Saturday, February 25, 2006

A taxi ride back to work after visiting boyfriend number 3

A couple of weeks ago on the Friday, I take a long lunch break from work to visit boyfriend number 3 at his flat in Greenwich. I hadn't seen him since just before the new year when we had a drink together after work.

It's good to see him again. After the customary activities, we have a long cuddle together which is lovely. I love holding another guy close, especially when we're both naked, both very comfortable with the situation. But eventually it's time to head back to the office so I phone for a black London taxi cab.

My favourite form of transportOn the way back to work in the cab I get talking to the taxi driver. I take a lot of cabs, and it's good to get other perspectives on life, so I usually talk to cab drivers when the opportunity arises.

"I grew up round here", says the cabbie, "but it's wasn't like it is now when I lived here".

"Really", I say, only half paying attention. I've got a meeting to attend back in the office and I'm concerned that I may be late. "How do you mean?"

"Well it's a lot rougher now than it used to be. I'm surprised to be picking up someone like you from an area like this!"

"I was just visiting a friend", I say casually. Probably best not to tell him the whole story, although he looks like the kind of cabbie who'd enjoy hearing about a bit of gay infidelity. "Actually my friend had a spot of ‘bother’ last year when he was mugged near here. Now he can't wait to move out."

"Really?" says the cabbie. "Doesn't surprise me I'm afraid to say."

I tell the cabbie a bit about what happened. After a few minutes he's got a bit more to say on the subject.

"I know a few guys that'd sort out that problem for him, wouldn't cost him that much either."

What's he saying? Is he saying what I think he's saying? Is he saying that he knows people who'd beat up the muggers?

"How do you mean?" I say naïvely.

"Well these guys would probably know who the guys are who mugged your friend. If they don't know them, they're bound to know people who do know them. So you tell them as much as you can, and they do the rest. The guys who mugged your friend would end up sorry that they messed with him, that's for sure."

I'm a bit shocked. I don't usually have conversations about paying to have people beaten up!

"I hate hearing about that", continues the cabbie, "scum taking advantage of honest hard working people like your friend. That's what they are, Scum."

"You're making me scared to visit this area now!" I confess. But it is fascinating to hear what the cabbie has to say.

"Well it's definitely worse than it used to be. Used to cost about £5,000 to get rid of someone, or put them in a bad way, their families too. That's what the Asian guys I know would charge. But these days Nigerians will top someone for only £500!"

Somehow this is all very believable, as well as terrifying. The cabbie looks the part too, London born and bred, and he looks like he knows how to handle himself in a difficult situation.

"I used to come across all sorts of scum when I worked nights. But I don't work nights no more. Not worth it. I've got a wife and kids back home."

"If you worked nights I guess you've had a few difficult situations to handle", I say, egging him on. This is definitely one of the most fascinating conversations I've had in a taxi for years.

"Yeah mate. Actually the worst incident was the one which made me pack it all in, working nights I mean."

"What happened?"

"Well, I was at the top of Wardour Street in Soho, and these girls come over to me. Early twenties I'd say, a bit drunk, been out on the town. ‘How much to Angel end of Liverpool Road?’ they ask. Well it's about a tenner isn't it, twelve pounds tops. ‘That guy over there wants twenty-five quid’, they say, pointing to a mini-cab driver standing by his car. Well, they get in to my cab, but the traffic lights are red, and while I'm waiting the mini-cab driver only comes over. ‘What do you think you're doing’, he says, ‘you're taking food out of my little children's mouths’. My window was down, next thing I know he's put a knife to my throat. ‘No, you're taking money out of these honest hard-working girls pockets!’ I said."

"You said that with a knife at your throat?" I interrupt in disbelief.

"Yeah, well I knew he couldn't really do much through the window like that, not with witnesses in the back and all. Anyway, as soon as the lights change, I say to him ‘you're on camera you know’ because there's police monitoring cameras everywhere these days. He's distracted now, and as he's taking his arm away, I grab it see, and put my foot down on the accelerator. I manage to drag him over the junction into Berner's Street, dropping him on the other side. Then I was hoping the back axle of the cab would run over his leg, but unfortunately he got clear somehow. I decided to stop working nights after that, it's just not worth it!"

