Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A quick session before work with a local guy

The Tuesday after I met the tall American guy in his hotel, I'm logged into gaydar late in the evening when I spot the half Italian guy from the previous month. Since the original meeting I'd chatted to him a couple of times online but we hadn’t hooked up again. Although it’s late, I decide to start chatting to him

GB: Hi, remember me?
guy: sure do, how u mate?
GB: fine :-)
GB: would be nice to visit u again sometime
guy: yeah, u free now?

It's almost 11pm and I'm about to go to bed with boyfriend number 1 so that’s not going to work. But I've got an idea

GB: soz m8, can't visit now, how about early 2mrw
guy: dunno, i leave for work early
GB: uh-huh, what time?
guy: maybe 745am
GB: so should be OK if I get to u around 7am?

He pauses, clearly he’s tempted.

guy: i always wank when I first wake up
GB: well DONT wank 2mrw! Save urself for me LOL
guy: LOL
GB: how about this – I’ll send u a txt msg around 6.30-6.45am
GB: if you’re up for it, just send me a brief reply
GB: if I don’t hear from you before 7am I’ll assume it’s not possible
guy: ok i guess
GB: yeah def! if u always wank in the morning you should be well horny, so should be a good sesh :-)
guy: true!
GB: right m8, gonna hv to go now, but I’ll def send u a txt msg 6.30-6.45am
guy: ok
GB: and remember, you’ve only got permission to wank if I don’t txt u before 6.45am!!!
guy: LOL OK
GB: bi for now m8, sweet dreams
guy: u 2

I go to bed but I don’t sleep that well. Apart from the hot weather to make me feel uncomfortable, every hour or two I wake up thinking about visiting the guy and wondering if it’s time to get up yet. Perhaps this wasn’t a good idea, especially if it doesn't work out and I don’t end up visiting him after all.

Eventually it is time to get up. Leaving boyfriend number 1 in bed, I get up and put my gym kit on, and then go downstairs to fix myself some breakfast. After breakfast, it’s almost 6.30am so I send the guy a txt msg

GB: Morning m8 :-), so can I visit you this morning? If so, please let me know before 7am (and no wanking till I get there!) x

Having sent the txt msg as promised, I head to the bathroom. The plan is to visit the guy for a bit of fun and then go to the gym for a short run, but if I don’t get a txt msg from him I’ll be able to go to the gym for a proper run. Before I’m finished in the bathroom I get his reply

Guy: Just woke up. Cum if u want 2

Well of course I want to! I send him a reply

GB: I'll be there in 15 mins! C u soon xxx

Boyfriend number 1 is used to me going to the gym before work so it seems quite natural to him. He’s still I bed so I say a quiet goodbye, giving him a kiss on his forehead before heading off.

Like last time, it takes around 15 minutes, so it’s not even 7am by the time I reach the guy’s door. I’m about to ring when the door opens. The guy must have seen me coming down the street.

“Hi”, he says very quietly, with a cheeky smile on his face.

I guess that the idea is not to wake the people in the other apartments so I smile knowingly at him and follow him upstairs without saying a word.

He’d managed to keep himself from his customary morning wank, so as I’d hoped he’s quite horny. Even though it’s early in the morning, the air is still quite warm as a result of the current heat wave. We consequently have a quick, sweaty, but enjoyable session. Afterwards he lights up a cigarette.

"Actually, a neighbour used to come round regularly for a bit of early morning fun", he says with a satisfied tone in his voice. "It's always good to get rid of the first load of the day with someone else!"

"So why did it stop?" I ask.

"That was when I lived in my previous place", he says, "Now I live over here it’s not convenient any more".

"Well as long as you live here, it’s convenient for me to visit you in the morning", I say, "and as long as this hot weather continues I’ll have no problem getting up either. I find sleeping in this heat quite difficult!"

"Actually I sometimes sleep on the floor in the bathroom in this weather", he says, "it’s the coolest room in the flat".

"Do you sleep in the bath?"

"No, I just put some bed clothes on the floor and sleep on top of them, I don’t need anything to cover me in this weather".

So I’m not the only one having trouble sleeping in this hot weather! The trouble with living in London is that historically there have been very few days in a year when one wishes one had air conditioning, so almost no one has it. But in recent years, there have been lengthy spells during the summers which are very uncomfortable without air conditioning.

