Saturday, July 08, 2006

A pornography connoisseur

Last night, I'm on MSN and I'm chatting to a reader called N who I've known through e-mail (and MSN) for a couple of months or so

N: ve u got any hot pics?
GB: got a few porno pics
N: send to me

I collected a very small amount of porn from the internet about five years ago, just after the original Napster died, using peer-to-peer file-sharing networks like limewire. Back then, music wasn't the only thing being shared, although I don't know if that's still the case or not. So I use MSN to send him a couple of pics, and a short 1MB cum-shot video which I think he'll enjoy because I know he likes engaging in web-cam activities!

N: ah those r old porn pic, lol

What on earth does he mean? From my memory at least, the male anatomy and body function haven't changed over the last few years! And it's not exactly "no one was wearing foreskins back in 1999 honey, but they're all the rage now!"

GB: old, why?
N: from the photo i think u can tell, the colour n stuffs

Guilty as charged! So I guess my porn is old-fashioned, untrendy, uncool :-(. As if it's not enough needing to have the latest ipod, and the latest aussieBum underwear, now one even has to keep one's porn collection up to date!


gayboydiary said...

lol! That's funny. I have seen porn that is clearly old but most of it was either in black and white or contained handlebar moustaches from the 70's. Maybe it's the fact that the look of "clones" has changed over the years?!? I "hear" chav-porn is popular these days ;-P GBD x

Me said...

I don't know if I'd call that person a pornography connoisseur. I might call 'em a pornography snob. ;)

Gay banker said...

But N is a nice guy me, and his comments were meant more as a joke that as critisism!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. i like this one ;-)