Friday, December 23, 2022

What’s the gay male equivalent to a “mistress”?

When a married man regularly has sex with a woman who’s not his wife, the English language has a word for it. Any fluent English speaking reader knows that the woman is called a “mistress”. In recent years I’ve been spending some time in Thailand and I now know that there’s a similar word in the Thai language too, namely เมียน้อย which literally means “little wife”. In Thai, the male equivalent to a “little wife” might be a “little husband”, i.e. ผัวน้อย. But in English, calling a single gay man a “mister” if he regularly has sex with a guy in a gay relationship seems a bit odd to me. Can anyone think of a better word?


Tk said...

Nice to have you back GB. On the male equivalent of a mistress, I would suggest the archaic “leman” or the more contemporary “fancy man”

GB said...

Wow, thanks for the English lesson Tk, I didn't know either of those words!
GB xxx
P.S. Even if I'm not posting on this blog, I'm never far away 🙂.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to good old fashioned "F bud"? :)

GB said...

I think F**kbuddy is a very general word, Anonymous commenter (whoever you are). The situation where someone in a long term relationship has a regular activities with someone else is much more specific!

GB xxx