We chat a bit more but after a few minutes I decide I should leave, otherwise there won’t be time for a short run at the gym. I get up and start putting my gym kit back on.

"So are you really off to gym mate?" he says with a hint of disbelief in his voice.

"Yes of course", I say smiling, "a gym session works well for me in the morning, although a bit of fun like this morning and then a gym session is even better!"

"I don't know how you can manage gym in the morning", he sighs.

"It doesn’t suit everyone, but it works well for me", I say. "Anyway mate, the best thing you could do for your health would be to give up those cigs!"

He laughs, but he knows I’m telling the truth. Like last time, we agree to look out for each other online, and I head off to the gym.

On the way to the gym I wonder how good the exercise one gets from sex is relative to running and other cardiovascular intensive activities. My guess is that sex is probably not as good as running from a fitness point of view, although it’s obviously more enjoyable. So much as I’d like to, I shouldn’t just focus on my favourite activities, I do need my gym visits too!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Word of the day: Bukkake

I guess I must have led a sheltered life. I regularly seem to be embarassed by not knowing a sexual-oriented terminology, most recently Bukkake. There are even gay Bukkake Parties organised in London. Now, I wonder how to get an invite?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another session with an American guy before work

It’s early Friday morning in the second week in July. At the end of the previous week I’d met one stocky American guy before work, followed by an American Chinese guy the day after. There must be a lot of gay American guys in London at the moment because as it turned out, I was about to meet a third.

Boyfriend number 1 has already left our house for a very early start at work, so having got bored with the FT, I log onto gay.com while I’m finishing my breakfast. I’m still checking messages when a guy starts talking to me

guy: hi mate
GB: hi

I look at his profile. He's another American guy, and although it doesn’t give much away, as far as it goes it looks OK.

GB: your profile is a bit thin m8, can you tell me ur stats?

He describes himself to me and he’s another tall guy. It was fun meeting the tall Scottish guy on the previous Sunday, so it’d be interesting to see if this tall American guy is in proportion too!

GB: where r u in London m8?
guy: central London hotel, here on biz
guy: i leave for the states later this AM
GB: ok :-)
guy: is your cock uncut?
GB: yeah I'm uncut
guy: very cool - never seen an uncut cock here
guy: not many in the states

In fact that does surprise me because in my experience there are quite a few uncut guys in the states. I reckon the situation varies across age groups, across ethnic groups, and from state to state too. Perhaps he’s just stuck to meeting similar guys to himself?

guy: would be cool to see it and hold it and play with it
GB: ok perhaps I should visit you in your hotel :-)
guy: horny this AM
GB: sure - any pix?
guy: sure - e-mail?

He e-mails me a couple of pics, which again look OK as far as they go. Suddenly though, I’m not sure whether meeting him would be a good idea. Thinking back to the first American guy I met last week, I start to wonder whether I should set myself higher standards!

GB: thx for pix
GB: can't really tell how stocky u are? I don't usually go for stocky guys
guy: tall guy here, not fat, but not muscle mary as they say here
GB: yeah u are tall judging by the measurements you gave me!
GB: :-)

Well, was I really going to let a little uncharacteristic thought about higher standards prevent me from meeting this guy?

After he’s seen my pics too, we discuss the activities and I get the details of exactly which hotel he's staying in and his room number. I’m going to have to be quick to visit the guy and make it to work on time!

GB: so I'll prob get to you around 7:45am, does that work for you?
guy: yes it does
guy: i'll be boned
GB: OK so do u promise that you're not gonna jerk off before I arrive?
guy: i promise :)

At last everything is agreed. Luckily there’s no problem finding a taxi and within 25 minutes I’m wandering through the hotel looking for his room. It's not long before he's answering his door.

"Come in", he says with a gigantic smile on his face. He seems very tall indeed, like the jolly green giant in fact because for some reason he's in a very good mood. While waiting for me to arrive he must have had a shower because he’s wearing a dressing gown, and his hair is clearly damp.

"Sorry it took me a while to get here", I say apologetically, "there was a bit of traffic!"

Immediately I start to undress, first hanging up my suit jacket, then removing my shirt and tie in quick succession.

"You certainly don’t waste any time", he says enthusiastically.

Soon I’m standing in front of him wearing just my undershorts.

"So do you want to examine me?" I say with a grin on my face.

