Tuesday, May 16, 2006

An early afternoon visit to a cute Chinese guy

On the Saturday morning three days after my visit to boyfriend number 3, I'm logged into gay.com with Chattage. There are various guys in the London Citywide chat room, but I notice a nice looking oriental guy so I start a conversation with him.

GB: Hello there, nice pix
guy: thanks

At first he's not very communicative, but slowly we get talking to each other. He lives about a 20 minute cab journey away. After around half an hour of chatting to each other, everything's been agreed. He wants me to visit him early afternoon.

GB: ok m8, see you soon :-)
guy: I've just realised, I've run out of condoms
GB: well we don't necessarily need condoms to have fun, there are other things we can do
guy: sure, but perhaps you could bring some with you?

What is it with everyone at the moment? Only three days before, boyfriend number 3 had made the same request! So after another visit to the family planning section of my local Boot Chemists, I hail a black London taxi and set off for a bit of fun.

"Are you going to watch the match this afternoon?" asks the cabbie.

"Errr, what match?"

"I guess not then!" he laughs.

It turns out that he's talking about the Arsenal vs Tottenham soccer game, and since both teams are on the north-east side of London it's bound to be closely contested.

As expected it takes around 20 minutes to get to where the guy lives. Soon I'm buzzing the apartment where he lives to get him to let me into the building. And once inside the building, it doesn't take long to find his front door.

"Come in", he says smiling and looking me up and down at the same time, "but don't make too much noise, there's someone upstairs."

Face to face he looks just as lovely as his online photos, although perhaps a bit more masculine and a bit less boyish, which is good. He leads me into his room, which is furnished with a nice sized bed in one corner, and with a sofa along the opposite wall. I sit down on the sofa to take off my shoes and socks.

He looks a bit unsure of what to do next. "Have you lived here long?" I ask, trying to break the ice.

"About a year now".

As I pull the top I'm wearing over my head, he walks towards me. I'm still sitting on the sofa, and as he advances I can see that there's something hard bouncing around inside his loose tracksuit bottoms. He comes up close so that it's right in front of my face, and I reach out to feel him.

"Hmmm, that feels nice", I say quietly, rubbing him slowly through the fabric, "but hang on a minute mate, let me catch up!"

I often seem to be in this situation, where I'm struggling to get my kit off when the other guy is ready for action. I guess it's because while I'm focussing on the journey, and working out where they live, the other guys are always just waiting for me to turn up. So there's just one thing on their mind! Viewed like that, I guess its no surprise that they're rearing to go by the time I'm walking through their front door.

After I've removed my trousers off he's still standing over me. Suddenly I have a mischievous idea. I decide to help him off with some of his clothes too. Gently I pull down his tracksuit bottoms. This drags his erection downwards, between his legs. He grimaces a bit, but then as I pull down still further - BOING! It never ceases to amaze me how much fun one can have with other men's tackle, especially when coupled with the expressions that one can produce on their faces!

It's a lovely sight. I reach out to feel him again, and as I examine his wares I start to feel frisky too :-)

"Lets go over to the bed", he says smiling down at me.

He reaches the bed first, and watches me walk over, wearing only my undershorts.

"Actually, you look better in person than you do in your photos", he says as I climb onto the bed.

"Really?" I say surprised. I guess I should get better pictures done.

I lie down beside him and as we reach out to hold each other, we start kissing. "Hmmm, you're a strong man aren't you", he says, "nice shoulders, nice arms".

"So are you!" I reply, "I bet you go to the gym a lot too".

We have a wonderful, long, relaxed, session. In fact, it turns into a double cum session, with lovely naked cuddles in between.

"Any chance of a drink?" I ask when we're all finally done, "some fruit juice would be nice if you've got any?"

"Hmmm, not sure what's in the fridge, is cola OK?"

"Or fruit juice?" But I settle for a cola-lite!

"So do you work in London, or are you a student?" I ask as I'm getting dressed.

It turns out that he works for a bank too. We even end up having a brief discussion about the financial markets. He seems to have a few misconceptions about the bond market, which I try to put him right on.

As I'm leaving I give him a peck on the lips. "It's been really good meeting you", I say, "and I hope I didn't make too much noise!"

"Don't worry", he says smiling at me, "it's been fun :-)".

I manage to get a cab quite quickly and head to the gym to grab a shower. The Arsenal vs Tottenham soccer game is drawing to a close on the TV in the men's changing rooms. Arsenal are losing 0-1, but as I'm walking back into the main area after my shower I hear Arsenal score. Thierry Henry has managed to equalise just 6 minutes before full time. So in different ways, I guess both me and Thierry Henry have enjoyed ourselves this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Lol! I love pulling a guy's trousers down and watching an erection go "boing"! It's horny in a playful way. GB(D) xx

Anonymous said...

Boing Boing time for bed.... I learnt all I know from The Magic Roundabout.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog. Just found it, snooping around in Britainia - anglophile that I am -- and I enjoyed reading the couple entries I had time for. Just wanted to let you know. Keep it up, mate! BOING!

Anonymous said...

Boing is a good word although the word I used (and continue to use) with my ex is SPROING. :-)

Anonymous said...

A cute sort of close encounter!

Anonymous said...

i am green with envy! haha..... your encounters always seem so exciting and interesting..... while its not always that you have so much fun on the bed with your mystery ONS partner but i think by and large most of the encounters you have are pretty enjoyable..... and i must admit your blog is a joy to read, although i still cannot agree with "straying ways"...... hahahahhaha ... sorry - not meant to be judgmental or anything - really! in my mind i keep fantasizing about the same things you already DID, and sometimes i wish i could also - er - well, "have fun" with you too ... coz i bet you must be quite a hunk *blush* geez i hope my boyfriend isnt reading this comment :p

GB said...

Well sunshine wallflower, I don't know how you can say that you'd like to have fun with me, but have the link to me from your blog labelled "a straying blogger" !!

Anyway, I won't tell your bf if you don't LOL :-))

GB xxx