Monday, May 30, 2005

A session with C even though the gym sauna is broken

Last Friday morning I do my usual morning gym class and head to the sauna afterwards. But when I get to the sauna it’s not working. Damm, I was looking forward to the sauna all through the workout.

The gym also has a spa mixed spa area, so instead of going to get showered and changed I head over to take a dip in the jacuzzi. Action isn’t going to be possible because this is a mixed male/female jacuzzi but I want to relax after the workout so it’s the only choice available.

After I’ve been in the jacuzzi for a few minutes, C arrives (The guy with the twitching cock in the gym sauna).

“I’ve reported that the facilities aren’t working”, he says when he spots me.

The other guy in the jacuzzi won’t know that C means, but I understand perfectly.

“Yeah, it happens every now and then”, I say.

Soon the other guy leaves so we can talk a bit more openly.

“That sauna is the main reason I come to the gym here”, jokes C smiling. “I used to belong to the gym round the corner, but there was no action there. Well, once I got a blow job from one of the cleaners, but apart from that nothing.”

“I once got a blow job here from one of the staff on reception”, I say, remembering an incident from about two years ago. “No, actually I got a blow job from him twice!” I’d met this guy in the sauna, he was a good looking guy who was very well endowed. However it was busy in the sauna, so we went to the permanent locker area which is often very quiet (Afternoon fun in the gym sauna on Thursday). And this happened on two separate occasions.

C looks like he’s getting a bit frisky. “Pity there’s no where to go for a bit of privacy, well apart from that room you told me about a few weeks ago”, says C.

“So you haven’t seen it yet?” I ask.

“No, but isn’t it a bit obvious, two guys entering and leaving at the same time?”

“Sure, I wouldn’t recommend entering and leaving at the same time. Let me show you, I’ll go in first and you follow after a minute or two.” Looks like I’m going to get a bit of fun after all!

Luckily the room is empty so I go in, leaving the door slightly ajar. Soon C joins me and we lock the door. “I see”, says C, “quite comfy!” By now we’re both quite frisky so we don’t take long to complete the tasks at hand.

Afterwards I explain to C that we should both leave separately too. “You leave first, I’ll lock the door behind you, and then after a minute or two I’ll leave”.

“I see, very crafty”, says C smiling.

Leaving the gym, I head to work a happy grin on my face. I had had some fun, in spite of problems with the usual facilities.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

A blow job from an American guy visiting London

About five weeks ago, I’m logged in to gaydar when I get contacted by a American guy in New Mexico. Usually, being contacted by guys who are a long way from London is a bit of a nuisance, because I use services like gaydar to find people to meet face-to-face.

Of course, for guys that don’t want face-to-face meetings it doesn’t matter where the other guy is located. Some guys do cyber-sex, meaning one-fingered typing on the internet chat lines while wanking with the other hand. There’s also phone-sex, and a lot of voyeur/exhibitionist activity using webcams. But I never enjoy any of that, I want old-fashioned real-world face-to-face man-on-man contact.

It turns out that although the American guy is in New Mexico, he visits London regularly. “I love hooking up with you British guys”, he says.

“What will we do if I meet you?” I ask.

“I like to line up a few guys before each visit", he says, "then I'll come and give you all blow jobs”.

“That's fine with me. So you use gaydar from New Mexico to chat us all up prior to your visit, then you make a trip and ‘harvest’ us all on the same time”.

“Exactly!” he replies.

So we leave it that he’ll contact me on his next London visit, which should be in June, if not before.

And sure enough, last weekend I get a gaydar online message from the guy:

Hi, I’m in London now until May 29, when can we hook up

After a couple of messages have been exchanged, I’ve got the address of his hotel and also his UK mobile phone number. We provisionally agree to meet last Monday afternoon.

Early Monday afternoon I send him a txt msg to check that he can still meet me. I get a brief reply

Can u come at 6pm

6pm is perfect, I’ll leave the bank slightly earlier than normal and visit him at his hotel before going home to boyfriend number 1.

Everything goes like clockwork. At 5:50pm I send him a txt msg to say I’ve arrived early, “should I wait until 6pm?” I ask.

I get a reply quickly “now is good”.

Face to face the guy is slightly chubbier than his gaydar pictures, but he’s a great looking guy none the less. Internet age 29 (What's your internet age), real age probably early 30’s.

He gives me a great service. Half way through he passes me a digital camera, "Can you take photos of me sucking your cock?" Sure, but these probably won't be holiday photos to show the folks back home!

I reckon he must be quite a rich guy, because afterwards he gives me the impression that he comes to London for a holiday several times a year. How can he afford the time and the expense if he has to work for a living? Anyway, the more American visitors we can get in London like this guy, the better.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A visit to a young voyeur in his home

Last Tuesday I wrote about a visit I made to a young voyeur about 4 years ago (A visit to a young voyeur in a cheap London hotel). The thing that made me remember this was the visit I made to a guy last Sunday.

I had met this guy on gaydar about two or three weeks ago. He was very keen to have me go round so he could watch me play with myself, and I had almost visited him on two occasions, but he needed his flatmates to be out and this had proved tricky.

Last Sunday though we were both on gaydar and I get a message from him

Hi, can you come round this afternoon, I think my flatmates are all going out soon?

Boyfriend number 1 is visiting his parents so I tell the guy I can visit him. He tells me that he's been fantasizing about watching me wank off since our initial gaydar meeting a few weeks ago. We agree that I'll arrive at 2pm.