He nods, looking slightly shy now, so I smile at him and raise my arms slightly as though to say, ‘do what you will’! He accepts the invitation and putting his hand out, he feels me gently through the undershorts. Next he puts his hand inside the undershorts and feels me directly, paying particular attention to my foreskin.

"You like being examined don’t you, you naughty boy!" he says teasing me,

"Yes sir", I say joking with him, "please be gentle with me!"

Although we didn’t agree a role-play session beforehand, he’s clearly enjoying the little game. Finally, using both hands now, he carefully pulls down my undershorts and stares.

"Yes that’s nice", he murmurs quietly, examining me further, "never seen one before".

To move things forward, I reach inside his dressing gown and start fondling him too. Although he’s not quite a big as the slightly less tall Scottish guy from the previous Sunday, he's still quite a big boy, and we go on to have a very nice time together.

"So I guess you fly with an American airline of some sort on these business trips to London", I say to him afterwards while I’m putting my suit on.

"No, actually I fly BA when I can".

"Really?" I say surprised, "I thought you American guys were pretty loyal to your own airlines."

"Well, maybe some are, but BA have longer flat beds in Business Class. And even the BA beds are not long enough for me, but they’re still better than what’s available on any of the American airlines".

Once dressed, I check my tie in the mirror and turn to face him. "How's that?" I say, "I don't look like a naughty boy now, do I?"

"No", he laughs, "if it's the naughty boy look you were going for you've definitely failed!"

In the taxi on the way into work, I get chatting about the Nat West Three, who are due to appear in court in Texas later that day having been flown out from the UK the day before.

"The whole affair sounds pretty fishy if you ask me", says the cabbie, "Naughty boys all get found out in the end!"

"Well I’m not sure about that", I reply. "At any rate, with those three, it’s clear from their behaviour that they don't think they’re guilty of anything".

Although I was once involved in a court case related to the work that I did as a banker, I’ve never been accused of any crime. Whatever criticisms that could be levelled at me for the activities that I write about in this blog, hopefully none of them will land me in court!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A kinky session with a Scottish guy

It's Sunday morning, two days after I met the nice American Chinese guy in his hotel, and I'm on gaydar chatting up a Scottish guy:

GB: I think we chatted a few weeks ago m8
guy: ok
GB: you're Scottish right?
guy: yes
GB: last time we chatted you were abt to go out, so there wasn't time to meet up

I wait for a minute or two but no response! However, I can remember the previous conversation and he would have met me if he'd had time so I decide to continue

GB: I'm meeting some guys at my gym later, but would be nice to visit u first if ur up for it?
guy: what kinda fun u after mate

Great, at last I've got more than a one word response from him! We start chatting about the activities that we each enjoy. Suddenly though he's got a surprise for me that I definitely don't remember from before

guy: u into any stuff apart from the usual?
GB: such as?
guy: watersports?

Well to be honest I've never seen the attraction. There are some juices I don't mind being sprayed with, but water just doesn't do it for me!

GB: Never done it mate, what u got in mind?
guy: I like watching guys piss, and have them piss on me

Well I guess I wouldn't mind providing water!

GB: I don't see any harm in that
guy: well don't worry about it m8, but if you need a pee when u arrive I'd luv 2 watch

Once everything is agreed and I've got all his details, I grab my gym kit for later and head down to the main road to find a cab. I'm looking forward to meeting him and although he's only a 15 minute walk away, I'm keen to make it to the gym for my Sunday morning run too so I don't want to waste any time.

I find a cab without any problem and soon he's letting me into his apartment.

"You got here quickly", he says smiling at me.

"Yeah mate, I took a cab", I say smiling back. Face to face he's taller than I expected from his pics, in fact he must be at least 6'3". Immediately I wonder what this means for the dimensions of his undercarriage.

I'm just wearing my gym kit, so almost at once I take my top off and place it on my gym bag by the door.

"Where do you want me then", I ask him casually.

"Lets go through here", he says eyeing me up and down. "Do you need a pee by any chance?"

"Errr, yes actually, that's one of the reasons I needed to get here quickly", I say laughing, "I didn't go before I left home!"

"Good stuff", he says grinning, "mind if I watch then?"

Having taken off my gym top, I take my shoes off, then my shorts, so that I'm completely naked apart for my white gym socks. "Where's the loo then?" I ask.

