Monday, October 08, 2007

An nice evening with the Humming Bird

Humming bird pictureLast Thursday, I went out for supper with HBH, author of Humming Bird in Hyde. We'd never been able to have a quiet one-to-one chat with each other before about gay life and blogging etc, so a table for two in a smart restaurant seemed like a good idea.

"So what IS your best Chablis?" I ask one of the sommeliers after we've chosen our food. HBH had delegated the wine selection to me, and when I'd asked the sommelier about a '95 grand cru, he told me he didn't know because it had only been added to the list recently. When he went to ask the head sommelier, he'd come back with a less than glowing report.

"Well that grand cru probably is the best one, sir," the sommelier confesses, "do you want a bottle?"

Anxious to resume my conversation with HBH, I nod my head, and the sommelier scurries off to find one for us.

"You seemed quite tense while choosing the wine," remarks HBH, and thinking about my behaviour I realise that he's quite right.

"Sorry about that," I reply, "I guess I take my enthusiasm for good wine too seriously. I'll try and relax, I promise!"

"Now, about your blog," I continue, "there's one question that I've been dying to ask you. Where on earth do you get all those GORGEOUS pics of guys kissing?"

"You can't expect me to divulge my deepest secrets," laughs HBH, "well, not yet anyway!"

Restaurant pictureWhen it comes, the grand cru Chablis is very good, and turns out to be an excellent complement to the seafood dishes that we'd each ordered. Having read each other's blogs, we chat easily to each other, and later in the evening HBH has a question for me.

"Do you mind if I ask you an intimate question?" he says, putting on his cutest smile.

"Not at all! What do you want to know?"

"Well," replies HBH looking a bit sheepish now, "you never ever mention what you actually get up to with all these guys that you've met, I mean, what do your activities usually entail?"

"So now you want to know some of my deepest secrets," I laugh, "but I'd still like to know where you get all those pics from! Do you ever take any of them yourself?"

HBH looks at me and grins. But in the end though, we do swap a few such secrets with each other :-).

Overall it was a great evening, and judging from his post about it, I think that HBH enjoyed it too :-). It's true that I don't usually meet guys who know that I'm GB, however established bloggers are the exception to that rule. Especially bloggers as charming as HBH!


Underground Sound said...

This is not fair! GB is such a master of the art of invoking others' curiosity... I wonder what would the 'secrets' be?

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

He only spills the beans over dinner underground sound :P

Monty said...

Oh great, now the pressure's on to be charming tonight! Arghhhhh! ;-)

Underground Sound said...

Hehehe I am not surprised at all. I knew there would be more after the dinner =D

Anonymous said...

You know GB, I had wanted to ask you the same questions too! But I figured it wouldn't be nice to do that on our first meeting! Of course, I'll have to wait a very long time before I have another chance to ask you! LOL

Lavender Fields said...

Interesting blog GB.
Im curious as to what transpired after the meal.

GB said...

After the meal anna louise? As HBH said in his post about the evening, we simply took cabs to our respective homes! What on earth do you think happened?

GB xxx

MadeInScotland said...

well, surely HBH drinks only coke (never diet-needs the sugar) and you..well it's a glass of water. Wow! The perfect night out. Spend on food not booze.

Chablis in Autumn was, of course, the perfect mistake.