Sunday, June 11, 2006

Poll result: When you're having sex with a guy, where do you prefer him to cum?

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. Since this blog gets 170+ visitors a day I had hoped to get more votes, but even with only 143 votes the results are very interesting. When looking at the results, please bear in mind that both genders have taken part (women were invited to interpret bottom to include front-bottom).
When you're having sex with a guy, where do you prefer him to cum
Over my body36.4%52
In my bottom (bareback)18.2%26
In my mouth for me to swallow14.7%21
Over his body13.3%19
In a condom inside my bottom7.7%11
On the floor3.5%5
In my mouth for me to taste but spit out3.5%5
Inside a condom for me to keep and eat later2.1%3
In a condom inside my mouth0.7%1
total votes: 143
So over 1/3 of us use man-juice as a spray-on lotion, and over 1/6 of us use it as a protein supplement (either draft or saved for later)!

It's the eat later option that I find curious. Although I know there are guys who like to do that, I don't understand the attraction so I'm surprised that there were 3/143 votes for this. Perhaps the votes were not serious? In any case, I'd be interested if anyone who voted for that could make a comment on the subject.

Following the comments made during the poll about the high percentage of people who prefer bareback, I had thought about doing a poll asking where people actually gets guys to cum if they're having anonymous sex. Maybe I'll do that in a week or so. Or does anyone else have any better ideas for another poll?


gayboydiary said...

That's strange, I can't see the poll anymore! Could it be because I voted a couple of days ago? GB

Gay banker said...

You definitely should be able to see the poll GB. Given that saddle-up also had some problems, perhaps I need to find another mechanism for polls? Any suggestions anyone?

GB xx

Will said...

I took the poll and gave my MAJOR preference, although there are several ways I like guys to cum when we're together. So much fun to be had!

If you're still up for interviewing guys, I'd be most interested in what youmight ask.

Gay banker said...

Happy to interview you will :-). I can only do about one interview every two weeks, and there are two people in front of you, so it probably won't be until July that I can get your questions out. Let me know if you change your mind before then.

GB xxx

closetalk said...

no porblems here in viewing the poll, dude!

The Pirate King said...

Might be that 4/5 of your readers don't have sex with men!

wannes48 said...

I couldn't get acces to the poll...

Stef (Brussels, Belgium)

Bill said...

I tried to vote a few days ago but it told me I already had. Most curious.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it takes four visits before we pluck up the courage to vote???..

Gay banker said...

Well anonymous, given that you were brave enough to leave a comment, I hope you were brave enough to vote too :-)

Sorry about the problems wannes48, Bill. I would guess the message about having voted before could be because of the IP address logging that it does. So if a company has one IP address to the outside world, then only one person from that company can vote. Actually it's possible to disable that feature when setting up the poll.

As I said above, I've never used before. Can anyone suggest a more robust system? I've found, but I'm worried that my polls just might break their rules, e.g. "Any polls ... shall not contain ... Adult content, Obscene material, ..., any material deemed offensive or inappropriate ...".

GB x

Earl said...

Your blog never ceases to amuse me.

As far as the poll is concerned. I'm a swallower. If I'm gonna do all that work, I should get something out of it.

Gay banker said...

LOL earl. Actually it's the guys that have voted for the eat later option that I'm interested in, it would be good if they could explain what they find attractive about that. I usually much prefer attributable comments to anonymous ones, but on this subject I'm more than happy for some anonymous explanations.

GB x

indymtgpro77 said...

eat later is disgusting!

ramo said...

It is time you did another interesting post and stop waiting for votes! I am waiting.

Gay banker said...

I don’t understand Ramo. Didn’t you think that either yesterday’s post or today’s post were interesting??

GB x

ramo said...

oops GB! Since that vote post stayed on top, I missed seeing posts below it. Now will go and read. Thanks!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
muse-ic said...

interesting; i'd like to know more from people who save it for later too

Gay banker said...

FYI -I've deleted an anonymous comment which said "hi, I normally get a load in my face and mouth, please give me a call, id like to know more. My name is Jason Green, and im from montreal. my boyfriends name is Richard" and went on to leave a phone number. I don't think it's a good idea to leave your phone numbers on a public internet site like this.

Jason, I don't phone people, but happy to discuss things via e-mail.

GB xxx

closetalk said...

and so the POLE ends?!
aa, well, the story abt the ukrainian was fun. bit ure tongue off, did he? GGGGGAAAAAHHH!
and yes, if i ever do visit london, i'll (a) call u beforehand for a quickfix and (b) leave with ure picks of the cruising places!

Tildar said...

The number of people engaging in bareback sex is interesting. (Of course, if married women are answering, it could skew the poll quite a bit...) Personally I love bareback sex, and being monogamous lended some security doing such. But now having multiple partners, it's really just not safe. I have a responsibility for my partners as well as myself. Of course, some might think live for the moment, amongst other things.

Drew said...

My bf often cums (or makes me cum) in a condom which is then frozen for storage. Then if he's away from home (travelling for a few days) he'll have me thaw it out and eat as part of the climax of phone sex.

Or sometimes he'll get a few condoms-worth of his or my cum and make me eat it as part of our regular sex play.

Or (usually when he's travelling, again) he'll order me to thaw some out and rub it into my pubes before I go to work - makes me think of him all day long.

Of course I much prefer to eat his cum straight from the source, but if he's away then this is the next best thing.

Hope you guys don't think this too revolting.


Gay banker said...

Thanks Drew, I'm fascinated rather than revolted, GB x

Dwight said...

Blech. In a condom to eat later! Pretty gross. But to each his own I guess.