"This way mate", he says, and reaching out and he tugs my semi-erection, gently pulling me towards the bathroom. Once inside, he sits on the side of the bath while I point percy at the porcelain and start peeing. As soon as I'm in full flow, I look round to see that he's got his own equipment out and he's gently wanking off. I smile at him, and he gets up to feel my equipment while I'm still pissing. Bending down slightly, he kisses me. Glancing down I confirm my suspicions, all the tall guys I meet always seem to have been blessed in the trouser department.

I find the whole bathroom experience slightly amusing rather than erotic, but luckily I don't start laughing! Gradually my bladder empties and soon we've moved into the bedroom. The bathroom episode has left him rock hard and we have a lovely time together. At the finale, he shoots further than I've seen in quite a while!

"How did you get into watersports?" I ask him afterwards, as I'm putting my gym kit back on.

"I don't know really", he says dismissively, "it's just something I enjoy".

But I've got a theory, "Did you ever do much cottaging?"

"Err, yeah actually", he admits, "I used to do that quite a bit."

"Well I reckon that's got something to do with it", I say, "after all, it's an environment where both peeing and sex occur!"

We agree to look out for each other online and I head off to the gym. The watersports were harmless enough, but I certainly don't understand the attraction or want to be on the receiving end!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An evening session with an American Chinese guy

It’s the first Friday in July and when I get home from the bank, boyfriend number 1 has already left for a party with some of the people he works with. So I’m home alone for the evening. With the kinky English guy the previous Saturday, the lovely Asian guy from Fridae on the Monday, and the stocky American guy before work yesterday, it’s been quite a busy week. But there are always more great guys to meet, so after changing out of my suit I log on to gaydar and gay.com to see who’s around.

Things seem a bit slow to start with but after a while a guy contacts me on gay.com

guy: Hi
GB: hi
guy: I am in a hotel in Central London.
GB: :-)
guy: You look hot!
GB: thanks
GB: you look hot too :-)
guy: Thanks, how hung r u?

It always makes me laugh when a guy wants to know about the details down there before anything else! One could even argue that asking for a face pic is a bit shallow, but I’ve always thought asking for face pics is fair enough because it’s possible to tell a lot from a guy’s face. In my experience, there’s a definite correlation between personalities and faces.

Although I don’t have pics with my face in on my profiles, this guy isn’t as shy as me in that respect so I can see exactly what he looks like. He’s a nice looking Chinese guy who lives in the USA, and although he’s probably a bit older than he admits to on his profile, he looks like a decent guy. So in spite of my reservations about his shallow attitude, I answer his question, and also tell him where to find pics with my face in on the internet

guy: Nice pics
GB: thanks
guy: You want to come over?
GB: sure
guy: My last night here.

We chat a bit about who’s going to do what to whom, after which he tells me which hotel he’s staying in and his room number. And in case of problems we also exchange mobile phone numbers

GB: It'll take me about 30 mins to get to you
guy: OK sure, but call me if you get lost or running late.
guy: I wait for you here in the hotel.
GB: fine, see you soon
guy: I will hit the showers now
GB: x
guy: see you soon honey

Hmmm, he called me ‘honey’! Perhaps he’s slightly camp, but anyway I’ve agreed to visit him now so I guess I’ll find out when I meet him.

The cab driver goes a particularly awkward route, so it takes quite a while to reach the hotel. To keep the guy interested, when I’m about five minutes from the hotel I send him a txt msg telling him that I’ll probably be another ten minutes, because once I’ve reached the hotel it’ll probably take me five minutes to work out where the lifts are and to find his room.

Eventually though, I’m knocking on the door of his room. As usual, the door has a spy-hole to allow the occupant to view callers before opening the door, so I try to make myself look fabulous while waiting for him to answer the door.

“Hi”, he says opening the door, “come in :-)”.

As I’m walking into the room itself, I notice him put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the outside door handle before closing the door. Probably a good idea, even if it spoils my little fantasy of being interrupted by a cheeky cockney lad looking to re-stock the mini-bar, but who ends up joining in our fun!

“Sorry it took so long to get over here”, I say looking him up and down while he does the same to me. He looks just like his photos, although perhaps slightly more cuddly!

“No problem”, he says smiling, “can I get you a drink from the mini-bar?”

