Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gay Banker interviews gayboydiary

When I posted my answers to PJ's interview questions, a few guys commented that they'd like me to interview them. It's all part of the game of course - anyone who's got a blog can ask to be interviewed, but in return they have to be prepared to interview others if any requests are made. So having asked PJ to interview me, I've now got some interviewing to do again :-)

This time round, gayboydiary made the request first, so he gets the first set of questions. He's been blogging since last December. But it was only last month that he revealed various key pieces of information about himself. Some of the things he says seem a bit contradictory. In particular, he's only had sex with 10 different guys, but he's an expert at threesomes! A dark horse indeed.

So gayboydiary, here are my interview questions:
  1. Apart from blue eyes, what other attributes would your perfect boyfriend have?

  2. I've always thought that blogs with adverts on look a bit cheap, what do you think?

  3. You lost your virginity at 17, and with your definition of sex I'd guess that might have been a mutual masturbation session with a school friend. Whatever it was I'm sure my readers would like to know more, so can you go into any of the juicy details?

  4. You take the tube to work, you go out regularly on the London gay scene, so like me I guess you live in London. What do you think the pros and cons of living in London are?

  5. Finally, you're 25 years old, so when do you think you'll evolve from a gay boy into a gay man?

The next interview candidate is saddle-up. I'll try to get his questions out before the end of May.

Update: somehow gayboydiary managed to post his answers at 03:09am, only three hours after I posted the questions! Good answers too. Question 3 even managed to provoke a "The next part is rather embarassing and I wish I hadn't asked to be interviewed ...." :-)


gayboydiary said...

Thank you GB! Excellent questions! My answers are on my blog! You may need to reach for the kleenex when you read the "juicy details" of my first time ;o) Thanks again. GB(D)

Saddle Up said...

Wow - good questions GB.... Am interested in reading the answers... Also getting excited about doing my own interview.


Reluctant Nomad said...

Another good interviewing job!

I'll be getting to my interview of you soon. Pardon my slackness.

muse-ic said...

excellent stuff - these interviews are interesting