Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ask Muffie

A couple of days ago, Marc Shivers was kind enough to explain Dealbreaker's Muffie to me, in response to my request for help. But would Muffie respond if I asked her a question? To find out, before I went into the bank this morning I posted a comment to which requested a response from Muffie:

There’s a lot of eye-candy on the trading floor of any Investment Bank :-). As a gay man I’ve always found the testosterone filled atmosphere generated by the fit guys on the spot FX trading desk particularly intoxicating. But which traders are gay, and perhaps up for finding somewhere private for a bit of fun at lunchtime? I find it very hard to tell in that situation, does Muffie have any tips to help me?

GB xxx

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If I'd have thought about this a bit more in advance, I would have asked a different question. I've said before that to continue writing this blog I need to preserve my anonymity. But if you read Muffie's reply, you're all going to know how to identify me!

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