Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gay Banker interviews Saf

Although I've now interviewed nine people, they've all been gay guys. So it was with a great deal of trepidation that I agreed to interview Saf, a sixteen year old teenage girl who lives in Canada.

In spite of her young age, it's clear that she's already had an interesting life. Having been born in Canada, she went to live in California for a few years, only to return to Canada when her father died.

The fact that an interview like this can occur is a triumph for the egalitarian ideals of the internet. How else would it be possible for a gay male sex maniac like me to interview a young woman who has yet to lose her virginity?

I had to make a decision when drafting these questions of course. Should I make allowances for her tender young age and perhaps ask her questions about her favourite childhood pastimes? Given what she's posted to her blog so far, I don't think that would be at all appropriate! So Saf, without further ado, here are my interview questions:
  1. Lets examine the evidence. You've a regular visitor to my blog, GayBoyDiary's blog, and Saddle-up's blog, and all three of us are gay guys. You're also close friends with a gay guy of your own age. So do you worry about what life is going to be like as a fag hag?

  2. Imagine: following an unimaginable global cataclysm, you and me are the last human beings left alive. In a heroic gesture I agree to help you repopulate the Earth. What do our kids turn out like?

  3. So far, at least, you've successfully kept your virginity. But to satisfy my readers depraved minds, and to give you something to look back on, can you describe how you hope the event will happen?

  4. Eric Cartman of South ParkWhen you say your mother describes you as wise beyond your years, I can't help myself thinking of precocious rude kid Eric Cartman from the cartoon South Park. Is comparing you to Cartman unfair, or are there any ways in which it's justified?

  5. And finally, you've lived in both Canada and the USA. Can you name one aspect of Canadian life that you think the USA lacks, and one aspect of American life that you think Canada lacks?

Update: Saf has posted some great answers.

The next interview candidate is Will. I'll try and get his questions out over the next three weeks or so.


gayboydiary said...

Great questions, GB! Glad to see you didn't ask any of the questions I want to ask Saf :-) GB x

xmichra said...

Very good questions. and very tame.. good boy. hehe ;)

Jinx said...

Hey there GB,

I've been reading your blog for a while now and it is absolutly brilliant both content-wise and articulation of your activities. I didn't have the courage to post a comment before now as you gay men are, shall we say, intimidating, but on reading of Saf i thought i might say hi. :)

Gay banker said...

Hi jinx, sorry to be intimidating, I'm sure none of us mean to be! Anyway, glad you like my blog :-)

GB xxx