Saturday, February 09, 2008

A reader's gym encounter

Last week, a young reader who enjoyed reading my old gym posts sent me an email asking for advice on London gyms. At the end of the email, he'd written about one of his own gym encounters from a few years ago. It's a nice story so I asked him whether he'd mind if I posted it, and later that day he replied to say that I could use the story if I wanted. The story is a little more explicit than what I usually write here, so bearing that in mind, if you want to read the story CLICK HERE [over 18's only]!

I'd be interested to hear from any readers with views on where the best gyms in London are for gay guys interested in activities. Also, do any other reader's have any gym stories of their own that they'd like to share?


Flipper said...

Great story and nice blog :)

Anonymous said...

More stories like this GB.....i have to say your blog has taken an much very different turn from sex to politics!

GB said...

But I won't just invent stories 'anonymous', whoever you are. You can get invented sex stories in loads of places, but when you read something here it'll be a true life situation. So why don't YOU send me a story about one of YOUR experiences and if it's good enough I'll post it here :-).

GB xxx

chad said...

I loved this story, when I was living in New York, I had flexable work hours and always hit my gym mid day when it was almost empty. The gym was in Chelsea so no suprise that the sauna was very crusy. There was this red headed guy who was always there and it seemed he would end his work out as I ended mine or I would end mine as he ended his. We would end up in the suana together and with in one minute he would be giving me the best head. This happened about 5 or six times and then we stopped running into each other, but during the whole time we never ever talked. I ran into him once on the street near the gym and I was with a boyfriend and he just gave me the sweetest smile.