Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Some fun with another gay banker

A few months ago, I'm logged into when I spot the profile of quite a horny looking guy. So I start chatting to him, but it turns out that although we live quite close to each other, neither of us can accommodate. I get chatting to him again one Saturday early in March, and this time he says that he can sometimes accommodate early weekday evenings, after work. So he gives me his mobile number and tells me to txt him during the week if I'm up for it.

After a stressful morning in the bank the following Monday, I decide that it would be really good to unload after work, so I send him a txt msg at lunchtime.

GB: would this evening around 7am be any good?

About an hour later, I get the reply

guy: I am afraid I can not accommodate that late. Pity. very horny.

Normally I'd be able to leave the bank earlier than that, but unfortunately today there's an important meeting starting late that I can't miss. Having started the txt msg conversation, I decide to investigate one more possibility

GB: pity. Is 2moz around 6pm any good?

guy: I have theatre. Some other time

Interesting. I've never seen anyone use theatre as an excuse in this situation before. Could he be an actor, or a surgeon? I decide to leave it for now and look out for him again online.

I eventually spot him online on the Saturday after Easter and we have another brief chat. We agree that I'll try sending him a txt msg on Monday, with a view to meeting up in the evening. Monday arrives, so late morning I send him a txt

GB: Hi, we spoke online on Saturday, would it be OK to visit you today? GB x

guy: What time? For me 6pm good

I like his direct, constructive, attitude. Some guys seem to have no concept of how to arrange meetings in a sensible way. But with this guy there's already a clear suggestion to meet around 6pm, so this all sounds very promising.

GB: 6pm good for me too, can you tell me your exact address?

guy: Maybe easiest we meet at the tube station near my apartment at 6, does that suit?

GB: Fine, see you at the tube station at 6pm. I will be wearing a suit with a white shirt and a reddish tie :-)

Everything goes according to plan, and in fact I arrive a few minutes early. So I send him another txt msg to tell him that I've arrived.

GB: I've arrived, feel free to phone me :-)

guy: I am 10 minutes away. I will rush

Again it's a perfect, brief, constructive response.

While I'm waiting for him to turn up, I can't help myself looking at all the guys entering and leaving the tube station, and wondering whether any of them might be heading for clandestine encounters. One of them will be of course, one of them will be looking for me! Although I've seen a face pic of the guy I'm meeting this evening, it was a few weeks ago so I won't be sure it's him until he's very close.

"Hi, sorry to keep you waiting", someone says suddenly, startling me. He came from the opposite direction I was expecting! Turning to look at him, he's reasonably smartly dressed, and as far as I can remember he looks reasonably like his pics. His internet age was the same as mine, and no doubt his real age is similar to mine too.

"No problem", I say looking him in the eye and smiling, "which way?"

Conversation is a bit difficult as we walk the five minutes or so to his apartment. Once inside the apartment building, it turns out that he lives on the top floor, so we head for the lift. We're the only people around and once the lift doors close he leans over and kisses me, very sensually.

On the top floor, there's only one door in the small corridor, and he lets us in. A few steps inside and it's clear that it's an amazing apartment. It's a vast open-plan space, with one wall virtually all glass providing us with a panoramic view of London.

"Wow, this apartment is FABULOUS", I say in admiration.

"We've had it for a couple of years now", he says dismissively, "you get used to it! Just make yourself at home while I sort myself out."

I don't really know whether to go and sit down on the sofas nearby, or trek down to the other end of the room and use the sofas there. I'm still trying to make my mind up when he beckons me over to a door I hadn't spotted.

"Let's go in here", he suggest with a smile on his face.

Inside there's large double bed, covered with a crisp white duvet. Gradually we start to undress, kissing each other and licking each other's nipples as we go. Soon we're on the bed. Somehow it all seems quite functional though, with not much excitement. Towards the end he offers me .

"Errr no thanks", I say, "I always get headaches with those".

Afterwards I get dressed back into my suit, while he puts on a dressing gown.

"Any chance of a glass of fruit juice or something, or water even?" I ask once we're back in the main room.

"Sure". He heads over to the fridge in the kitchen area and pours me a glass of orange juice.

"So I guess you live here with someone?" I ask casually. Well in fact you told me when you said 'we' earlier!

"Yes, that's right". But he doesn't want to elaborate, so I don't press him for details. Out of the possibilities of wife, gay partner, flatmate, it seems most likely to me that he lives here with a gay partner. After all, straight couples don't usually have poppers lying around their bedrooms.

"So what do you do for a living?", he asks.

"Oh I work for a bank. What about you?"

"I work for a bank too."

Somehow I knew he did. And what's more, given his personality, stunning apartment, and the direction he came from when we met at the tube station, I've got a pretty good idea which one!

"Let me guess", I say, and I go on to mention the name of the bank I'm thinking of.

He hesitates, but then he gives in, "Yes, how did you guess?"

"I think we've probably both been in the business long enough to be able to work these things out!" I say. "But is it gay friendly at all these days? Some investment banks have even sponsored 's gala dinner in recent years."

"Yes I know, but I can't ever see that happening where I work. To be honest, I don't think it ever will be gay friendly, it's a very cliquey place!"

We chat for a bit while I finish my orange juice, but before too long I'm heading home. It was certainly interesting to meet another gay banker in this situation. And later, just to remind me that I hadn't gone straight home after work, I notice that my left nipple feels distinctly sore!


Anonymous said...

Nice apartment! I wish I was a bit of a banker too! an investment one, obviously ;o) GB

Anonymous said...

You have gotten so good at figuring out all this info about your men that you just don't realize how fine tuned you really are. Whoever said there were no skills involved here is such a dirty liar :-)

Anonymous said...

Your questions are ready!

Anonymous said...

I was just perusing the net and just found this site. It's amazing how similar our blogs are!

You've been blogging a bit longer than me and you're very effective in your subtleties. I'm, ahem, a bit more explicit.

I enjoy your style, and will definitely be back to read more of your adventures. Thanks for sharing the realities of your life, and honestly, many gay mens' lives.

Anonymous said...

By the way, may I link your blog on my blog?

Anonymous said...

Don't you ever get afraid that this strange person might be a psycho or murderer or some lunatic etc? Take care!