Thursday, July 14, 2005

Asia holiday 2005: waiting to fly back to London

I'm now in Phnom Penh airport, about to return back to London via Bangkok. I said goodbye to boyfriend number 2 about half an hour ago and he's now on board his flight back to Singapore. We've definitely had a great time together, and at the moment I'm missing him terribly.

While I'm pondering my current dilema regarding what to do about my relationship with boyfriend number 1, I've decided to post some pictures of the places I've been to on this holiday with boyfriend number 2. I received an e-mail a few days ago, which included the line

It's a shame you can't post pictures of these countries ...

but of course there's no reason not to post pictures so I will. Rather than cluttering up the main blog, I've set up a separate "blog" with the pictures: Asia Holiday 2005.

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