Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Can anyone help me understand some Chinese?

There's a web site mostly in Chinese which clearly mentions this blog, but I can't read chinese. There are a very small number of English words embedded in the text such as "open-relationship" and then the word "cheating" and "cheaters" a few times. If anyone can translate for me I'd really like to know what it says.


gayboydiary said... is your friend. Copy and paste the text, select "Chinese-traditional to English" and ... voila! the translation isn't perfect but you shouldn't have any probs understanding it. GB

muse-ic said...

i hope it's not nasty!

josh said...

GB, to thank you for the crusing tips here's my little gift. Not very well translated (i dun write very well in english, n obviously it's done in a rush) but i think it should work. :)

btw how would he mistaken u as an Asian guy? ^^

「In my principle I absolutely hate and despise the act of cheating! And at the same time I don’t believe whatsoever “open-relationship”. However I’m going to introduce a rather different blog today, the host himself is a somewhat successful Asian guy living in London, and the content of the blog is his “cheating diary”.

Strictly to say, such behavior shouldn’t be encouraged or recommended at all. But looking from another point of view, to read the interesting and honest records of such people actually helps you to be alert and aware of any of your boyfriend’s suspicious behavior in the future (or present). Of course people claimed that “trust” is the basis of a relationship, however at the same time, I think it only reveals the fact that cheating is bad and abhorrent. That’s because these cheaters manipulate other people’s trust. Therefore you should learn to become the “Conan” ** in a relationship and use 99% of trust plus 1% of sensitiveness (and a well-meaning suspicious mind, to act like an investigator by suspecting everyone and treat them like crime suspects, but never to wrongly accused anyone. In short, to assume boldly and to find out the truth carefully), or else you would just end up as a fool in your relationship, to get cheated and waste all your time and devotion for nothing. And you blame yourself for your foolishness.

If there’s a chance I shall write about my relationship with Mr. Hungarian half a year ago. And then we will discuss about the act of cheating again.」

**referring to a Japanese comic figure whom is a young and brilliant investigator.

Gay banker said...

Thanks very much GB(D) and Josh :-). I think Josh’s translation is much better than the babelfish one though! In fact the author was also kind enough to e-mail me.

Have I divulved before that my ethnic background is Caucasian? I guess so given that Josh knows that I’m not Asian. Anyway, it's interesting that the author thought I was Asian.

GB xxx

Nic said...

Hi! I'm a regular reader who doesn't post... At the risk of sounding like a stalker, you mentioned some trips to Asia where you refered to yourself as "ghost face" in Cantonese (? memory's a bit farked at mo, but I think that's it)
Maybe the author of the web site doesn't do what I always do, namely start at the very beginning - argh!! sound of music alert!!!!

Gay banker said...

You're quite right Nic, I can remember writing that now you mention it, the Cantonese is (approximately) "Gwei Lo" :-)

But very scary when a reader knows my blog better than me LOL!

GB xxx

Reluctant Nomad said...

GB, it seems you've become an international celebrity who transcends race and language! :-)

Anonymous said...

Google the website address. The results should include a link to the webpage AND give you a "Translate this webpage" option.

Google is great.