However before I can leave, boyfriend number 1 returns after an unexpectedly short visit to his parents. I quickly send a message to the guy saying that I probably can't make it after all, before logging off gaydar so that boyfriend number 1 doesn't see me on the chat system. Shortly afterwards the guy sends me a txt msg

Pity, flat now empty

I decide to take a risk. I tell boyfriend number 1 that I've got to go out to buy some lunch. I'll have to be as quick as possible.

Once outside I send the guy a txt msg and tell him I can make it after all. After I get his reply I phone him to get the exact address. It turns out that the true address is just round the corner from where he previously said he lived, so he's obviously a bit nervous about me visiting him. The fact that he was a bit devious about this surprises me because he had a picture which clearly shows his face on his gaydar profile.

I go to my usual minicab firm for transport. Damm, they won't have a car for twenty minutes and I need to be quick. So I start walking up the main road and luckily within 5 minutes I'm in a London black taxi. On arrival, I find the apartment block and phone the guy. Fifteen minutes has passed since I went shopping for lunch.

Face to face the guy looks much like the picture in his gaydar profile, except a bit more friendly. He's slightly overweight, a bit spotty, and very pleased to see me.

Initially we make hard work of polite conversation. But once inside his flatshare he relaxes a bit. "Have you met many guys from gaydar like this?" I ask.

"One or two", he says, slightly nervously. I have my doubts, I may be the first!

He leads me up to his bedroom and I start stripping off. Soon I'm almost naked so I walk over to him and he gropes me through my undershorts.

"Hmmm nice", he says, "I want to see you get really into this you know".

"Sure", I say eagerly. Soon I take off my undershorts and lie down on his bed. For a while he plays with me, but he wants me to finish myself off. Towards the finale he puts his hand up to my mouth, "err, maybe not quite so loud".

"Well horny", he says afterwards, looking satisfied.

About 30 minutes have passed since I went shopping for lunch so I have to leave. Once outside his flat I'm lucky and manage to get a taxi quite quickly. I get the cab driver to drop me off outside one of the local supermarkets. I buy a sandwich and a drink, and rush back home to boyfriend number 1. 50 minutes have elapsed.

Back home, boyfriend number 1 has been busy and he doesn't seem to notice that I've been gone almost an hour to buy a sandwich!

Why are there these young guys who just want to watch other guys play with themselves? My best guess is that they're gradually coming to terms with being gay, and this is the least gay thing they've found which they can enjoy without feeling too guilty. But what do I know?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A visit to a young voyeur in a cheap London hotel

For some reason I expect voyeurs to be “dirty old men”. But there was a time about 4 years ago when I visited a voyeur who was only aged about 25.

We met on gaydar. I said I was happy to visit him if he had somewhere in central London we could meet, which originally he didn’t. But then he contacted me to say that he would hire a room in a cheap hotel, if I’d let him video me playing with myself. So we agree a date, and I tell him I’ll visit him after work.

The day arrives. Mid afternoon I send him a txt msg to ask if everything is going ahead as planed. I get a reply

got the room now, when will u arrive at tube?

So I txt him back to say I should be able to get there around 6pm. Everything goes according to plan, and he’s waiting for me at the ticket office in the tube station.

Face to face I think he looks quite cute. He’s a bit shorter than me and very slim. I find myself wondering why an attractive guy like this doesn’t have a more normal sex life.

“It’s not far”, he says, leading me out of the ticket office.

“Have you met many guys like this?” I ask on the way to the hotel.

“Errr, no actually, which is why I’ve been looking forward to meeting you”.

Luckily we arrive at the hotel quite quickly because he’s clearly nervous. Making polite conversation is a bit difficult.

The room is quite small. There’s a double bed, a tiny bathroom, a chair next to a small chest of drawers, a rail with some hangers instead of a wardrobe, and not much room in between. To help break the ice I start to undress.

“Hang on, I haven’t got my videocam ready yet.”

Soon he’s ready so I resume taking my shirt off. “Please avoid getting my face in the video”.

“Sure, although I’m going to be the only one who ever watches this”, he reassures me.

In my experience there are two main types of voyeur. There are those who keep all their clothes on, and spend all their time drooling over the display they’re watching, and then there are those who join in the fun to some extent. I’m hoping that this guy is going to want to take some of his clothes off and join in because I quite fancy seeing him naked.

“Are you going to join in at all?” I ask hopefully.

“Probably not”, he says nervously, “let’s see what happens”.

“No problem”, I say, trying hard to hide my disappointment! By now I’m completely nude, so I start playing with myself.

“Don’t rush”, he says, “I want to enjoy this and make a good video at the same time.”

After a few minutes I’ve got another question for him, “Do you want to play with me at all?”

He thinks about it and eventually says “OK, let me see if I can set up the videocam to capture us both”. “Stand there”, he says, pointing to a particular spot by the bed.

He sets it up and walks behind me. Standing directly behind me, he wraps his right arm round my chest, while his left hand comes round to play with me. I find this quite exciting and within a minute I’ve made a bit of a mess on the floor.

“I hope I’ve got all that on video”, he says. I mop up a bit while he rushes over to check.

Afterwards I sit naked on the double bed with my back against the wall while he keeps his distance, sitting fully clothed on the chair by the small chest of drawers. We chat for a while.

“People like you who put on shows like that are providing a useful public service”, he says.

“How so?” I ask.

“Well without guys like you for people like me to watch, who knows what we’d end up doing to satisfy our perverted needs”. I see what he means, although I find it hard to imagine this cute guy doing anything really sordid to get his satisfaction.