I'd been lucky with the traffic, and I manage to get to my meeting on time. But after a conversation like that, I find it difficult to concentrate. Sex, and a few gangster stories thrown in for free. While I'm thinking about how nice it was to cuddle boyfriend number 3, feeling his heart beat under my hand, I can't help wondering how the colleagues in the meeting had spent their lunch breaks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

An argument with boyfriend number 1

I'm an adventurous kind of chap. I enjoy things like holidays in far-away places, and meeting guys who I don't know for casual sex. However boyfriend number 1 has always preferred a quieter life, which is one of the reasons why we may split up.

Last year, I had a big falling out with boyfriend number 1 when he wouldn't come away on holiday with me. So instead of going on holiday with boyfriend number 1, I went on holiday with boyfriend number 2. Then the turmoil began when I got back from that holiday, and admitted to boyfriend number 1 that I'd been away with boyfriend number 2. Prior to my admission, boyfriend number 1 had no idea that boyfriend number 2 existed.

Since then things have slowly been getting better with boyfriend number 1. Gradually he seemed to be coming round to the idea that I'm not monogamous. But suddenly everything is going wrong.

It's arguments about holidays again. Because we seemed to be getting on well with each other again, I took him out for a romantic meal on Valentines night. I suggested during the meal that we go away together on holiday for a couple of weeks at the end of March. I was a bit concerned at the time that he seemed to be putting up the same false barriers that he used last June, but after the meal I thought we'd come to an agreement.

The next day I got the travel agent to start looking into booking a trip to South America for the two of us. But in the evening when I discussed it with him, he'd changed his mind. "OK no problem", I said, "I need to take a break from work so I'll see if I can go with boyfriend number 2 again". He looked uncomfortable with the idea, but couldn't really complain since I made it clear that I'd prefer to go away with him.

Luckily boyfriend number 2 was available, so after a few days of planning I made a courtesy phone call to boyfriend number 1 last Monday afternoon to tell him when I was going to be away. It was a disaster and he threw all his toys out of the pram. After that I couldn't concentrate on work, so I ended up going home early. When I got home there was an ultimatum: If you go away with that guy our 17 year relationship is over.

So I have cancelled the holiday with boyfriend number 2 because I don't think it should all end like that. But after this debacle, I think it probably should end. It's been quite a few months since I felt this unhappy :-(

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another meeting with my local cock sucker

The day after I met the Singaporean guy, I'm at work when I get a txt msg from my local cock sucker. Although this guy works very near me, I hadn't met him since just before New Year.

CS: U up 4 being blown 2day?

I don't reply immediately, "Treat them mean, keep them keen" is a good motto sometimes. But how can I resist a bit of fun in the afternoon, so after half an hour I send him a reply

GB: Ok :-)

Within a couple of minutes I get another txt from him

CS: Kewl. 4.45? When last did u blow?
GB: Abt 4.45pm yesterday! Txt me any time after 4.30pm and I'll cum over
CS: I wanna know how u came please. U horny guy

I reckon there's no harm sharing some small details with him, after all I share some of the details with everyone who reads this blog!

GB: A session with a hot asian guy in W1
CS: Kewl. Hope it was safe? What r asian nobs like as i wud luv 2 taste 1.

I decide there's no need to reply to that and get into the nitty-gritty of who did what to whom. Around 4:40pm I get the txt msg that I'd been waiting for

CS: Get yor cock over her and prepare 2 unload.

I had planned my afternoon to make sure I'd be able to pop out for half an hour or so, so I make an excuse about needing visit to the local shops before they close and head off.

GB: On my way

And about half an hour later I'm back in the office with the customary smile on my face. What with the Singaporean guy the day before, and the Turkish guy the day before that, things are getting quite busy again :-)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Sunday fun with a Singaporean guy

The day after I met T, I find myself online again. Sunday afternoon often seems to be a popular time on gaydar so there are lots of people to talk to. In an effort to take away the winter blues, I set about trying to find myself a bit of fun for the afternoon.

After a few failed attempts, I end up chatting to a lovely looking Asian guy who seems quite receptive to a bit of afternoon fun.

GB: so where are you in London?
guy: W1

As London postcodes go, W1 is very central, but also quite a large area. If he's serious about meeting me this afternoon, he's going to have to be a bit more specific than that!

GB: gr8, W1 not too far from me, but where exactly in W1 are you?

He gives me the name of a road, which I look up on Wow, it's in a very smart area of London, he must be a rich kid. Still, rich kids need sex too, and they may as well have it with me as with anyone else :-). We chat a bit more, then we exchange mobile phone numbers. I send him a short txt msg to check I've got the number down correctly, everything's looking good.

