Sunday, November 13, 2005

A visit to a cute young guy in Marylebone

I haven't been meeting many guys for fun recently. It's probably got something to do with the situation between me and boyfriend number 1 at the moment, which is definitely weighing heavily on my usual enthusiasm for life. My blog from back in May describes 10 encounters with guys from the internet, plus several encounters in the gym sauna. My blog from last month describes just two meetings with guys from the internet, plus a lunchtime visit to see R.

But last Sunday I log on to gaydar to see how busy it is, and within a couple of minutes of entering the main London cruising chat room I get contacted by a young guy who's not that far away:

guy: how u doing?
GB: fine, u?
guy: bored and horny
GB: me too [almost an obligatory response!]
guy: got any pics m8?

Gradually we edge towards a meeting. But I can't work out how keen he is. We seem to get close to an agreement, but then he seems to go cold on the idea. Eventually I get his mobile phone number out of him so I give him a call.

"Hi, this is GB", I start, "would you like me to visit you?"

"Errr, maybe. What did you say your enjoy doing with a guy?"

I describe my sexual preferences again.

"OK sounds good, how long will it take you to get here?"

"You're in Marylebone aren't you?" I ask.


"OK, if I leave now I should be there in around 30 minutes."

He seems satisfied and gives me his exact address so I hang up. Great, this guy looks absolutely gorgeous in his pictures, I can't wait!

When I arrive, he's sitting in the corner of a sofa watching TV. He doesn't seem to know what to say, and curiously, seems quite absorbed in the TV programme he's watching. I take some clothes off to try and get his attention. Rather annoyingly, the way he's curled up in the corner of the sofa makes it hard to get close to him. In my experience, a nice way to start is to touch him a bit, perhaps putting my arm round his shoulders, but that's not going to be possible the way he's sitting.

Bare-chested, I sit down next to him as close I can, and rub his knee gently. He looks at me and smiles.

"Why don't I turn off the TV", he says. Yes, that would be a good start!

After he's turned off the TV he looks at me again. "So, what do you want to do?"

I look at him and he looks every bit as lovely as he did when I saw his pictures online. "Why don't you take off your T-shirt?" I suggest.

"OK sure". Good, I was worried in case he'd changed his mind.

Once his T-shirt is off, I start rubbing his nipples gently, first one, then the other. "Hmmm, that's nice", he murmurs, "do you want to suck them?"

Sure, why not. Soon I loosen the belt on his trousers. He kicks them off eagerly. "Why don't we go to the bedroom", he suggests suddenly, "it'll be more comfy there."

Once under his duvet in his bedroom, I get him to remove his undershorts too. He's got a lovely body, although he seems very passive and I find myself doing most of the work. As he gets even more aroused however, he starts getting more involved. It doesn't take long for both of us to reach a very satisfactory conclusion.

"Would you like a shower?" he offers, as he cleans himself up.

"Yes please". I don't usually have a shower in these circumstances, but if I have one now I won't have to visit the gym for a shower before going home to boyfriend number 1.

After the shower I find him watching TV again, seated in the same corner of the sofa as he was when I arrived. He's just wearing a towel now though, wrapped seductively round his waist. "Can I have a glass of water?" I ask.

"Oh yes, of course."

We chat for a short while. He's a graphic designer, although he hasn't been in the job very long.

"Did you grow up in London?" I ask.

"Yes, in Knightsbridge."

"Knightsbridge! Wow, you must have rich parents."

"Errr, maybe!" he says coyly. Yes definitely - if you grow up in Knightsbridge you are from a rich family!

Soon I finish my water and kiss him goodbye. "Safe journey home", he says.

He was a lovely guy, but for most of the time he seemed quite detached. Still, he had a gorgeous body so if I get the chance to visit him again, I wouldn't turn it down!

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