Sunday, June 04, 2006

We all enjoy a good pole

At saddle-up's request, I've added a poll to this blog's side-bar. Please take part and vote. Both genders can participate, although it's been written from a gay man's point of view. So if you're a woman, please interpret bottom to include front-bottom, if you see what I mean.


Saddle Up said...

I tried to vote but it said could not connect ;)

Nice big pole ... err poll you have ;)

Gay banker said...

Hmmm, not sure what the problem is saddle-up. I've never used blogpoll before, it was just the first one that came up for me on google. If anyone knows of a better way of doing it, please let me know. Perhaps it's sensitive to a computer's configuration somehow. I know it uses javascript and cookies, so maybe the java or cookie settings are causing problems?

GB xxx

gayboydiary said...

Great idea! I'm looking forward to seeing the results after a few people have voted. GB

Tildar said...

Works fine from this perspective.

Now it's time for some inter-continental surveying!

closetalk said...

mmmm.. so how come ure cum poll didnt include "on my face, so that i can c him shoot and then lap up all his cream'?

oops. did i just reveal a fetish there?

Saddle Up said...

Still doesn't like me :(

My option is there, but I ain't saying ... hheeheh

Gay banker said...

Actually saddle-up, I got the same connection error message as you at one point tonight. But then it let me in, and told me that I'd already voted! If I ever do another poll perhaps I'll try another system.

GB xx

Anonymous said...

slightly shocked at the results so far...I never knew so many guys thought bareback acceptable giving the risk of HIV....shocked and depressed that the gay community is still so irresponsible

Saddle Up said...

I disagree Mr Anonymous.

It asks 'where do you prefer him to cum?' and to be honest, I voted for the bareback option.
It's not irresponsible of me or ignorance on my part. It asks 'where do you PREFER...' - it doesn't say thats what he actually does.

Choosing to go bareback with a lover is a personal choice for both parties and not one to be taken lightly.

I would have to be in a long-term faithful partnership to even consider it... but that's not to say I don't think that it's amazing.

Lighten Up (and next time - don't post anonymously!!)
- SU x

Reluctant Nomad said...

I second saddle up on this one. As he rightly points out it is what people PREFER which doesn't necessarily mean they rush out and have unprotected sex all the time.

Gay banker said...

So I think it's clear what the next poll question should be! "When you have anonymous sex with a guy, where do you usually get him to cum?" Would that wording be clear to someone who hadn't seen the first poll?

GB x

Saddle Up said...

LOL... you love giving us a good pole don't you GB... hehe ;)

Anonymous said...

Lighten up!...having met a 26 year old a few weeks ago now going blind through AIDS due to the AVR's not working for him I just see things differently to you...preference and choice always go hand in hand. Yes in a committeed relationship and after testing it may make sense but generally it is not a good message to send out from a healthy sex life perspective.

Gay banker said...

Somehow I think the Poll<-->Pole "joke" is getting a bit flaccid!

GB xx