As I sit there chatting to him, I start to find the situation erotic again. 4 years ago I had never actually done anything as blatantly exhibitionist as this and it’s a complete turn on. Slowly I start getting another erection, so almost absent-mindedly I start fondling it. “Hang on”, he says, “Let me start the video”.

It takes me a bit longer second time round. He doesn’t want to touch me this time, so I just sit there on the double bed with my back to the wall and put on a show for him. “Hmmmm, good one,” he murmurs slowly, putting down the video when I’ve finished.

“I’m flattered that you hired this bedroom for the night just to make a video of me”, I say afterwards while I’m cleaning up again.

“Well don’t be too flattered,” he says grinning, “I don't want to spoil your illusions but the room only cost me £25!”

I didn’t realise that rooms that cheap were available in central London. Gradually I get dressed. I still fancy seeing him naked so as I’m leaving I say “If you want to do this again, just ask me. And perhaps we’ll see a bit more of you next time?”

“OK, let’s see what happens”. That sounds like a No to me.

After this meeting I e-mail him a couple of times, and I get a couple of replies back, but his short replies and the length of time it takes him to get back to me suggest he’s not really interested in keeping in touch. Wherever he is now, I hope he’s happy.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fun with a gorgeous Thai guy

Last Thursday I get home from work early after a client meeting that I had to attend outside the bank. Boyfriend number 1 is out visiting his parents, so I log on to gaydar to see if I can find any fun before he gets home.

Soon, a guy contacts me who’s interested in meeting me. He’s a Thai guy, in his late 20’s, working as a nurse in one of the London hospitals. He can accomdate in his room where he lives in the hospital so we exchange photos, and then have a brief conversation on our mobile phones. It’s all arranged quite quickly so I leave to meet him at once.

When I reach the relevant building in the hospital I take a seat in the reception area and phone him.

“Oh, you’ve arrived already, I’d better come down to meet you.”

A few minutes later I spot a guy who looks like the guy I’m expecting to meet but he doesn’t come over. But when I don’t follow him, he looks over and beckons me. He obviously doesn’t want to be seen taking me to his room.

“Sorry about that”, he says, “but the receptionist is from Thailand too, and I don’t want her to gossip about me.”

“Does it really matter”, I ask.

“Well everyone knows everyone else in the Thai community in London and it would be unpleasant if they found out I was gay. And I don’t want the news getting back to my family.”

We head to his room, which turns out to be absolutely tiny. There’s a small single bed, a wash basin, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, with not much space in between. I start stripping off. “Oooh, you’re keen”, he says smiling.

Face to face he looks better than in the photos I saw online. He’s shorter than me, with a lovely friendly face. He’s got a nice body too, and it’s clear that he must go to the gym a lot. But on top of his gym-toned body he’s also quite podgy, which is lovely too because it makes him cuddley. We have a great session together lasting about 15 minutes.

Afterwards we lie naked on his bed together. He puts his head on my left shoulder so I cuddle him with my left arm. As we relax, he tells me a bit about his life. He’s been over here for five years now, so soon he’ll be applying for a permanent entry visa. At some point he wants to bring his family over for a visit.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I ask.

“Yes I do, but I only see him about twice a month. He lives in Surrey with his wife and son”.

“Hmmm, I’m not sure it’s a good idea having a boyfriend like that. You’ll always be number two in his life.”

“Yes but he’s so sweet to me, I don’t think I could leave him.”

Such a lovely guy should be able to find a proper boyfriend, rather than having to play second fiddle to a bi-sexual guy’s wife. In my experience getting involved with bi-sexual guys is usually a bad idea, especially when they’ve already got a partner.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Another new face in the gym sauna

I enter the gym sauna last Tuesday and there’s a guy I don’t recognise in there. He’s quite slim, probably early 30’s, sitting there naked but with a small towel on his right leg hiding most, but not all, of his tackle. I sit down opposite him and look at him. We just about catch each other’s eye, so it’s very likely that he’s interested in a bit of fun.

Before we can take things any further, E comes in. I hadn’t seen E for at least a month (Back in London in the gym sauna last Monday) so it’s good to see him again. We exchange greetings and a few sentences, and then instinctively go quiet. We both look at the stranger and wonder whether he’s interested in some fun.

I stare at him, and especially his tackle area. And sure enough, slowly he gets excited. Which make me and E excited. So we start to play with ourselves a bit, but then we’re interrupted. It’s W. I get on well with W but he has become a bit of a pest recently when it comes to sauna fun. He used to enjoy participating, but not since he got himself a new boyfriend 9 months ago (The guy with the twitching cock in the gym sauna).

W is clearly tempted. The new guy looks at W and gradually starts touching himself. I can see that W is starting to get an erection. But instead of letting nature take its course, W decides to leave. Too bad.

With W out of the way I move to sit between E and the new guy. We end up playing with each other, and have a lovely time together. Afterwards I ask the stranger what his name is.

“I’m K”, he says.

“Have you joined the gym recently”, I ask, “I haven’t seen you here before”.

“Actually I’m a member of one of the other branches of this gym. But they’re renovating my gym for a few months, so we’re allowed to use the other branches.”

“Is there anything like this sauna in your branch?”

“Yes actually, but I think they may be getting rid of it in the renovation.”

