Sunday, March 19, 2023

An unexpected chat about penis size

Party tent in a large gardenIt's around midnight and the party is in full swing. I step out of the main area to relax on the seating in the quieter area outside, and soon I'm chatting to two of the other guests who're young women.

"Hi," I say, "I'm GB 🙂. You're P and that F, did I remember that right?"

"Yes, that's right!" replies P, "You're K's boyfriend aren't you?"

"Indeed I am 👍," I confirm, "we've been together for over 9 years now 🙂."

"Wow, I've never managed a relationship for more than 1 year," says P.

We chat a bit about the party and the other guests, but soon we're talking about relationships again.

"You're British, right?" asks P, "so how come you've got an Asian boyfriend instead of British one?"

"I used to have a British boyfriend called S, but I'm a bit of a 'rice queen' now. That's gay slang for a gay westerner who likes Asian men!"

"So you've had lots of Asian boyfriends?"

"Well, I'm not a slut," I lie, "but I have been with a few Asian guys of different nationalities. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean …"

"Oh Korean!" says P with a bit of sheepish tone in her voice, "I've never been with a Korean guy but I've heard about them, is it true?"

For some reason she expects me to understand what she's asking. Although I'm pretty sure that I do know what she means, I simply look at her with a puzzled expression.

"Well, you know," she continues, giving me a knowing look and indicating down to her groin, "I've heard that they're not very big down there, but I don't know whether to believe what I've heard of not."

Hunch confirmed 🤣! I almost burst out laughing, because I can't believe I've suddenly got into a conversation about penis size with a couple of young women who I barely know. I decide to tell the truth.

"Um, well," I say, wondering how to be diplomatic, "I'd say they're definitely smaller than average, but size isn't important for me, what's important is whether they're a good person or not."

"Oh really, so it's true," laughs P, "so I'll believe what I've heard!"

"How do you know what's small and what's big," asks F, who had been quite throughout the conversation. It seems like a strange question to me, so again I look at P quizzically.

"F is still a virgin," explains P in a quiet voice.

"Oh OK, well, let's talk about average first".

"In my experience, I'd say this is average," and I indicate about 15cm with my index fingers.

"This is definitely very large," I say indicating around 20cm, "and this is small". I indicate around 10cm for small.

"I was with a Singaporean guy a while ago," interrupts P, "and he really was very small!"

She raises her hands and indicates around 8cm with her index fingers.

"I had to ask 'Are you inside me yet?' I couldn't feel a thing 😆!"

"That's not small, I'd say that's tiny!" I laugh.

"But they can be this big," says P, indicating 25cm with her index fingers.

"Well, yes," I agree, "but I've only ever seen that in porn photos. I'm talking sizes that I've actually seen."

Before we can start chatting about girth, another party guest comes out of party's main area and interrupts us, so the conversation moves onto other subjects. I thought it was only gay men that were obsessed with penis size!