GB: ok m8, wud luv to visit you this pm, so what's the house and flat number?
guy: I'm very near the police station

What's he playing at? The only reason not to tell me is if he's having second thoughts, or perhaps he's chatting to a few other guys who he'd prefer to meet instead if they're up for it.

GB: is it convenient to visit now?

There's a bit of a pause, and then

guy: not at mom, sry

Damm! he seemed quite keen at the start, what a pity.

GB: no probs, when mite be convenient?

After another pause,

guy: not sure

Well if he's not chatting to other guys on gaydar, perhaps he's expecting a visitor?

While looking for other possibilities myself, I carry on chatting to him, in case he can be persuaded. A good approach for these situations is to make a few explicit suggestions about what we could do if I do visit. Then given how far the negotiations have gone, other possibilities he may have will start to seem less real. If he's horny, it'll be me who clinches the deal, so to speak!

GB: pity. would luv to visit you and do XXX while you do YYY. I really need a good session at mom

For a while there's no response. But it suddenly it works,

guy: ok, just a quick visit, right?
GB: yeh def

He gives me the house and flat number and it's all agreed. Great, judging from his photos I'm sure it's going to be worth the trip.

On the street, I grab a taxi and within half an hour I've arrived. It certainly is a smart part of town. He buzzes me in. Once on his floor, initially I go the wrong way so it takes me a bit of time to find him, but eventually I'm knocking on the right door.

"Come in", he says quitely. Face to face he's looks even hunkier than in the photos he sent me. He leads me along the corridor into the bedroom. Turning to look at me, he doesn't seem to know exactly what to do next, so I kiss him gently on the lips, and try to find one of his nipples to rub under his t-shirt. Wow, his chest feels incredibly firm. I start taking my kit off.

"Do you meet many guys like this?" I ask casually, while dropping my trousers.

"Oh a few", he says gently, "when I have the time".

Sitting on the side of the bed, he's taken his shirt off, revealing almost perfect pec muscles.

"You must go to the gym a lot", I say smiling. By now I'm just wearing my undershorts.

As I wander over to the bed, it's clear that the pants he's wearing are having difficulty restraining him. Once next to him I rub my hand over his crotch. "Hmmm", he murmurs. I kiss him gently on the lips. Although it doesn't last very long, we have a wonderful time.

"Have you got a towel or something I could use?" I ask.


"So where are you from originally?" I ask as I start getting dressed again.

"I grew up in Singapore actually, but I've been over here for a few years now."

Of course there are so many ethnic types in Singapore it wouldn't have been impossible to guess that. Somehow though, I'm not surprised to find that it's a Singaporean guy living in such a smart part of London, because I have the impression that Singapore is a very 1st-world country these days.

"Actually I've been to Singapore a few times, on business", I tell him, "the gay guys over there really seem to like meeting westerners".

"Yeah I know, you're a novelty to them!"

And I like meeting oriental guys of course :-).

Indeed, it was a good session with this particular oriental guy. If an opportunity arises to meet this guy again, I'd love a repeat performance!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jonah Falcon

Last week, Reluctant Nomad wrote that You can't hide from Google. He'd posted some pics on his blog and because of google, someone noticed that he'd taken them from another web site without authorisation.

Co-incidently, on the same day that Reluctant Nomad posted his google story, I posted a piece with the title Why are guys with big penises so ugly? I'd been watching a Channel 4 program about big penises featuring, among others, an American guy called Jonah Falcon. I'd forgotten about the posting until I got an e-mail a couple of nights ago - from Jonah Falcon himself:

Jonah FalconJF: I don't know why these people shot me badly. When I have a GOOD photographer, I look like this. [see pic right] Hope a certain UK women's magazine does a more flattering job.

I had no thought when I published the post last week that I'd actually get an e-mail comment from someone involved in the program. He's clearly not ugly. I think of this blog as my own private diary, but of course with well over a 100 visitors a day I guess it's not so private any more. Perhaps I should be more careful. One of the comments to my posting about guys with big cocks warned against generalising, and other comments mentioned guys who are both good looking and well-endowed.

So I replied to Jonah with due humility, but given I was corresponding with the guy with the biggest in the world, there was one question I had to ask:

GB: ... do huge cocks really get that hard?