Later I wonder whether a cruisey sauna is an asset or liability to a gym. On the liability side, straight guys might complain about not being able to take a relaxing sauna without tripping over gay guys getting off with each other. But there's also no doubt that some gay guys join this gym rather than any other because they like a spot of fun after their workouts.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The guy with the twitching cock in the gym sauna

I enter the sauna as usual after my gym class last Friday and there’s W lying naked on his back, chatting to a guy I don’t recognise who’s also naked. Last time I saw W in the sauna he was wearing shorts (A conundrum in the gym sauna). I wonder whether he might be interested in a bit of fun again given that he's now naked.

I sit down and look over at the guy I don’t recognise. Hmmm that’s interesting, I think, occasionally his slightly erect cock is twitching so maybe he’s after a bit of fun? Soon the guy with the twitching cock leaves and I get chatting to W.

“I’m probably going to be immigrating to Canada at the end of the year with my boyfriend”, he tells me.

I find out that he’s been with his boyfriend around 9 months. That’s interesting, because that’s approximately the length of time since W was an active participant in sauna fun.

I go for a shower to cool down. Coming out of the shower, I spot J entering the sauna so I follow him in. I've got a soft spot for J and I haven't seen him for over a couple of weeks (Fun before work on a Monday morning (again!)). Once inside there are two other guys besides me and J, one of whom is the guy with the twitching cock, so it doesn’t look like fun with J will be possible this morning.

But J’s got something to tell me, “I’ve got an exam today”.

J’s studying to be an accountant and he confirms that it’s an accountancy exam. I look over at the guy with the twitching cock. He looks at me and I notice his cock twitches again.

J leaves so I follow him out, “Do you have any shorts with you today?” I ask. I’m wondering if we could visit the obscure lockable room outside the men’s changing room where we've had fun before (J gets my mobile phone number).

“No I don’t, sorry”. What a pity. I’m sure a bit of fun before his exam would have been a good idea to help him relax, but never mind. I wish him good luck, have a quick shower to cool down again, and go back into the sauna.

There are still two guys in the sauna, but instead of the guy with the twitching cock, there’s the exhibitionist from the previous Friday who’s sitting there naked (A nice show in the sauna before work). We catch each other’s eye. But with the other guy there too, nothing seems likely to happen. After a few minutes the guy with the twitching cock enters again. Soon after that, both the other guys leave. So now there’s just me and the guy with the twitching cock.

I look over at him and his cock twitches again. And again. I start to get excited. He notices and starts getting more excited too. We look at each other and smile. So as I had thought, the guy is after a bit of fun. After a couple of minutes of watching each other I move to sit next to him, but after less than a minute another guy enters so we have to try and hide our erections. I take the opportunity to leave for yet another cool down shower.

Back in the sauna, the guy with the twitching cock and the guy who had interrupted us are both still there. I go and sit opposite them both. Carefully, I look at guy who interrupted us and he looks back at me. He’s slightly obese, but at least he is naked and he does show some signs of being interested in sauna fun. The guy with the twitching cock is sitting with his legs on the bench, and from where I’m sitting I can see that he’s playing with himself quite openly, but because of where his legs are this won’t be visible to the slightly obese guy.

Slowly I work on the slightly obese guy, looking at him, looking at his hands covering his cock, and touching myself. And eventually I can see that he’s getting an erection. The guy with the twitching cock notices too, and for a short while we all just sit there playing with ourselves. But then another guy enters so again we’re interrupted. Damm, it’s not normally this busy. Looking disgruntled, the guy with the twitching cock leaves, followed by the slightly obese guy. After about a minute I follow him for another cool down shower.

While I’m showering, I notice the guy who had just interrupted us coming into the shower area too. That means that there’s now probably no one in the sauna. So I decide go return for just one last visit in the sauna, in case a bit of fun turns out to be possible with the guy with the twitching cock.

When I enter the guy with the twitching cock has already returned, and indeed we’re alone. He starts fondling himself, but before we can start anything else he says “Wow, great gym this isn’t it, I only joined last Friday”. It’s clear that he’s referring to the fun that's possible here in the sauna.

It’s a bit unusual in a cruising situation to talk like this before the activities, because it makes the atmosphere social rather than sexual. So I agree with him, make a vague comment about the nice guys that frequent the sauna, and start stroking his leg. He looks me in the eye but he doesn’t say anything so he’s clearly got the message. Within a couple of minutes it’s all over, with an impressive spurt on his part that must have landed more than two yards away.

Afterwards I tell him a bit about the regulars, especially the guys that initially one wouldn’t think participate in sauna fun.

“It’s a pity there’s nowhere private to go”, he says. So I tell him about the obscure lockable room.

“It’s amazing here”, he says. “In the last week, there have been some days when I’ve been morning, lunchtime and evening”.

As he leaves he pays me a compliment, saying “You’ve got a good body”.

“That’s because I use the gym as well as the sauna facilities! By the way, what’s your name?”

“C”, he says as he leaves for the shower, so I reciprocate and tell him my name.

C has only been at the gym one week and already he seems to know everything about the sauna scene. I thought I was one of the cruisiest guys there, but even if I ever did have that dubious distinction, it’s clear to me that the honour now belongs to C.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Fun with a Columbian guy from Verona

The following is verbatim conversation that I had on gaydar last Thursday morning using the gaydar online message system. Well, almost verbatim, a few minor identifying details have been removed to protect the privacy of those involved! The messages I receive are in italics.

6:25am: hi any face pics?

6:27am: pics with face attached, do you have any?

6:29am: hey very sexy!!! where are u?...G

6:30am: hi G, I'm near ------- tube but I can't accom, can you?

