Sunday, July 24, 2005

An exhibitionist in the gym changing rooms nearly gets caught

After chatting to C and J were in the gym sauna last Thursday I head for the shower. But I spot T who’s an occaional but enthusiastic participant in sauna fun heading in the opposite direction. So after a quick shower I head back into the sauna to see if there’s going to be any action with T today.

Apart from C, J and T, there are a couple of other guys in there that none of us recognise. Slowly T starts to get an erection. I can tell he’s feeling really horny by the way he doesn’t seem to care if other guys see. Unfortunately the guys we don’t recognise show no signs of wanting to join in so nothing much happens. After a few minutes the guys start to leave, including C and J.

All of a sudden it’s just me and T. Immediately T comes and sits next to me and touches me. I touch him back, his erection is very hard. Suddenly he pulls me towards him and starts snogging me, wow this guy really needs action today! But almost immediately we have to stop, the sauna door is opening and a guy who’s definitely a non-participant is coming in.

T leaves for the shower and I follow soon afterwards. T’s got an enormous erection, and he has to try and hold his towel in front to hide it. In the shower I spot him playing with himself a bit, and he looks a bit upset when he sees me leave, heading back towards the lockers.

Looking back towards T, I loiter in the corridor wondering what he’s going to do. I don’t have to wait long to find out. He follow me into the corridor, looks around, and starts playing with himself there and then. I can’t believe it! One of the guys who are still showering might come out and see him, or another guy might see him as he enters the corridor en route to the showers.

He clearly needs to cum. I go up to him and rub his shoulders, smiling at him and watching him. The excitement of the risky situation, coupled with me touching him turns out to be what he needs – he explodes into the towel he’d holding in front of him. “Thanks mate”, he says quietly, “I needed that”. I think I’d worked that out!

Back at home, life goes on almost as normal since I had the conversation with boyfriend number 1. But we both know that underneath this pretence things are not normal, and there are issues to sort out. I’ve been offering to show boyfriend number 1 the photos of the holiday I had with boyfriend number 2, but he keeps putting me off. We definitely need to discuss things further so when I get round to showing boyfriend number 1 I’m going to make sure a few photos of boyfriend number 2 are included. Hopefully that’ll be the catalyst to trigger a further conversation.

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