The answer the next morning was entirely believable:

JF: I get fully hard IF I'm really turned on. :)
Here's a webcam pic of me now.
[see pic left]

I guess I shouldn't really be surprised about this incident. However the make-or-break event for this blog will be when someone who knows me, or when someone I meet through gaydar, connects me to this blog. I'm not sure what'll happen in that situation, but then I never did want a quiet life.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Saturday fun with a Turkish guy

About three weeks ago I'm casually trawling through gaydar when I spot a lovely looking guy who's put several xxx-rated pictures of himself on his profile. Although I don't have any xxx-rated pics of me on my profile, I do sometimes enjoy looking at these kind of pics on other guy's profiles. And looking at this guy's pics makes me quite excited. I contact him to see if I can arrange to meet him.

GB: hi m8, nice pics :-)
guy: ta, glad u like them
GB: so where r u in london?

We establish that he's less than a couple of miles from me so it would be easy for me to visit him. So after a bit of chatting about preferences I pop the question

GB: would be gr8 to visit u sometime?
guy: yeah wud be gud, can't do now but available later, lets chat again on here mid afternoon

Damm, I can do 'now' but mid-afternoon I'm going to be out with boyfriend number 1. So we agree to keep a look-out for each other in the coming weeks.

The weekend after the original contact the same kind of thing happens. But this time he wants to do 'now' but I can only manage later. Finally, on Saturday morning just over a week ago, we manage to arrange a meeting.

GB: hi m8, we chatted last weekend, would it be ok to visit you today?
guy: yeah could do, can you visit before noon?

I can! I still don't know exactly where he is so I get the exact address from him, and following my guidelines I manage to get a mobile phone number from him too in case of any problems.

GB: btw, my name is GB, u?
guy: Hi GB, pleased to meet u, my name is T

It's an unusual name. From his pics I thought he looked quite English, but I guess he can't be with a name like that. The reason for asking his name of course is so that if I phone him, I'll be able to check I've got the right number by asking for him by name.

GB: is it OK to phone you now?

Another recommendation in my guidelines is to talk to guys before meeting them face to face. But for some reason he's not keen. Perhaps he is foreign, and his spoken English isn't very good?

guy: why do you need to phone? Prefer not to talk, but ok to call me if you can't find my apartment
GB: OK gr8, I'll prob go by cab so I'll txt u when I'm on my way?

Even if his spoken English is a but ropey I'm sure we'll be able to communicate OK, after all we both want the same thing! Once I'm in a cab I send him a txt msg:

GB: hi m8 I'm in a cab now

and he txts me back within a minute or so

guy: ok i'm ready and waiting

It turns out that the cab driver knows the area where T lives very well because he grew up in the area, but he doesn't know the particular road.

"It must be a new road they've created for some apartment blocks they've built recently", says the cabbie, "because I've been driving round here for years and I've never heard of it!"

"Yeah could be", I say, "I'm visiting a friend but I've never been there before".

I don't tell the cabbie that it's a friend that I've never even met before! Hopefully the cabbie's right about T living in a new apartment block. I prefer having fun with guys who live in nice, clean, new apartments, because it gives me the impression that the guys themselves are nice, clean, and not so 'used'.

The cabbie gets his map out and manages to locate the road. It does turn out to be a new apartment block, and as I'm making my way up to the second floor where T's apartment is there's still some building work going on in some of the first floor apartments.

Once I've knocked on the door it doesn't take T long to answer. "Hi come on in", he says beaming a huge smile at me. Face to face he looks slightly rougher than he did in his xxx-rated pictures, but he still looks great.

"T is an unusual name", I say once I'm inside.

"It's Turkish", he says, "that's where I grew up, but I've been over here for around 20 years now".

In fact he can speak perfect English. "Well I wouldn't be able to tell from your accent that you're not a born and bred Brit!" I tell him. He beams another huge smile at me. This is going to be a good session.

Even though we're still in the hall he drops his shorts, confirming what he said in his txt msg - that he's 100% 'ready'. I rush to strip. Soon I've naked except for my white undershorts. We have a very enjoyable time.

Afterwards he shows me round his apartment a bit. While we're at the window, he points out the best route back to the main route back to the main road, then he leans forward to kiss me again. I back smile at him and put my arm on his shoulder.

"It's been great meeting you T", I say, "I'll look out for you online".

"Yes do", he says still smiling.

