Sunday, July 10, 2005

Asia holiday 2005: en route to Cambodia

I’m currently in Saigon airport, waiting to fly to Cambodia for the last leg of the holiday. I’ve now been in the company of boyfriend number 2 for two and a half weeks, and it’s still great being with him. We had to get up very early today to drive to the airport, and to get a bit of extra sleep we cuddled up together on the back seat of the car which was lovely. Boyfriend number 1 always shuns public displays of affection like that.

Even if I wanted to (which I don’t), it wouldn’t be possible to dump boyfriend number 1 and shack up with boyfriend number 2. Although we get on with each other very well, we live on opposite sides of the world. I know I’ve had a much better time on this holiday with boyfriend number 2 than would have been possible with boyfriend number 1. Perhaps it will be possible to go on holiday with boyfriend number 2 again?

I still adore boyfriend number 1 but I’m going to have to tell him about boyfriend number 2. A couple of naughty nights with boyfriend number 2 on an occasional business trip is one thing, but spending three and a half weeks almost permanently in his company moves it on to another level. I’m not sure how boyfriend number 1 is going to react.

Boyfriend number 2 reckons I’m still very confused about what I want. He reckons that the way I enjoy cuddling and intimacy is different from a standard open gay relationship because it’s more than just casual sex, i.e. there’s at least some emotional attachment. Of course I’ve never even agreed an open relationship with boyfriend number 1.

I can see that life is going to get complicated back home in London.

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