Thursday, June 01, 2006

A bit of fun after work on a Friday

It's late evening on the last Thursday in April and I'm logged into I'm just about to log off and go to bed when a guy contacts me who's interested in my profile.

guy: hi
GB: hi m8
guy: would like to meet you...
GB: can't visit now, sry
guy: got any more pics?

We exchange face pics and chat a bit more. Everything seems to be in order, but I still can't visit him now, I want to go to bed with boyfriend number 1.

GB: so would be nice 2 meet u sometime, r u free 2moz at all, I might be able to visit you after work if u can accom?
guy: yup i can accomodate
GB: so what time shall I call u?
guy: 3pm
GB: fine. I'll be at work, but might be able to 2 visit u late pm
GB: I'll be in my suit of course! u like guyz in suits?
guy: i like that

We chat a bit more about but soon we're wishing each other good night and I'm promising to phone him tomorrow.

So the next day I phone him shortly after 3pm as agreed.

"Hi this is GB", I start.

"Hi, I was hoping you'd call", he says eagerly.

"Would it be convenient to visit you around 6pm?"

"Yes sure, just come to the tube station near my flat and phone me for directions from there."

I always prefer an actual address, rather than an invitation to phone for more details, but since he seems eager and since I've got his mobile phone number I decide not to push to get his address right now.

Although I often take taxis, later when I leave the bank it's the height of the rush hour so I decide to take a tube instead. It should be quicker. Once above ground at his end, I phone him again.

"OK", he says, "come out of the tube station, cross the road and turn left, ...., and when you get there don't ring the doorbell but give me another phone call and I'll come and find you."

Five minutes later I'm phoning him up again, "I've arrived!"

"OK, hang on a minute".

After waiting for more than a minute, suddenly there's a guy beckoning me from the other side of the road. I recognise him immediately from the face pic I saw last night. Why couldn't he give me the right address, rather than the address of his neighbour opposite?

The last time a guy gave me the address of the house opposite was about two years ago. The guy had never had sex with another guy before, and I was to be his first experience. But once I'd arrived he had a panic attack, and told me over the phone that his parents had returned so that I had to leave immediately before I was spotted in the road. I was quite annoyed so I demanded my taxi fares back from him! Several txt msgs and phone calls later, some of which were answered and some of which weren't, his panic subsided so he decided to meet me after all. It was only then that he told me that I'd been shouting through the wrong letter-box because he lived in the house opposite!

Back to today and I head over to meet the guy. For some reason he looks a bit sheepish. "Come in", he says, "but please don't make too much noise".

He definitely looks a few years older than the photographs that he showed me, but he's not a bad looking guy so I don't say anything.

"Err, I've got something to tell you", he says, once were inside his flat.

"I've never done anything gay before, you're the first bloke I've met like this".

Why aren't I surprised!

"Don't worry", I say, "I have met other guys before like this, I'll take care of you." I decide not to give him any idea of how many times I done this before!

"So you don't mind?"

"No, of course not. Where shall we go?" Indeed, whenever I'm in this situation, I always feel it's my duty to make sure the first experience is an enjoyable one.

We head into his living room and sit down next to each other. After all the eagerness he showed on the phone, he's now very nervous. I touch him gently on his knee and smile at him. He smiles back, still nervous. I decide to start stripping off.

"Errr, would you like a cup of tea or something?" he offers.

"Got any fruit juice?" I ask.

By the time he returns I'm sitting there in my white undershorts, ready for action. He gives me a glass or orange juice and but then he goes and sits on the sofa opposite. That's no good!

"So how many guys have you met", he asks, trying to sound casual.

"I'm not sure to be honest, but why don't you come and sit next to me."

He looks a bit uncertain. "Perhaps you could play with yourself a bit first", he says, "do you mind if I just watch you?"

Not at all! Slowly I start giving him a bit of a show. Soon I’m taking my undershorts off. When I look up at him, he's watching me very intently, completely fascinated.

After a couple of minutes I ask again. "Fancy joining me on the sofa over here?"

He nods, looking a bit more relaxed now, and comes and sits next to me. Focusing on him, I unbutton his shirt, and then I loosen his trousers. "Why don't you take them all off?" I suggest. He duly obeys.

Now that he's naked too, he really gets into it. But with all the excitement of having my body to play with too, it's over relatively quickly.

"Errr, let me get something to clean up with", he says, sounding slightly uncomfortable.

He's only out of the room momentarily.

"Thanks for coming over". In fact, now that he's shot his load he looks very uncomfortable again, and quite eager to get rid of me.

"Not at all. I hope you enjoyed it", I say smiling.

Of course, afterwards I usually like to chat a bit to the guys I meet, but on this occasion I decide the kindest thing to do is to leave him alone. Hopefully though, with his first experience out of the way, the next time he should be a lot more relaxed.


S said...

Dearest Gay Banker,

I absolutely love your blog and check it almost daily in the hopes of an update. You have brought much entertainment and amusement to my sometimes mundane life.

Thanks for everything


Legal-ize-IT said...

In the height of ecstacy, just before you shoot your load with a guy, have you ever had a flash of BF1, 2 or 3's picture in your head? X.

closetalk said...

ummmm.. i usually avoid these idiots. and if they cum so damn fast, i usually don't meet them again. mebbe i'm just impatient, or mebbe ure MEGA patient.

o and by de way, i'm linking to u from my blog, dude. ;-)

imphaldiary said...

I am a little surprise that you agreed to have sex with that guy. I mean, he seems so ungradeful for all the trouble you have taken to reach him, and also no thankyou for the experience you gave him.

Gay banker said...

Thanks for reading my blog saf, I'm glad you enjoy it.

Just sometimes Legal-ize-IT, I'll be involved with a guy and I'll have a thought comparing them to bf#1 or 2 or 3. When it happens, it's always along the lines of "bf#1 or 2 or 3 is better at that", whatever that happens to be (including cuddles or just making me feel valued).

Well I usually only meet guyz once anyway closetalk.

You never know what someone will be like before you meet them for the first time imphaldiary. As you know from reading my posting, he did spring a surprise on me. But even if I'd known in advance that I was to be his first experience I would have gone anyway. But I don't have to meet him again!

GB xx

Tildar said...

First experiences can be awkward. Strangely, when I'm with a guy for the first time, I still get all the same butterflies I had when I was just coming out.

I can imagine how it must be when a person has just decided to cross the threshold into active sexuality, versus simply acknowledging themselves passively. The trauma, the nervousness, the guilt. Oh the self-imposed drama!

It's great that they found a patient guy like you on their first run, versus some self-absorbed prick who ends up scaring the bejezus out of them.