T's definitely another guy who I'd like to see again.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Choosing pics for gaydar profiles

There are three classifications of pictures on gaydar, which I guess can be characterised as
  • Harmless, i.e. pics you could show your grandmother
  • Mostly harmless, i.e. pics which might make your grandmother blush, but then she's no doubt seen a bit of nudity in her lifetime so what's the harm really
  • xxx-rated, i.e. pics you definitely would NOT want to show your grandmother under any circumstances whatsoever!
Some gaydar users have strong views on what's appropriate. Guys who are more interested in relationships tend to think that cock pics are crude and vulgar, whereas guys more interested in no-strings sex tend to think that a profile isn't complete without some visible hard evidence of one's manhood.

Myself, I keep my profile quite harmless, even though I'm only there for the no-strings sex. Although I'm happy with nudity, for example I don't feel any need to be shy in the gym changing room, I'm always worried in case my profile gets identified as mine by people who know me. As I've discussed before, it wouldn't do my career any good to have my profile associated with me!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A bit of fun with a straight guy

If I'm paying attention when someone contacts me on the gaydar chat system, I usually say something back immediately, even before I've seen the profile of the guy who's contacting me. For some reason though, I think I'm in the minority on this. When I contact other guys, its rare that a response comes back quickly. But I can see the logic in looking at a stranger's profile before saying anything back. I guess this is just another aspect of my "jump in both feet first without considering the consequences" outlook on life!

Anyway, I'm logged into gaydar chat system at the weekend a couple of weeks ago when a guy starts chatting to me

guy: hi, r u there, nice profile
GB: thanks

As usual, I responded without looking at his profile. So while waiting for his response I go and see what he has to say about himself. His profile title is "Friendly fun", which sounds good.

guy: I'd love a session with you sometime
GB: ok gr8, where in London are you?

Although it turns out that he's not that close to me, it'd be an easy tube journey so I'm happy to visit him. But when?

GB: wud it be OK to visit now?
guy: sure if ur quick, I gotta go out early pm

We exchange mobile phone numbers and soon I'm on my way. While walking to the tube station I give him a call.

"Hi this is GB", I start, "I'm almost at the tube station at my end. Can you tell me your exact address so I'll know where to go at the other end?"

For some reason he doesn't want to mention the name of the road he lives on, instead he gives me precise directions to his flat.

"Go up the steps to get out of the tube station, turn left, walk on past the bus stop ...."

I make a mental note to work out the name of the road before I arrive. Then I'll be able to ask him "Wouldn't it have been simpler just to tell me that the address is Flat XXX, House Number YYY in ZZZ street?"

In fact the flat is very close to the tube station at the other end and thanks to his accurate directions I have no trouble finding it (or in working out the name of the road). I ring the doorbell for the flat and he buzzes me in.

Inside there's a short hallway, followed by a staircase. I head up the staircase and just as I reach the first floor landing he opens the door to let me in.

"Hi, come on in", he said in a friendly voice, holding the door open with one hand and a half-smoked cigarette in the other. I'm not that keen on smokers, but I guess I would have asked while we were chatting on gaydar if I was that bothered about it. Face to face he's got quite a heterosexual manner about him.

It's a small flat, just a bathroom, small kitchen, and one medium-sized room for everything else. Out of the window from the main room the only view seems to be the tube lines, which on this part of the line are overground. Judging by the unemptied ash trays, I guess that he doesn't employ a cleaner.

Once I'm inside the main room I turn round to smile at him and he smiles back, rubbing himself in his crotch.

"Hang on", I say, "let me get my kit off!"

As I strip off, he drops the loose tracksuit bottoms that he's wearing and starts playing with himself. I strip off everything except my undershorts and walk over to him, putting my hand on his shoulder. Once I'm standing next to him he stops playing with himself and gives me a smile.

"Why don't you drop your undershorts too and come over to the bed", he says in a quiet, matter-of-fact sort of voice.

Once on the bed though he's a bit of a lump, and I have to do all the work. I notice that he's got quite small nipples, which reminds me of the married Belgian guy I met last year. Eventually, one at a time, we both reach an adequate conclusion.

As I'm getting dressed, I notice a big black-and-white arty poster of a naked woman on his wall. The woman is outside by a car, and it's clearly meant to be Marilyn Munroe.

"Are you gay or straight mate?" I ask him. "That's a nice poster, but it's a bit unusual for a gay guy!"

