Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A brief chat with boyfriend number 3

Last week I spot boyfriend number 3 in one of the gaydar chat rooms so I have a brief conversation with him.

GB: Hi how's u?
bf#3: fine ta, thx for asking
GB: so where u spending christmas?
bf#3: I'll be at my mother's but back in the city early next week

We chat about a couple of things and then I ask him what he's been up to on gaydar

bf#3: but u can't ask me that, it's personal!
GB: awww, surely u can tell me can't u, I won't let ur mother know!

There's a slight pause but then he gives in

bf#3: met a banker in his computer room and he came in seconds
GB: you're saying that you met a banker, and had it off with him in a computer room??
bf#3: yes...he came too quickly ..partly i think cos a cleaner was vacuuming on the same floor...think he was petrified
GB: LOL, v horny though!!
bf#3: yes very
GB: seeing him again?
bf#3: seen him a few times yes, once in a hotel in waterloo
GB: u get around don't u!
bf#3: lol just trying to keep up with you

What cheek! It's a strange co-incidence though because I also had a bit of fun with a guy in a computer room recently, although the guy wasn't a banker.

We provisionally arrange to get together face to face for a drink in the week before New Year. If we manage to meet up it'll be nice to see him again.

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Anonymous said...

When you get a chance, I've posted your interview questions on my blog. Cheers!