About me and this blog

I’m a gay man who worked for many years in the investment banking divisions of various banks in London UK. When I started blogging in 2005, most of my posts were about my sex life. Back then this blog was called "Things I can’t tell boyfriend number 1", because from 1989 my primary relationship was with a guy who I referred to in this blog as "boyfriend number 1". I absolutely adored him, however my relationship with him was not monogamous.

In January 2008 I abandoned the boyfriend numbering scheme on this blog, mostly because the guy that I was referring to as "boyfriend number 2" knew about this blog and didn't like the implication that he was 2nd best! These days, "ex-boyfriend S" is the guy that I used to refer to as "boyfriend number 1", "ex-boyfriend P" is the guy that I used to refer to as "boyfriend number 2" and "ex-boyfriend R" is the guy that I used to refer to as "boyfriend number 3".

Unfortunately my relationship with ex-boyfriend S came to an end. It became clear in the autumn of 2007 that we had to split up, and about 12 months later he had moved out. I'm happy to say that these days we're good friends again :-).

From July 2009 to July 2013 I had another boyfriend. Posts in that period refer to him Boyfriend T, however now that we're no longer boyfriends I refer to him as ex-boyfriend T.

Since November 2013 I've had a new boyfriend, who I refer to as boyfriend K. As of September 2020, we're still together :-).

The "Dear GB" blog postings

Over the years, for reasons unknown, readers started sending me emails asking me for advice on a variety of topics. So I started answering their queries by posting their emails on this blog. The first such posting was in November 2006.

The good thing about this approach to giving advice is that it gives other readers a chance to leave comments, hence the reader who sent me the email hopefully ends up with a variety of views on whatever they need advice on. Most of the queries are problems related to being gay, or problems related to their relationship, or problems related to finding a boyfriend. So the net result is that somehow, I've gradually become an agony uncle!

Originally all emails got answered via blog postings. However, as I explained in March 2012, in case it's going to take me a while to do a blog posting I sometimes just answer the emails directly.

Requests for advice are still welcome :-). However, if you Email me for advice, please be prepared to have your email published anonymously on this blog without prior warning!