"Oh, I'm mostly gay I think", he says.

But I'm not convinced. He's started smoking again and standing in the middle of the room, he suddenly reminds me of Eddie Izzard, the British comedian who jokes that he's a lesbian trapped in a man's body. Well, given what we've just done this guy can't be completely straight, but by my reckoning he's a lot straighter than he's admitting!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Why are guys with big penises so ugly?

I'm not the only gay blogger to spot that Channel 4 was screening some programmes about penises last week. Reluctant Nomad posted a brief comment about the programmes, saying he was going to watch the third and final one titled "The World's Biggest Penis". Actually, until I read Reluctant Nomad's posting I wasn't aware that three programmes about penises were screened last week. But funnily enough, a programme titled "The World's Biggest Penis" attracted the attention of both myself and boyfriend number 1 so we sat down to watch it together.

Thinking back quite a few years, I can remember seeing another TV program about a club for guys with big dicks. The club was called The Hung Jury. To join the club one needed to have a cock length of 8 inches or more, and there was a woman called the mistress of measurement who went around checking size. I can't find much about it on the internet so I guess it's defunct now, but the following google searches did produce a few results:

Google search: "Hung Jury" "Mistress of Measurement"
Google search: "Hung Jury" "Sam Frank"

The "Mistress of Measurement" search produces a link to an interview with Erica Jong where she says that she was invited to be a mistress of measurement. She didn't accept, but she does go on to describe how on one occasion she met "a creepy little man hovering in the doorway with zits all over his face--awful looking, like a pervert". Apparently this was the well endowed guy who ran the Hung Jury.

The recent Channel 4 program showed quite a few guys who had big cocks, however the focus of the program was Jonah falcon who's erect cock measures a whopping 13.5 inches. Sorry to say that I got bored with the programme so I didn't watch to the end. I guess I enjoy looking at gorgeous guys as much as the next gay man, but the sad fact is that none of the guys shown on the program looked remotely attractive to me.

I'm trying hard not to be size-ist, but coupled with Erica Jong's comments about the guy who ran the Hung Jury, I'm left with the impression that guys with big penises tend to be ugly. As I've said before, I’d rather have a hard penis to play with than a big one any day!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Birthday to this blog

Exactly one year ago today, I published my first post to this blog while I was on a business trip to Singapore. I'd never been a blogger before. By the middle of June last year, the guy P that I keep talking about through all the postings relating to that business trip to Singapore had become boyfriend number 2.

Originally I thought that boyfriend number 3 was an appropriate term for a lovely guy called J who I often met in the gym sauna, but after returning from a holiday in Asia with boyfriend number 2, the gym sauna closed and I rarely got to see J after that. So after meeting an Indian guy called R I re-assigned the term boyfriend number 3 to him.

In spite of everything that's happened, I still hope to repair my relationship with boyfriend number 1. So wish me luck for the coming year, I think I'm going to need it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A poor piece of planning

So I'm logged into gaydar last Friday morning, eating my breakfast, when a guy starts chatting to me

guy: hi we met last year

OK nice start, the profile name looks familiar, but do you expect me to remember without a few more clues?

GB: kewl, how's u?
guy: fine, I'm over from Belgium for another computer training course, staying in a hotel again

Now I remember. Diving into the archives of this blog, I find the posting from the start of March 2005. This must be the married guy with small nipples who had an out-of-date photo! But he was a nice guy and we had an enjoyable session :-)

GB: so how long u in London for this time?
guy: got here last Sunday, and leaving for home this evening
GB: well perhaps we should meet up again?
guy: wud be great to have a naked session with u but u'll have to visit soon

He tells me which hotel he's staying in and I do some quick calculations. I don't have any meetings at work first thing this morning so it should be possible

GB: well I could get to u for around 8:20am?
guy: but I have to leave for my course 845 at latest, doesn't give us much time

So the guy has been here all week and he leaves it until his last day to contact me. What a plonker! Unfortunately we end up agreeing that it's not really feasible to have a naked session as he calls it this time.

No doubt he's been cruising gaydar all week, perhaps without success, so at the end he thinks he'll try and get me to visit him for a bit of fun. If I was in his position though, I'd be contacting in advance all the guys I enjoyed meeting on previous visits, AND cruising online to fill in the gaps. Perhaps he should attend a project management course for his next visit!