Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My avatar

I've got a confession to make. Although I implied that I look like my Avatar when I first created him last year, it's not true. I reckon I did look like him a few years ago, but as I said in the follow-up post about the yahoo avatars, it's just not possible to create an avatar which looks like a 'grown-up'!

I was reminded of this recently by Dragonzlad. My last visit to Singapore was over two years ago, and I hadn't been able to see him on that occasion, but we found time to have supper together in London recently.

"GB, you know you don't look much like your Avatar, don't you?" says Dragonzlad with a grin on his face, when a lull in the conversation arises half-way through the evening.

"I know," I say with a sigh, "but I remember complaining that it's not possible to make an older looking avatar when I first created him last year."

"Yes but your new readers won't remember that post!"

He reminded me during the conversation that he had created his own avatar just after I had created mine, and that at the time I had commented that our avatars looked similar. To me, that just emphasises the problems with the Yahoo avatars. He's ethnically Chinese and I'm ethnically English, so given that our best efforts had resulted in similar avatars, the Yahoo avatar technology clearly has a few shortcomings!


close encounters said...

so does that mean that you will be pulling your avatar ??

Crouch End boy said...

Any ideas why cuteguy has made his blog reader permission only?

I do miss hearing his exciting pre-wedding news

GB said...

No I'm gonna keep him close encounters, I kinda like him and I can put him into lots of interesting positions :-).

Actually I asked cuteCTguy yesterday cjmlondon2004, it's because someone he knows found his blog and reacted badly to what was there!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

I realised you never commented that I was charming so far in our correspondences! :(

GB said...

I didn't know that you wanted me to chat you up DL LOL :-)). Next time we go out for supper together, I'll make sure you have an extra glass of wine or two, I'm curious to see how far you'll let me get! Straight lads are particularly appealing to lots of gay guys, especially Charming straight lads like you ;-)

GB xxx