Thursday, March 31, 2005

New York trip 2004: meeting D at 2am Monday morning

After I’ve freshened myself up in the hotel bathroom, I find myself on the street at 1:45am looking for a cab to take me up to D’s apartment on the Upper West Side. It doesn’t take long to get a cab so I arrive around 2am.

From his apartment he presses the door release and lets me in. The apartment is on the ground floor so it doesn’t take me long to find him. Face to face he’s a thin guy with lovely soft long black hair, and a gorgeous smile. I think his long hair looks lovely, why do most gay guys have such short hair? OK it’s a fair cop, why do I have such short hair?

“Don’t worry about the dog”, he says, pointing to the chair, “she belongs to a friend of mine. I’m just looking after her for a while”.

The dog looks harmless so I go up to D and stretch my arm out to touch him on his shoulder. “Nice to meet you”, I say, smiling. I give him a small hug.

He shows me round. The apartment consists of a small bathroom, a small kitchen, and a much larger living area that has been partitioned into two: there’s a lounge area in the middle of the apartment near the kitchen and a bedroom area at the back. The apartment block itself looks a bit run down from the outside, but inside D has taken a lot of trouble to make his apartment smart and cosy.

“Where do you want me”, I ask. We head to the bedroom area, and I sit on the side of the bed to take my shoes and socks off. D is already barefoot.

“Let’s have a cuddle”, he says, jumping on to the bed. Great, I think, I love guys who enjoy cuddling. He’s got such a cute smile.

We wrap our arms around each other and hold each other tightly. Soon we’re kissing. We both take our tops off, and cuddle again. I find D very erotic. On the bed he’s got an impromptu energy which I find hugely attractive. Suddenly D takes off my trousers, then my undershorts, and starts playing with me. I insist he gets naked too. We spend ages kissing, cuddling, and playing with each other, and we have a lovely time.

Afterwards D asks me why I’m in New York. “I work for an investment bank, and I’m on a business trip from London for a week”, I tell him. “What about you, do you have a job?”

“Oh, I do various things”, he says cryptically, “it’s very easy to make money in New York”. Naturally this makes me curious, but to press him for details seems rude.

“Do you have a boyfriend in London”, he asks me. I admit that I do. But even so, while we’re still lying naked on the bed he asks me to stay the night. “And you can have a shower here in the morning if you like”, he says.

I like the idea but I’m not sure. How much sleep will I get? I know very little about D, am I safe here? But I’m tired now, and falling asleep here with D in my arms sounds wonderful. Back in the hotel I’ll be all alone, and I hate being without a man to share my bed at night. “OK that would be great”, I say, “but I’ll probably go back to my hotel and take a shower, around 7:30am if that’s all right?”

We cuddle most of the night. I do get some sleep, but quite light sleep, because I’m always aware of D’s lovely body next to mine. In fact we get quite sweaty, but we both enjoy being near each other. In the morning, I feel myself getting aroused again. D is aroused too, and while he’s lying cuddled up to me with his back pressed into my chest, gently I start playing with him again. And just like a few hours before, we have a great time.

“How long are you in New York for”, he asks later as I’m getting dressed.

“I’ll be flying out Friday afternoon”, I say, “Perhaps I could see you again before I leave? Are you around tonight?”

“I’m busy tonight”, he says, shaking his head, “but the rest of the week is fine”. It turns out that one of the things that D is doing is learning to be a photographer, and something related to this new career of his is going to occupy him this evening.

“It’s a pity you’re not free tonight”, I say, “because I think I’m going to be busy Tuesday evening with colleagues from the bank over here. Perhaps we could get together Wednesday?”

“Wednesday would be great”, says D. So its settled, provisionally at any rate.

It’s gone 7:45am so I’m going to have to go back to my hotel and get ready for the office. So we make sure we’ve got each other’s contact details, I give him a quick kiss and a hug, and I leave.

Back at the hotel I give boyfriend number 1 a quick call to tell him I’ve arrived safely in New York and to tell him my room number at the hotel. And with memories of the fun I had with D in my mind, I wear a big smile all day.

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