6:32am: u wanna come to my place im in ------- ...u have phone number? what time u wanna meet up?

6:35am: Great, I'd love to come over, I can come over this morning. My mobile number is ------- but please don't phone because I don't want my flatmate to hear any conversation, but txt msg is fine. Do you have a moblie phone number? Also what is your exact address?

6:39am: ok what time u wanna meet in my place 7 is ok for u? i live near ------- tube so meet u there.....u have more pics?

6:42am: Sorry mate, no more pics. Could we say 7:30 at ------- tube instead? Also can you send me a txt msg so I have your mobile phone number too?

6:44am: how tall are u? what are u up to? are u top or botton?

6:45am: I'm ----- tall :-)
I like doing what it says in my profile, so no anal. What r u after?

6:48am: ok meet u in ------- tube at 7:30...why no anal sex???? are u more active or passive? where are u from?

6:50am: I only do anal with guys I know well! And I'm from London. But please send me a txt msg, I don't visit guys unless I know how to contact them! Also it will prob take me 45 mins from when we stop talking.

6:54am: i send text right now!!! we have to meet very soon because i live with my brother but i dont what time come back!!!

6:54am: txt msg Hi is G here:-)

6:55am: Thanks I got it. I'm coming immediately. I'll phone you when I'm on my way, so hopefully it'll take less than 45 mins to get to you xxx

6:57am: hey bring all staff, comdom, lub ect whatever u want...sorry i don have nothing at home!!!

7:00am: since we're not going anal I dont think we need that kind of stuff? I'll be out of the house in 5 mins so I'll phone you then

7:02am: any fantasy? u have jock underwear?

I decide not to reply to this message. Instead I phone him when I’m on my way, “Hi G, I’m coming to visit you, OK?”

“Great, phone me when you get to the tube station, I’m very close so I’ll come and meet you there”. He’s got a deep masculine voice which I didn’t expect from the photos. Also he’s clearly not fluent in English, although he certainly speaks it well.

I arrive around 7:40am and phone him immediately. “OK wait there, I’ll be a couple of minutes or so.” When he arrives, he looks a few years older than the pics he sent me, but probably not more than 4 years older. “I live with one of my brothers, but he’s already left for work so we shouldn’t have any problems. I have to be careful though, none of my family know I’m gay.” He smiles a lot, and seems very friendly.

“Where are you from”, I ask him, while we’re walking to his apartment.

“Well one of my parents is Italian from Verona, and the other is Columbian. At different points in my childhood I live in both places.”

It’s a very new, tidy apartment. After a brief look at the view from the main lounge window, we head to the main bedroom and get down to business. In bed he’s quite selfish, wanting all the attention, wanting everything done his way.

“I want to f**k you”, he says after a few minutes.

“No thanks”, I say assertively, “that’s not on the menu.”

Before we’re finished, I get spanked a bit. I wonder whether this is his punishment for not letting him f**k me? At the finale he turns out to have a lot of juice. “Wow”, I think, “but I’m going to need a shower!”

Afterwards he tells me that he’s a student, studying economics.

“What will you do when you’ve finished your studies”, I ask him while admiring the view from the main lounge, drinking some water.

“I want to get a job with a bank.”

As I’m leaving I give him a kiss on the lips. “See you again maybe?” he says.

Perhaps. In my experience though, encounters with the same guy more than once are very very rare indeed. Apart from my encounters abroad, in all my years of meeting guys from the internet I can only recall two occasions when I have met up with a guy for a second time.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

A spot of exhibitionism in Deptford

Last week, while I was arranging to meet the guy in his Covent Garden office (A visit to a guy in his office during office hours) I was also chatting to a young guy from Deptford who wanted me to visit him for a bit of fun early on Tuesday morning. We exchange mobile phone numbers and it’s agreed that I will send him a txt msg when I get up on Tuesday morning to arrange the details.

But on Tuesday morning when I turn my mobile phone on there is a txt msg from him waiting for me:

sry m8 cant meet this am but mite be poss 2moz

Ah well, at least he seems reliable in his communications. Later in the day we exchange txt msgs and agree to try again on Wednesday morning.

I send him a txt msg early on Wednesday morning and get a response quite quickly:

pls cum and visit

I thought I was going to visit and cum rather than the other way round, but I guess his txt msg is clear enough. Although I don’t have his address, given that he’s been reliable in his communications I feel happy enough going to Deptford and phoning him for directions when I arrive at the railway station.

Everything goes according to plan. He meets me at a petrol station, just five minutes walk from the railway station, from where it’s just one minute’s walk to his basement flat. When we were chatting on Monday he had sent me a cute picture of him sucking another guy’s cock. Face to face he looks much nerdier than his picture suggested, but he seems a friendly enough guy.

His apartment consists of a small front room, with tiny kitchen and bathroom attached, and a slightly larger back room where there’s a bed. It’s all quite dirty and untidy.

“Where are we going to do it?” I ask.

“Let’s go into the back room. I want to watch you wank.”

Fair enough, I do have an exhibitionist streak in me (My chance to be a rent boy). While I’m stripping off, I notice that he’s wanking himself through the left pocket of his trousers. Soon I’m just standing there in my undershorts. I’m just about to take them off when he comes over and feels me through the outside of my underwear. I take the opportunity to try and remove his shirt, but once I’ve undone all the buttons he prevents me from taking it off.

“I just want to watch you wank”, he says, backing off a bit, still playing with himself.