“Actually I’m fine”.

It doesn’t take me long to strip down to my undershorts and soon we’re lying on the bed together, feeling each other’s (almost) naked bodies. Like me he likes cuddling and body contact, so we take it nice and slow.

About half-way through I get a shock, “Are your nipples sensitive”, he says as my right nipple suddenly feels intense cold. It turns out that there's an ice-bucket on the floor next to the bed, and having reached in for an ice cube, he's now rubbing it across my chest.

"Errr yes actually", I reply, and the experience makes me feel even hornier!

“Talk dirty to me”, he whispers, with a sense of urgency towards the end. I oblige and shortly afterwards we're cleaning up. I accept his offer to take a shower.

“So do you come over here very often”, I ask him as I’m drying myself down.

“I usually get a business trip over here every few months or so”, he says with a grin on his face. Before I leave, I give him my e-mail address so that he can contact me in advance of his next visit.

In the taxi on my way home I realise that I haven’t had any supper, so I get the taxi driver to drop me on the main road near our house where all the take-away shops are. But walking up and down I can’t decide what to choose. There’s Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Greek, and more besides. In the end I go for a bit more Chinese, after all, Chinese is one of my favourite flavours!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sexual addiction

So I got up this morning, worried about the way I'm living my life at the moment, only to find that czechOUT had left a comment last night which perfectly reflects my concerns. He suggests that I exhibit sexual compulsive behaviour, and he may well be right.

This blog isn't helping either, because it encourages me to find things to write about. I'm definitely seeing more guys since I started this blog! A very modern affliction indeed, sexual addition fuelled by blogging.

I'm sure I could be happy with just a small number of boyfriends, so I think I should make that my aim. The fatherhood idea would be excellent too, because it would give me something important to do.

Hopefully, if I can change my behaviour, my blog can evolve with me. Blogging is probably an addiction too, but a relatively benign one I think!

Friday, August 11, 2006

A brief meeting with an American guy before work

It’s the first Thursday in July and I’m logged into gay.com while eating my breakfast. Boyfriend number 1 has already gone to work early, and I’m about to get ready to go to work myself when a guy starts chatting to me:

guy: hey i think my hotel is close to you
GB: uh-huh, where r u?

The guy tells me where he is and indeed, he’s in a hotel which is about two minutes walk from our house

GB: yeah m8, I'm v near there!
guy: dang
GB: what is 'dang' ?
guy: sorry american here
guy: expression for wow
GB: so I guess I could visit you quickly, are you looking for any fun?
guy: yeah i just woke up and room is a disaster
guy: you on your way to work?
GB: I will be
GB: but prob I'd pop out to see you, then come back to put my suit on!
guy: aww, put your suit on then come and show off to me
guy: i love to watch a guy in a suit stroke

Cute, but I’d rather visit him before I get ready for work. In this hot weather, whatever fun we have, I’ll want to take my suit off anyway!

We exchange pics, and in fact he’s not really my type. He’s got a kind, friendly face, but he’s the type of American who eats too much food! Still I’m feeling horny now, and I’d always rather wank with another guy than on my own.

GB: shall I pop round then?
guy: well i just woke up
guy: so if you dont mind my bed head
GB: I haven't showered yet either!
guy: well come over we can just jerk em off together

Great, that suits me fine. And twenty minutes later I’m back home, drinking my customary glass of water. I always think Unloading before work is a good idea because with one less thing on my mind, I can concentrate properly on my job!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another gorgeous guy from Fridae.com

My romance with the first guy I met from Fridae.com was a lovely experience, so after that I was keen to meet as many other guys from Fridae.com as possible. As luck would have it, an opportunity arose in early July.

Around the second week in June I get a Fridae heart from a guy who lives in London. Just like the first guy, he’s guy a gorgeous looking Asian guy, so I send him a Fridae mail message telling him that I'm looking for fun rather than a relationship. Within a couple of days I get a nice reply:

Hi GB, actually I kind of guessed from your profile that you weren't looking for a LTR!!! I live in central London, but not easy to accom all the time... maybe able to at the end of the month tho... Do you have a face pic, would be nice to put a face to a name...Look forward to hearing from you.

