Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another session with an American guy before work

It’s early Friday morning in the second week in July. At the end of the previous week I’d met one stocky American guy before work, followed by an American Chinese guy the day after. There must be a lot of gay American guys in London at the moment because as it turned out, I was about to meet a third.

Boyfriend number 1 has already left our house for a very early start at work, so having got bored with the FT, I log onto while I’m finishing my breakfast. I’m still checking messages when a guy starts talking to me

guy: hi mate
GB: hi

I look at his profile. He's another American guy, and although it doesn’t give much away, as far as it goes it looks OK.

GB: your profile is a bit thin m8, can you tell me ur stats?

He describes himself to me and he’s another tall guy. It was fun meeting the tall Scottish guy on the previous Sunday, so it’d be interesting to see if this tall American guy is in proportion too!

GB: where r u in London m8?
guy: central London hotel, here on biz
guy: i leave for the states later this AM
GB: ok :-)
guy: is your cock uncut?
GB: yeah I'm uncut
guy: very cool - never seen an uncut cock here
guy: not many in the states

In fact that does surprise me because in my experience there are quite a few uncut guys in the states. I reckon the situation varies across age groups, across ethnic groups, and from state to state too. Perhaps he’s just stuck to meeting similar guys to himself?

guy: would be cool to see it and hold it and play with it
GB: ok perhaps I should visit you in your hotel :-)
guy: horny this AM
GB: sure - any pix?
guy: sure - e-mail?

He e-mails me a couple of pics, which again look OK as far as they go. Suddenly though, I’m not sure whether meeting him would be a good idea. Thinking back to the first American guy I met last week, I start to wonder whether I should set myself higher standards!

GB: thx for pix
GB: can't really tell how stocky u are? I don't usually go for stocky guys
guy: tall guy here, not fat, but not muscle mary as they say here
GB: yeah u are tall judging by the measurements you gave me!
GB: :-)

Well, was I really going to let a little uncharacteristic thought about higher standards prevent me from meeting this guy?

After he’s seen my pics too, we discuss the activities and I get the details of exactly which hotel he's staying in and his room number. I’m going to have to be quick to visit the guy and make it to work on time!

GB: so I'll prob get to you around 7:45am, does that work for you?
guy: yes it does
guy: i'll be boned
GB: OK so do u promise that you're not gonna jerk off before I arrive?
guy: i promise :)

At last everything is agreed. Luckily there’s no problem finding a taxi and within 25 minutes I’m wandering through the hotel looking for his room. It's not long before he's answering his door.

"Come in", he says with a gigantic smile on his face. He seems very tall indeed, like the jolly green giant in fact because for some reason he's in a very good mood. While waiting for me to arrive he must have had a shower because he’s wearing a dressing gown, and his hair is clearly damp.

"Sorry it took me a while to get here", I say apologetically, "there was a bit of traffic!"

Immediately I start to undress, first hanging up my suit jacket, then removing my shirt and tie in quick succession.

"You certainly don’t waste any time", he says enthusiastically.

Soon I’m standing in front of him wearing just my undershorts.

"So do you want to examine me?" I say with a grin on my face.

He nods, looking slightly shy now, so I smile at him and raise my arms slightly as though to say, ‘do what you will’! He accepts the invitation and putting his hand out, he feels me gently through the undershorts. Next he puts his hand inside the undershorts and feels me directly, paying particular attention to my foreskin.

"You like being examined don’t you, you naughty boy!" he says teasing me,

"Yes sir", I say joking with him, "please be gentle with me!"

Although we didn’t agree a role-play session beforehand, he’s clearly enjoying the little game. Finally, using both hands now, he carefully pulls down my undershorts and stares.

"Yes that’s nice", he murmurs quietly, examining me further, "never seen one before".

To move things forward, I reach inside his dressing gown and start fondling him too. Although he’s not quite a big as the slightly less tall Scottish guy from the previous Sunday, he's still quite a big boy, and we go on to have a very nice time together.

"So I guess you fly with an American airline of some sort on these business trips to London", I say to him afterwards while I’m putting my suit on.

"No, actually I fly BA when I can".

"Really?" I say surprised, "I thought you American guys were pretty loyal to your own airlines."

"Well, maybe some are, but BA have longer flat beds in Business Class. And even the BA beds are not long enough for me, but they’re still better than what’s available on any of the American airlines".

Once dressed, I check my tie in the mirror and turn to face him. "How's that?" I say, "I don't look like a naughty boy now, do I?"

"No", he laughs, "if it's the naughty boy look you were going for you've definitely failed!"

In the taxi on the way into work, I get chatting about the Nat West Three, who are due to appear in court in Texas later that day having been flown out from the UK the day before.

"The whole affair sounds pretty fishy if you ask me", says the cabbie, "Naughty boys all get found out in the end!"

"Well I’m not sure about that", I reply. "At any rate, with those three, it’s clear from their behaviour that they don't think they’re guilty of anything".

Although I was once involved in a court case related to the work that I did as a banker, I’ve never been accused of any crime. Whatever criticisms that could be levelled at me for the activities that I write about in this blog, hopefully none of them will land me in court!


cuteCTguy said...

GB.. one should always have standards.. unless one is addicted. I have been wondering about this lately.. e.g. the 28 sloane from my blog..a bit too chunky and decided it was not my cup of tea. Still sounds like you had some fun. Dont you feel tired when you get to work?

Gay banker said...

Well indeed cutectguy. Of course, the event described in this blog was last month, whereas my concern about possible addiction is much more recent. Anyway, I don't feel tired afterwards, it gives me a smile to wear on my face all day!

GB xxx

Moncrief Speaks said...

Uncut guys in the US are indeed rare, but you're right that age and ethnicity has something to do with it. It does seem that until about 1980 (roughly) pretty much every one of us had our foreskins chopped off. I'm trying to think about the number of foreskins on US-born guys I've seen and I'm coming up blank. Certainly no more than two or three. Maybe if I liked much younger guys it would be different.

Future I-Banker said...

I ALWAYS get turned on reading your blog GB!~