Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lesbians and the London gay interbank drinks event

You're not in Kansas any moreI've mentioned the monthly gay interbank drinks evening on this blog a few times. The original posting I did on this subject last June describes the event quite well. I myself sometimes go along when I have the time, most recently last month. But it is quite a male dominated event.

In the original posting, I offered to try and put any gay bankers who read my blog in touch with the organisers if they're not already aware of this event. I've done that a few times now, however all the readers who've contacted me in this respect were gay guys. Not a single lesbian, even though there must be lesbians who work in the City who don't know about this drinks evening.

This month, the event organisers are trying to attract more lesbians. So if I have any lesbian readers who work for banks in London, and you don't know about this event, please get in touch.


pb said...


I am a first year maths student at a good London university, and I am also a lesbian. My life plan is to work in the city, so while i cant accept your offer of interbank drinks YET i promise i will after i graduate!

House Frau said...

I am straight-- but I also need a drink :)