Gradually I get into the situation. Soon he lets his trousers drop to the floor and drops his undershorts slightly too to make it easier for him to play with himself. Suddenly I’ve got a question for him, “Shall I just cum on the carpet?”

“No hang on”, he says, and pulling up his trousers slightly he rushes to grab a towel which he places on the floor between us. Unfortunately I fail to aim very well and I mostly miss the towel. His aim is much better than mine.

“Sorry”, I say looking sheepish, “but I’m sure it will wash out.”

Afterwards I try to chat to him a bit but he’s very cagey. For some reason he doesn’t seem comfortable talking to me.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I ask.

“Errr, yes”. Pregnant pause.

“So do I, we’ve been together since 1989”. Pregnant pause.

So I try again, “Have you got much to do today?”

It turns out that he doesn’t have a job at the moment, but he’s studying French for some reason.

After a glass of water I make my excuses and leave. It’s been fun, even though he wasn't quite what I had expected.

Friday, May 13, 2005

A failed meeting along the river bank

Last Tuesday I’m eating my breakfast and reading the news online while passively logged into gaydar in the background. I’m about to log off when a guy contacts me, who’s interested in a meeting.

“Where are you in London?” I ask him.

“I’ve checked the GPS”, he tells me, “and we’re only about a mile and a half from each other.”

GPS in this context isn’t the Global Positioning System that the USA created; it’s the Gaydar Positioning Service and it works really well. If both Gaydar users have entered their postcode or ZIP code, Gaydar tells them both how far they are apart. It works internationally too which is impressive, although not particularly useful. But within a city like London it’s terrific, because there’s a big difference between being 1 mile apart and 10 miles apart.

“Can you accom?” he continues.

“No sorry, can you?” I would never have another guy round to the house I share with boyfriend number 1, even if boyfriend number 1 is out.

“No, I can’t accom either, but perhaps we could find somewhere quiet outside?”

“I’ve always fancied trying changing rooms in menswear departments, especially if they’ve got big mirrors in them”, I suggest playfully, “although I’ve never tried out this idea”.

After a bit of further discussion, we agree to meet along a quiet section of river bank which is probably about half way between the two of us. The guy reckons there are some secluded bushes near a bridge.

”By the way, do you have any pics?” I ask.

“No sorry.”

Hmm, I think, guys without pics are less trustworthy.

“Well do you have a mobile phone? I reckon it’s always a good idea to speak to someone before meeting them. And in this situation it’ll be useful in case we can’t find each other.”

“No sorry, I don’t have a mobile. But if I don’t turn up, don’t wait more than 10 minutes, so you don’t really lose anything.”

Guys without pics and mobile phones are even less reliable but reluctantly I agree.

When I get there, it turns out that the iron gate to the path we intend to walk along is closed because there’s some maintenance work scheduled. Great, I think, we can easily jump the gate we’ll be guaranteed to find somewhere quiet in the bushes.

But I wait for 15 minutes and the guy doesn’t show up. Stupid, stupid, stupid me! When will I learn to avoid guys who show such strong signs of being unreliable?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A visit to a guy in his office during office hours

I’ve visited guys at their office premises on many occasions (e.g. My chance to be a rent boy), but never before during standard office hours. Until last Monday.

I’m logged onto gaydar and I’m chatting with a guy who’s interested in meeting me, so I ask, “Where are you in London?”

“Covent Garden”, he replies, “but I’m at work”

“That’s not too far for me to travel, but can you accom there?”

“Yes, there’s a toilet we can use”

I’m not sure about this. It doesn’t sound very comfortable. I was hoping that he’d have an office, or perhaps some kind of meeting room would be available. “Is it a smelly toilet?” I ask.

“No it’s clean, and it’s got a full length mirror on one wall too. I’ll have to sign you in at the reception, but you can use whatever name you like. I’ve done this before a few times.”

I tell him it actually sounds quite exciting so I agree to visit him there in a couple of hours, after a meeting he has to have.

We meet up in the street as planned, a short walk from his office building. When I go into the reception area I just have to give a name, there’s no ID check, I get a visitors pass, and I’m inside. It’s a smart building with lots of marble and glass.

From the ground floor he takes me down a couple of flights of stairs. “This is a deep building” I say on the way. Then we walk along a corridor, and he has to use his electronic door pass to get into a canteen area. We walk through the canteen area, into a corridor and past a few open meeting rooms with people milling around inside and all of a sudden there’s a male toilet.

We enter, but we’re followed in by a smart guy wearing a suit. There are two urinals, a big cubicle and a small cubicle. We take up positions at the urinals while the guy disappears into the small cubicle. I look to my host for guidance, but he’s busy getting his cock out. Actually I could do with a wee, so I do the same. My host however doesn’t want a wee; instead he slowly starts playing with himself. He smiles at me, and looks down so see how big I am. We both have a good look at each other, while the smart guy is still in the cubicle.

Soon the smart guy moves to wash his hands. We go to do the same but luckily, before we’ve finished washing our hands the smart guy leaves. My host immediately beckons me into the big cubicle, and once we’re both inside he locks the door.

As promised, there’s a big full length mirror on one wall. But why is this mirror there? The mirror is placed so that whoever is using the cubicle will get a full view of themselves on the toilet, but what’s the point of that? If the mirror was in the main part of the toilet, perhaps by the exit, then everyone would be able to use it on their way out.

