Thursday, August 06, 2009


The sexual habits of the human male continue to amaze me. A couple of months ago, I'm logged into gaydar as GB, and I get chatting to one of the guys who'd sent me a "Dear GB" email a few months previously:

GB : so are u meeting many guys from here?
guy: no, not really
GB: I think u should make an effort, and try meeting a few guys :-)
guy: i suppose
GB: and then if u like each other, u can have a bit of *fun* with each other even if u don't think he'd make a good bf!
guy: hehe
GB: anyway, if u don't meet other guys, what do u do when u feel horny
guy: I wank quite a lot
GB: fair enuf, actually I still enjoy that sometimes :-)
GB: how often do you wank?
guy: 6 times a day
GB: you're joking ...
guy: well not every day, but I'll often do it that much, honest

I've always enjoyed wanking when there's nothing better available, although the frequency with which I do it has gradually declined as I've got older. However, even when I was a teenager I can't ever remember wanking 6 times in a day, and this guy is around 30 years old!

The discussion on gaydar reminded me about an Indian guy, who's in his very early 20's, who's been visiting me occasionally over the past nine months or so. The first time he visited me, I was in for a surprise. We'd just got naked with each other and I reach down to feel him and as expected, he's nice and hard :-). So I give him a few playful tugs, up and down, but then

"Oh, errr, keep going ..."

and even though we've only just started to get to play around, he came. And there was a lot of it that came out too!

"Wow," I say not really knowing what to say, "that was quick!"

"Sorry!" replies the guy, sheepishly.

"Oh don't worry, it doesn't matter at all :-)," I say, trying to put the guy at ease, "I'm just amazed that's all! When was the last time you came?"

"Probably a couple of weeks ago."

"Really? Why so long ago??" I ask, "Don't you wank???"

"Sometimes, but not much!"

Given that this guy came so much and so easily, surely it can't be healthy for him not to wank more often, especially his young age? But for the guy who's 30, surely it can't be healthy to regularly do it 6 times a day?

If I'm right that it's healthy for adults to cum regularly, I find myself wondering whether wanking is sufficient, or whether there's any health benefit to activities with other guys. Of course it's more fun with another guy, but if one just wants to stay healthy then perhaps wanking is sufficient?

Lastly on this subject, while using google in connection with this post, I found this page which lists euphemisms for wanking. I've never seen such a long list of expressions, with many that I'd never heard of before. Such as filling up the belly button well, which I guess is my new favourite term for it!

Anyway, if any readers have any thoughts on these matters then it would be very interesting to hear them :-).


N1David said...

Both six times a day and not at all for two weeks seem extremes to me, but I suppose it's part of overall sexual appetite - some men crave sex almost daily, others seem happy to go months...

As for me, it depends on my sex life and how bored I am. I was recently unemployed for a few months and found myself wanking 3 or 4 times a day when I got bored - there wasn't a lot of pleasure in it, just a case of stick on some porn, pull my trousers down and that'll pass a little while longer... activities with other men were more fun (and there were plenty of them too) but sometimes I just couldn't be bothered to go hunting...

Now back at work, probably about every other day, either in the morning, in the shower, or if I'm having a slow day nipping off to the office loos...

A good wank can be so much better than a bad shag...

John F said...

I've always preferred "flogging the bishop" myself. :)

Salacious Soul said...

Wanking is one life's greatest sources of sexual pleasure. Best done before sleep, like a sedative, mmmm... I think I might do a blog post on wanking actually :)

Salacious Soul

Anonymous said...

God, I can't remember the last time I had *time* for a w**k!

I'd say, for me, it varies between once and twice a day if Hubby's away. It's generally not as satisfying as being with him, though, unless you take the time to really enjoy it.

What was it Woody Allen said? "Don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love"

The funny thing is, our sex life is definitely governed by day to day life and stress. Masturbation's not the same to me. Because you're 100% in control of it rather than it being two people coming together (ooh-er), you can knock one out however you're feeling.

Anonymous said...

Wanking can bring much needed respite from "distractions", however temporary...

close encounters said...

so GB, how has your wanking frequency changed since you started seeing T, and are you still seeing your other regulars ??

lately, i've been using the gym showers as my venue of choice - with the memory of all those hot guys fresh in my mind ...

btw, Nine, i find that my wanking is governed by day to day life and stress - just like sex life !

S said...

Sometimes I wank so much that i empty my wank bank, then resort to cheesey porn haha.
The day i figured out that i could wank, i stayed up all night and squeezed out about 10. I was raw the next day ;) .
i usually can't get away with less than 2 a day. I'm just a horny bastard.

Anonymous said...

'an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away'

Read more:

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

Just been to the loo and the guy in the next cubicle was having a wank. First wasn't sure but purposely lingered on the bowl and he was being as quiet as possible but the 'non toilet' sounds and heavy breathing gave it away. All I have to do now is find who those shoes belong to :P

Anonymous said...

I am at work, and your post reminded me I need another wank, so I am shutting my office door and unzipping my fly now ...

ian said...

Hiya sounds good.