So I reply, telling him where to find my pics on the internet. A few days go by and I don't get a reply. Then after more than a week he sends me another heart, sweet of him I guess, but why didn't he simply reply to the mail message I sent him? I decide to send him another mail message:

Thx for the second heart yesterday m8 :-), did you get the e-mail I sent a few days ago? Were you able to see my pics? Would be great to visit you at your place sometime? GB x

This time it only takes about a day to get his reply:

Yes - cheers for the photos... I got them!! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you too. Sure thing, we should set up a meet, but to be honest, it's not normally convenient at my place tho...

So I guess he's got a boyfriend too! No surprise really because he looks like a lovely guy, and the style of his e-mails suggests that he's sincere and friendly too :-). But he doesn’t say he can never accom, so it’s an easy reply to write

Hi again :-), would love to meet you, but unfortunately I can never accom. I can be flexible though, is there any time when it might be convenient at your place? If so, we'll never arrange this by fridae because it'll take too long(!) so can we use txt msg? My number is xxxxx-xxxxxx, it would be good to get a txt msg from you to establish communication! GB x

I hope that he’ll send me a txt msg because it would make me feel that things are progressing, but in fact after a couple of days I just get a short Fridae mail message

Sure thing GB... you might be able to pop round sometime next week... I'll let you know...

Ahhh well, I’ll just have to hope for the best.

The following Monday, it’s early evening and I’m still in the office, and for some reason I’m feeling exceptionally horny. So horny in fact that I’m wondering whether to slip into one of the cubicles in the gents for a quick hand shandy, which is something I’ve never ever done in the office before! But suddenly salvation arrives in the form of a txt msg

guy: hi are you around this afternoon?

It’s from the Fridae guy of course and it couldn’t have been better timed! The msg is signed with his real name with his Fridae profile name in brackets. And after a couple more txt msgs I’ve got his address and I’m on my way to visit him.

It’s only a short taxi ride away so within twenty minutes I’m knocking on his door.

“Come in” he says smiling, and looking me up and down.

Face to face he looks more Asian that his profile photo somehow, and even more gorgeous too! Given what I’d been contemplating doing in the gents less than half an hour ago, I can’t believe my luck.

“Thanks”, I say smiling back, “hot today isn’t it!”

In fact it must be the hottest day of the year so far. We head into his main reception room. At the other end of the room, the doors onto the west facing balcony have been opened wide, with the result that the entire room is full of bright golden evening sunlight. The air is hot and still, with the noise of the city in the far distance.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asks, heading in to the adjoining kitchen.

I decide to take it slow and relaxed, after all this is a guy from Fridae and not your run-of-the-mill gaydar shag! "Thanks", I say, "what have you got?"

"Well I'm just fixing myself a gin and tonic, would you like one too?"

I spot a bottle of Bombay Sapphire on the worktop and it seems like a good idea, "Thanks, that'd be great :-)"

We chat for a short while as we drink our G+T's.

"Do you live here alone?" I ask after a couple of minutes.

"Well", he says with a guilty look, "actually I live here with my boyfriend. But he's away on holiday this week, which is why this visit is possible."

"I've got a boyfriend too", I say smiling back at him. As usual, going into the details of exactly how many boyfriends I’ve got seems inappropriate!

"I get so sweaty in this weather though", he says changing the subject, smiling at me.

"Yes me too".

"Well if you want, you can take a shower?" he offers.

What a good idea. I've not done that when visiting a guy for fun since last summer. My host looks very fresh, no doubt having had a shower when he got home, so it seems only polite.

After I’ve finished my drink he shows me into the bathroom. "Use any towel", he says. Great, I always think that guys who worry too much about which towel to use are a bit precious.

It only takes me about five minutes to strip and shower for him, and afterwards I wrap the towel round my waist and head out to see where he is. I find him in his bedroom sitting up on his bed wearing only his undershorts, and he looks magnificent. He's got a well defined chest, slightly pert nipples, six-pack, and hardly any fat on him. How does he manage to keep himself in such good shape I wonder? But in fact, it's him that pays me a compliment:

"Wow", he says. "Actually I think you look better in real life than in your pictures!"

"You're the second guy who's told me that recently", I say, thinking back to the cute Chinese guy I met a few months ago. But then I worry that talking about other guys like that makes me sound a bit slutty! "I guess I should get some new photos done".