I’m a bit concerned that this toilet isn’t quiet enough for this kind of activity. Already there has been one other guy in there at the same time as us. The partitions between the cubicles start six inches above the floor, so if anyone looks underneath they’ll see two pairs of feet. Still, the risk of being caught is part of the fun. And as promised it’s quite clean, not smelly at all.

We both gradually strip off. Eventually I’m completely naked, apart from my black socks. It’s hard to relax and really enjoy it though, because it’s no where near as comfortable as someone’s apartment, and we have to listen out in case anyone else comes in. Although the other guy is slim, he looks a bit weedy when naked, so he’s not really my type. I also think that the pictures he pointed me to on the internet are at least 5 years old. But luckily we’re not disturbed by any further visitors to the toilet and so we help each other reach a satisfactory conclusion.

After we’ve mopped up the mess on the floor the guy shows me out. But instead of re-tracing our steps, he shows me out past the security guard at the back entrance of the building. This means I never had to go along the same corridor, past any of the same rooms or through any of the same doors, no one is likely to see me twice and ask what’s going on. He’s definitely got the drill for these kind of sessions all worked out.

I head for the gym. On the way I wonder how many encounters of this kind occur in London each day. Given that London is a big city, quite a few I imagine.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Gay life in Trinidad and Tobago is hard

Yesterday I’m on gaydar and I get chatting to a guy who’s a hotel receptionist at a smart London hotel. He’s just finished the night shift and he’s interested in me visiting him for a bit of fun before he goes to sleep.

I visit him and we have an enjoyable session. Afterwards, he tells me a bit about his life.

“I came over here from Trinidad and Tobago almost 20 years ago.”

“Why did you leave?” I ask him.

“Because I’m gay, and it’s still illegal to be gay there. It’s the old laws from the time of Queen Victoria. They make it very difficult if they find out you’re gay. They blackmail you – everything.”

“Even though I’ve got a British passport now they still try. I was in a long term relationship and we used to go over to visit once or twice a year, just travelling as ‘friends’. On my way back to the UK one of the immigration officials spotted that I kept coming over to visit with the same guy, so he tried to make things difficult for us. So I shouted out ‘No – I’m not going to give you any money’. One of the security staff heard and started to come over to investigate, so he let me go.”

“The whole atmosphere is awful there”, he continues. “Before I came over here, I was at a gay party there. I was terrified when I recognised someone who worked with my father, a friend of the family in fact. I thought that he might tell my father about me. But the guy who invited me to the party told me not to worry because the guy I recognised wouldn’t want to admit he was there either. And even though we saw each other at my family’s house after that, we never mentioned that we’d been at that party together. Everyone gay lives in fear. I can never imagine going back there permanently.”

Since London is so gay-friendly these days, I forget how difficult it can be elsewhere. And of course, I’m ashamed to admit that the English are largely to blame, for leaving behind those abominable anti-gay laws in former colonies like Trinidad and Tobago.

6-Dec-2009: Another posting about Trinidad and Tobago

Sunday, May 08, 2005

A nice show in the sauna before work

Last Friday I’m chatting to S in the sauna when a guy I recognise enters. It’s the guy who was getting visibly excited when W walked in a couple of weeks ago (A conundrum in the gym sauna). This time though, the guy has got swimming trunks on.

One or two guys come and go, S leaves for a shower, and eventually there’s just me in the sauna with the guy wearing the trunks. We catch each other’s eye, but since he’s wearing trunks I’m not sure whether he’s interested in a bit of fun today or not. I make a point of staring directly at his trunks for several minutes. Slowly I see something stirring inside, so I look him in the eye, look back to his trunks. He smiles at me and puts his hand on his trunks, and then pulls them down slightly to reveal his stiffening erection.

I move to sit next to him, but he backs off. “Don’t touch me”, he says quietly, with quite a stern look on his face. What a pity.

None the less I get a nice show. He starts playing with himself, slowly at first, then vigorously. As he gets more and more into the situation all his muscles in his legs and torso tighten. He looks magnificent. It doesn’t take him long to finish himself off.

Even though I couldn’t touch him, I certainly enjoyed the show.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Gay guy devastated by boyfriend moving in with a lesbian to father a child

Last Tuesday I log on to gaydar and before work and within 10 minutes a guy from contacts me for a bit of fun. We exchange photos and I see he's got quite a cute goatee beard. We agree that I'll visit him immediately. This is the third time in the last three weeks that has proved superior to gaydar in finding guys of me to have fun with (Fun before work on a Monday morning (again!)).

Within 45 minutes I arrive at his flat. I notice immediately that he no longer has his goatee, and his face is a bit blotchy. He seems a bit edgy. "Can I have a glass of water?" I ask him, to give him something to do.

While he's getting the water I take off most of my clothes. I wonder how many guys he meets like this so I ask him, to help break the ice. “Do you meets many guys from the Internet?”

“You're the first one for at least eighteen months”, he tells me cautiously.

“I'll take that as a no”, I say, smiling at him. “Why don’t you meet more guys?”

“Opportunity”, he says. I’m not exactly sure what he means but somehow it doesn’t seem appropriate to follow up.

He decides to put some porn on the TV. But before we get started he turns a photo of a guy round to hide the guy's face. “Is that an ex?” I ask, still smiling.

“No”, he says, without explanation. Why won't this guy relax? How can I get him to relax?

“Do you like cuddling”, I ask.

“Not really”.

He seems very keen to keep his distance, very strange. Soon he wants take his shorts off. “I'm wearing a cock-ring”, he says, almost apologising for it. In the end he does touch me a bit and we both end up reaching a reasonable conclusion. But afterwards he says “Hmmm, I won’t be doing this again” and he looks very uneasy.

