Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A trip to see to boyfriend number 3

On the Monday after I met the Ukrainian guy, I’m on my way into work when I get a txt msg from boyfriend number 3:

bf#3: available tomorrow shower-freshed?

What a nice idea :-). Of course "Shower-fresh" was a term that I used in the txt msgs leading up to my last visit to see him. The only problem is that I’m off to the Chelsea Flower Show tomorrow with boyfriend number 1, so I'll have to try and postpone for a day or two:

GB: Hihi, wed or thurs would work much better for me? Hope you're well, I woz lookin' out for you online at weekend but didn't see you! GB xxx

The reply arrives within half an hour

bf#3: have been unable to get online recently...later in the week might be do-able will text if so x

GB: I'll be waiting for your txt :-)) xxx

So when I’m getting ready for work on Wednesday I have an especially good shower, making sure that I clean deep inside all those dark crevices which always seem to need a bit of extra attention. But in the end, I don’t get the txt msg :-(.

Late on Wednesday evening I get chatting to a guy on gay.com who wants me to visit him before work the following day. I’m to send him a txt msg early on Thursday morning to confirm, but when the next day comes and it’s time to send him the txt msg, I end up apologising for being unable to visit him. I’d rather meet up with boyfriend number 3 instead, and risk not getting any fun in the event he can’t make it today.

But it turns out that boyfriend number 3 can make it :-). Around 9am I get the txt msg that I’m waiting for:

bf#3: Today if you are about is good :-)

Great. Now I can enjoy the morning, looking forward to seeing boyfriend number 3 at lunchtime. I phone him up to confirm the time that I'll try and arrive.

I arrive pretty much on time. He answers the door bare-chested, with a towel wrapped round his waist.

"Sorry", he says, "I've just got out of the bath, I'm a bit behind schedule! Make yourself at home :-), there's some fruit juice for you in the fridge if you want some?"

I go into the main living area and on into the kitchen to find the fridge. I've barely finished pouring myself a glass when he shouts through a request

"While you're in the kitchen can you make me a mug of filter coffee?"


"Oh", continues boyfriend number 3, "and can you do some of the ironing too?"

Cheeky! Soon we're sitting with each other on the sofa, chatting about what we've both been doing since last we met.

"By the way", I ask, "what did you do of that action video you made of us both the last time I was here?"

"Oh, I think I dumped it into my computer, into my e-mail system."

"Errr, why into your e-mail system", I ask nervously.

"To make it easier to send out to everyone", he says calmly.

I'm about to get angry and upset when I realise that he's joking.

"Almost got you going there!" he says with a very satisfied smile on his face.

"Just you wait until I get you in the bedroom", I joke with him, "then I'll make you sorry!"

"Owwww, I can't wait :-)"

After the customary activities, we end up cuddling each other naked as usual. He falls completely asleep in my arms, while I doze in and out of consciousness.

"I bet you cuddle up with all your shags like this!" I joke with him quietly as we're waking up.

"No actually", he murmurs, "just with you :-)"

Eventually it's time to go back to the bank. "See you soon I hope", I say as I'm leaving to get into my taxi.

As usual after a visit to see boyfriend number 3, I feel really refreshed. It's going to be a good afternoon :-).


Legal-ize-IT said...

I really do like BF#3 more and more, followed by BF#1 the least - yet he's the most important one. For obvious reasons you don't say much on him, but a little of his likes (other then the Chelsea Flower Show) and dislikes ever so often could only make us like him more as well.

gayboydiary said...

He offered you fruit juice? He doesn't read this blog, does he? GB

Gay banker said...

Actually legal-ize-it, I kinda think I should go the other way, in the sense of saying a lot less about bf#3. Writing up anonymous liaisons for a public blog is one thing, but exposing the private chit-chat that I have with someone I care about is quite something else.

LOL GB(D)! Actually I've always gotten a nice glass of pineapple juice with ice & a slice (of lime) from bf#3 :-), predating the the fruit juice saga!

GB x