Joining him on his bed, I kneel facing him and reach out to put my hand on his shoulder. He doesn't resist, and smiling at me, he moves forward to kiss me. Slowly we start to explore each other's bodies. But it's such a hot day! Whenever we cuddle up, we both start sweating and it's uncomfortable. We have a nice enough time with each other, but had it been a bit cooler we'd both probably have enjoyed ourselves much more.

"Any chance of a glass of water", I ask afterwards, once we're back in the main reception area.

"Yes of course."

We chat a bit more. He's a really, really nice guy. He's been with his boyfriend for almost eight years now, and each year they'll both take one holiday without the other one. But suddenly we can hear my mobile phone ringing.

"Ahhhh, that's probably my boyfriend calling to see when I'm going to be home", I say. Now it's my turn for the guilty look.

"I'll answer it, but do you mind keeping quiet? I'll pretend I'm still in the office".

I promise boyfriend number 1 that I'm almost finished at work, so that I'll be back within half an hour.

"Well, it's been great meeting you", I say once I've hung up, "but I need to be going".

"Sure. And don't forget - get some new photos done! :-)"

I don't often get to have fun with guys who've also got boyfriends, but when I do, somehow it's more relaxed and consequently more enjoyable. Perhaps guys with boyfriends are naturally good at making sure the other guy gets a lot out of it, whereas guys without boyfriends are slightly more clumsy in that respect, or out of practice? Whatever it is, he was a lovely guy and I certainly enjoyed meeting him!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Holiday reading

In general, I love the summer in London. So why go away on holiday at the time of year when there's good weather in one's home town? I've never understood why people take long holidays at this time of year.

Although at some point during the summer, I do usually go away somewhere in Europe with boyfriend number 1, but just for a week. Last year we went away with my sister and her family. They can't join us this year so the villa we've hired will just be for boyfriend number 1 and myself, a chance to spend some quality time with each other :-).

So what reading to take? I've said before that I like to read great novels rather than the latest trash which has caught the public's imagination! So I went for a rummage in one of the local bookshops to see what I could find and ended up buying:
  • Far from the madding crowd, by Thomas Hardy. The plot summary on the back tells that 'the beautiful and spirited Bathsheba ... discovers the terrible consequences of an inconstant heart'. Given my views on monogamy, that seems highly appropriate.

  • Lady Chatterley's Lover, by D.H.Lawrence. It's a well known story of infidelity of course, and according to a Daily Mail review it's 'the key novel in the struggle to liberalize public thinking about what is permissible in literary writing about sex'. So perhaps I can get a few tips for this blog!
I am unfortunately the kind of person that sometimes buys a book and doesn't read it. But if I do manage to read either, and if they are interesting in the context of this blog, then I may eventually post something about them :-).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Relationship boundaries

In a recent posting, future i-banker had the following to say:
My rule on relationships and friendships: If I'm in a relationship with another guy, then me and that guy both have the freedom to find our friends hot, and we both have the right to cuddle and make out with them. Just cuddle and kissing though. More than that would be considered cheating.
I've never seen anyone draw the boundary there before. But why stop there? Why not allow jerking off with each other watching porn as long as you don't touch each other down there? Or mutual jerking off with each other where touching is allowed? And so on.

It seems to me that all these boundaries are highly artificial. I've said before that monogamy is an outdated concept, even in the heterosexual world, because we're living much longer than we used to. But at least in the heterosexual world the concept can be justified if it's intention is to provide a stable environment to raise kids. In the gay world it's a ridiculous concept, and worse than that, it can be destructive.

The monogamy concept is destructive because it creates expectations which are unrealistic in the long term. In general I really love guys, I love having a primary boyfriend who I care about very much, I also love having other boyfriends to care about, and I love finding other guys and getting to know them better too. Having rules which stop me loving other guys creates unnecessary tensions. If we hadn't all grown up being indoctrinated with the idea of monogamous relationships, the thought would never occur to us.

When I told boyfriend number 1 about boyfriend number 2, his immediate reaction was that I might leave him for boyfriend number 2. A very natural reaction given that we're all pre-conditioned to expect monogamy. But it makes no sense! Why would I choose to dump boyfriend number 1 for boyfriend number 2 if I can choose boyfriend number 1 AND boyfriend number 2?

I guess I'm just advocating the free love idea for gay guys. And being able to express my love freely just makes me adore my main guy(s) all the more.