Gradually I find out a bit more about his situation. “Do you have a boyfriend at the moment then?”

“Yes, but he’s at work”, he says cautiously.

“Ahhh I see. How long have you been together?”

“About a year and a half”. Of course, this corresponds to the length of time since he’s met guys from the Internet. So something must have happened in their relationship recently. I don’t need to ask.

“But he’s moving out. He’s going to father a baby with a female friend of his and the two of them are going to live together. We had a long discussion about the situation last night.”

Ahhh, so I’ve walked into the middle of a domestic situation. It’s clearly hard for the poor guy to talk about this. I want to go and comfort him by putting my arm round him or something. But since he didn’t like cuddling before, he’s probably going to be even more hostile to the idea now.

“Is your boyfriend bi then?” I ask.

“No definitely gay. And his female friend is 100% lesbian. I’m sorry about all of this, I’m very confused at the moment. He says he still wants to be my boyfriend.”

I have a strong impression that the guy feels so bad about the situation that he’s taken a day off work. I really want to hug him or something. Before I leave he shows me some pictures. I ask if any of the other guys in the photos are his boyfriend but he shakes his head. Slowly he finds a picture of the two of them together.

I notice that in the photo there's the same goatee beard that I'd seen on his internet photo so I ask him about it. “Yes, I only shaved it off last night to try and make myself look a bit younger”.

On the way out I go to kiss him goodbye but he declines, “Please let’s keep our distance”. Poor guy. I hope he manages to work it all out.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A meeting with a gay guy from the Channel Islands

A few weeks ago, a guy who lives in the Channel Islands contacts me on gaydar. He’s seen my profile, and is interested in meeting me for a bit of fun the next time he's in London. We exchange a few messages and eventually his visit to London is set for the end of April, when he'll be passing through on his way to Spain for a holiday.

It turns out that he doesn’t have a mobile phone. How strange, everyone I know in London has a mobile phone these days. For arranging this kind of meeting, I reckon it’s almost an essential. So I agree to phone him last Thursday evening, which is the day he arrives from the Channel Islands, to try and sort out how we can meet up. Luckily his flight isn’t delayed so he is in the hotel when I phone. We agree that I’ll visit him before work the following day.

We meet up as arranged. “We’ll have to be careful”, he says, “the hotel reception watches who enters and leaves very carefully. Just follow me, we’ll just pretend that we’re going to do some paperwork in my room”.

I'm a bit surprised that a hotel reception in a busy London hotel will be so vigilant, but I don’t question his caution. We reach his room without incident and I strip off. We have a satisfactory session.

Afterwards he tells me how difficult it still is being gay in the Channel Islands, and how careful you have to be.

“I took a guy back to my place and we have some fun in bed together, but then at 3am he tells me he’s got to go home. That’s strange I think. Anyway it turns out that he’s married. His wife asks him where he’s been and he must have been evasive because she does some searching and finds my phone number written down on a bit of paper. She actually phones me, which was a nightmare. The problem in the Channel Islands is that it’s quite a small place, and it’s very easy to connect phone numbers with people.”

Coming from a background like this, no wonder the guy is always cautions. Sometimes I forget how easy it is being gay in London.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A visit to an amateur artist

Last Wednesday, Boyfriend number 1 is away visiting his parents when I get home from work, so I log on to gaydar to see if there’s any fun to be found.

I get chatting to a guy who’s advertising for male models. He’s an amateur artist, who gets guys to go round and strip so he can draw them nude. I offer to visit him, telling him that I can only spare 30 minutes, and that I need to have a bit of fun too. He accepts my offer.

The guy is only about a mile or so away so it doesn’t take me long to get there. Face to face he looks about fifty years old, friendly, quite smartly dressed, with a happy face. He shows me up to his studio on the second floor. “Do you want to strip me?” I ask.

“Errr OK”

So he strips me. Then he plays with me. I can tell he doesn’t usually do this kind of thing. Within 10 minutes it’s all over.

“Actually it is male models to draw that I’m after”, he says, “but you were very clear about what you wanted so I thought, ‘why not?’ Usually the guys just arrive and strip, then I draw them and they leave.”

“Do you get many guys to draw?”

“Quite a few. I advertise in the gay press, but a month ago I thought I’d try gaydar to see if I could get any guys that way. I told my partner last week that I’d got an advert on gaydar and he’s deeply suspicious of my motives, after all gaydar is mostly for online cruising. For his purposes I call my profile an advert, but I don’t even think he’s seen it.”

It turns out that he’s been with his partner for about the same amount of time as me and boyfriend number 1. He doesn’t complain about his boyfriend going to cruisey gay clubs like The Hoist, so he thinks he should be free to find male models to draw, and just sometimes have a bit of fun with. I agree with him that there’s not much difference between the two activities.

“It strange really”, he tells me, “I get some lovely young guys to draw, the sort of guys who would be horrified if I showed any interest in them if I looked at them from a distance in a gay bar. But they’re quite happy to come and sit for me, and let me stare at their cock for two hours.”

“Yes it takes about 2 hours to get a reasonable drawing”, he continues, “so because you only had half an hour it wasn't really possible to draw you. I don’t usually get involved with them at all, but occasionally they clearly need a bit of relief so I end up helping out. For the most part, I think the guys I get just want to be drawn.”

Eventually it’s time to leave so I get dressed again and make my way home. He was a fascinating guy to talk to.