about this place?" I say to boyfriend number 2 after we've gotten sufficiently far away from the crowds emptying from the theatre. It's a Thai restaurant, so knowing that boyfriend number 2 is keen on spicy food, it seems like a good bet. We go inside and a cute Thai waiter shows us to a table.

"So what did you think of the show?" asks boyfriend number 2, once we're settled.

"I was captivated," I say honestly, "I didn't look at my watch once. And the leading actor was GORGEOUS wasn't he?"

I smile knowingly, and start thinking that it might be quite nice to examine the contents of the leading actor's undershorts! Somehow boyfriend number 2 can tell what I'm thinking.

"What is it about you English guys?" asks boyfriend number 2, "Why is sex so 'taboo'? You can't talk about it in a matter-of-fact way. It's not just your attitude GB, all the English guys I've been close to are like that!"

"Really?" I say surprised, "so do you think we're slightly warped somehow?"

"Well yes! Think about a penis for example, it's just a penis, but to you English ..."

"Well, I guess so," I say.

But inside I start thinking, "No it's not, it's not JUST a penis, it's a hugely interesting piece of anatomical equipment, full of exciting possibilities and naughtiness!!"

I try to stop myself smiling, as I begin to realise that perhaps boyfriend number 2 is right.

"What are you smiling about?" asks boyfriend number 2 with a slight giggle.

"Errr, oh I dunno, I was just thinking about what you just said."

"Or masturbation, another example," says boyfriend number 2 smiling too, "It's just masturbation, isn't it, so what?"

And again, a big grin slowly creeps across my face as I start thinking, "Masturbation, masturbation :-), guys doing it to themselves, doing it to each other ... :-))".

I catch boyfriend number 2's eye and he can tell what's going on inside my head.

"Actually," says boyfriend number 2 laughing now, "I guess I'm quite fond of this English attitude, it's very endearing!"


Anonymous said...

English boys prude? In public maybe ;)

So what happened afterwards? Is that The End?

Will said...

I'm pretty sure it's not just an English thing. American boys are size-obsessed too!

GB said...

After that Anonymous the cute Thai waiter took our order, and we ate our meal discussing the play further and what we were going to do the day after. But that's not very bloggable!

GB xxx

Tales of the City said...

What was the SHOW?

Gay Nairobi Man said...

You have not met Prudes till you meet African boys!!!

The English guys may not discuss sex candidly but most African boys will not even want to mention the word out loud.

Incognito Man said...

Yes, the English attitude needs some enduring in the most endearing way!!

I prefer 1st fiddle though (been there done that with the 2nd & 3rd fiddle). The bow is always far too long and the sound, monotonous to say the least unless you're just interested in playing the 'monkey sex' concerto in C minor.

So when is a Penis not always a Penis? When it is used as a clothes dryer, a cocktail swizzle stick, a rolling pin, a lightning rod, a lightsaber, a pencil, a breath freshener, something you stick into a cake at 220c on medium/high or even a gear stick on a 'hot rod'. I guess we can go on and on but alas...

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

I seem to like bf#2 a lot. He's just sweet to the core.

Anonymous said...

GB you can remember details from a few weeks ago as if it took place only the night before. Do you have excellent memory, keep a diary or are experiences with your boyfriends so wonderful that every little detail sticks?

J xxx

GB said...

The show was a musical cuteCTguy :-).

And my old 'Statement on the accuracy of the postings in this blog' is still valid J. In fact I do have a reasonably good memory, which always annoys my boyfriend number 3 because he keeps wishing I'd forget the address of the flat in Sptialfields where we first met. The problem for him is that it belongs to an ex-boyfriend of his, and he wasn't mean to take guys back there for fun!

GB xxx