Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A poor piece of planning

So I'm logged into gaydar last Friday morning, eating my breakfast, when a guy starts chatting to me

guy: hi we met last year

OK nice start, the profile name looks familiar, but do you expect me to remember without a few more clues?

GB: kewl, how's u?
guy: fine, I'm over from Belgium for another computer training course, staying in a hotel again

Now I remember. Diving into the archives of this blog, I find the posting from the start of March 2005. This must be the married guy with small nipples who had an out-of-date photo! But he was a nice guy and we had an enjoyable session :-)

GB: so how long u in London for this time?
guy: got here last Sunday, and leaving for home this evening
GB: well perhaps we should meet up again?
guy: wud be great to have a naked session with u but u'll have to visit soon

He tells me which hotel he's staying in and I do some quick calculations. I don't have any meetings at work first thing this morning so it should be possible

GB: well I could get to u for around 8:20am?
guy: but I have to leave for my course 845 at latest, doesn't give us much time

So the guy has been here all week and he leaves it until his last day to contact me. What a plonker! Unfortunately we end up agreeing that it's not really feasible to have a naked session as he calls it this time.

No doubt he's been cruising gaydar all week, perhaps without success, so at the end he thinks he'll try and get me to visit him for a bit of fun. If I was in his position though, I'd be contacting in advance all the guys I enjoyed meeting on previous visits, AND cruising online to fill in the gaps. Perhaps he should attend a project management course for his next visit!


xmichra said...

where do men get off?? just a few weeks ago me and a friend went out to the bar for a girls night out. We had a blast, had people buying us drinks the whole nine yards, and stayed until closing. We were about to jump into a taxi, when some reject drapes his arms over me, almost kissing me and telling me how he was going to make me a very happy lady if I were to take him home!! DUDE. first of all, I don't think that was quite tactful. Second of all, like five other guys in there were trying all night to do what you expect in a thirty second 'conversation'.
I had to laugh though.. it was quite funny.

Gay banker said...

Sorry xmichra, not sure you're gonna find out where straight guys get off on gay man's blog. Thanks for reading though!

Love and kisses, GB xxx

Rio said...

dont you wish you could teach them all a lesson in hooking up? it would make everything so much easier if they were all on your level, but sometimes complication is half the fun i guess

Gay banker said...

Well girlz, r there any straight online cruising websites? I presume there are. But cruising in my terminology is different to dating, i.e. sex rather than relationship oriented. For gay guys, gaydar definitely has a cruising reputation, whereas sites like Out in the UK and (which is gay as well as straight) have a relationship focus.

Warm rgds, GB xxx