Friday, January 05, 2007

Why can't I get to sleep at night without a guy to share my bed?

Made for two :-), lonely with one :-(It's really true! Some people I know, such as one of my old university friends, always reckon that they sleep better when they're on their own. But with me, unless I've got a nice guy to cuddle at night, I sleep very badly.

I alluded to this in one of my earliest postings. Although I met a couple of guys for fun on that business trip, none of them stayed overnight, and every night I slept badly.

Most recently, I had to sleep alone on the first night of my holiday in Argentina with boyfriend number 2. Boyfriend number 2 had a problem with his flight to Buenos Aires and ended up arriving one day late, and without him I slept badly on the first night. Once he arrived of course, getting a good night's sleep wasn't a problem :-).

It was almost a problem though in the second hotel we stayed in. We got put into a room with two beds, and although the beds were bigger than single beds, they were quite small as double beds. I simply assumed that we'd make do and enjoy the extra intimacy of a small double bed. Boyfriend number 2 assumed that we'd sleep separately!

"You're in my bed," laughs boyfriend number 2 coming out of the bathroom. He looks at the other bed, and sighs. The other bed is covered with various stuff that we've unpacked from our suitcases.

"I don't take up much room," I plead, smiling at him. "And you know that I sleep very badly when I'm on my own."

"Actually, I'm really not used to cuddling up with a guy every night!" he says, climbing into bed with me.

"Am I stopping you from sleeping?" I ask, slightly concerned.

"No, it's fine. It's very nice actually, but I'm just not used to it. You've had boyfriend number 1 to cuddle since 1989, but apart from you I haven't had a long term boyfriend for a while now. And with my last long term boyfriend, we lived apart so I wasn't sleeping with a guy every night like we're doing at the moment!"

"Well just push me firmly back onto my side if I stray too far onto your side during the night!"

It's natural for guys to feel tired after activities of course, but that's not what I'm referring to. I'll naturally want to cuddle as I'm falling asleep, and then again in the morning when I wake up. During the night, if the other guy has a restless night, then that will affect me and I'll end up sleeping badly as well. But usually, if I've got another guy in bed with me, the result is a good night's sleep. With or without activities!


muse-ic said...

i hate sharing a bed when all you wanna do is just get to sleep and move about without fear of pissing someone else off!

Will said...

I sleep longer when I'm sharing the bed with Fritz. When we're finally living together full time, I suspect my whole sleep pattern will change for good. It just feels so good having his body next to me all night.

GB said...

But the beautiful thing about sleeping in the same bed with a boyfriend muse-ic is that you should both forgive each other for any moving around. If you have to worry about it, then you're not in bed with the right guy!

GB xxx

Alan said...

I goes in waves with me. I like sharing a bed when I can but when I am alone for a period of time I become very selfish. The bed belongs to me and I want all of it !!! This does have its problems when I start up a new relationship as I am reluctant to share the bed and duvet. My partner at the moment often complains that I steal all the bed even when sleeping at his ! I am now starting to become a sharing person as we have been seeing each other for 7 months but I do like it when I have someone to cuddle up to aslong as they dont hog the sheets.

Hedgy said...

I sleep better with someone else...if I'm away on business, end up sleeping diagonaly and knocking hell out of the pillows..