Friday, June 02, 2006

Story from a reader: a team bonding session

I recently got sent this story from a reader, who's also gay, and who also works for a bank in London. He told me that he didn't mind if I posted his story, so here it is:

Late one evening, I emerge from Shadow Lounge with a girlfriend, and spot a minicab driver outside looking for business. We both jump in, and while en-route to our respective homes, we get chatting to the driver.

“I've seen a few things in my time”, says the driver eventually.

“Uh-huh”, we both say, wondering what’s on his mind.

“I thought I could tell the gay ones”, he starts. “Well, sometimes I can. I know you’re with your friend there”, he says to me, “but you don’t fool me, especially not coming out of that bar!”

“I bet you can’t always tell though”, I say, laughing.

“Well no”, he continues. “I was driving round Shepherd's Market in Mayfair and I see two City blokes, right, pinstripes and all, much like yourself. Being a mini-cab driver I’m not meant to take fares off the street of course, but these blokes are clearly looking for a cab so I stop anyway. One of them says goodbye to his mate, jumps in, and asks for Wimbledon. Knowing what Shepherd’s Market is like I asks him,

‘So, fun night out?’

‘Yeah’, he says with a smirk on his face, ‘I got a blowjob!’

‘Well I hope she was worth it’ I say, but he just laughs.

‘Nah’, he says ‘I got it from my work mate you just saw. We have this arrangement that been going on for the last 5 years, though we don’t tell our wives about it!’

Turns out they’ve both got kids and all!”

Update (16-Jun-2006): the reader who sent me this story now has his own blog.


Anonymous said...

you have told so many stories so similar to this one, I am going to start observing all of the adults in my life a lot more carefully.
Who knows what one may find?


Anonymous said...

And that's just the tip of the iceburg...

It's amazing how complex most people really are.

Anonymous said...

LOL - great story :)

I had a similar thing happen to me yesterday... straight blokes like dick, they just don't know it.

GB said...

The way you said 'the adults in your life' saf made me sure that you were a teenager - and now I've looked at your profile I see that it now says "S`Sixteen`Sinful" so I guess I'm right?

Anyway, one of my most important posts relating to this subject is about the false paternity rate. I'd be surprised if you're able to uncover anything similar to my stories because one often only gets to find out this sort of stuff when people tell you, and at your age I reckon that's unlikely. Just remember though, there's always a lot of interesting stuff going on, the only questions are (a) how much you're aware of, and (b) how much you're doing yourself!!

GB x

Anonymous said...

How strange! Google reader just displayed this as a new post! Interesting to read nonetheless! Sounds like a good arrangement!

GBD xxx