Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An enjoyable session with an untidy Asian guy

It’s the last Saturday in May and I’m in a cab on my way to visit a young Asian guy who had contacted me earlier on gay.com. After chatting for around 20 minutes, we’d agreed that it would be fun for me to visit him, although he then said that I had to arrive around 1pm. Luckily though, that time suited me perfectly :-).

“I’m going to have to take this turning 'ere”, says the cabbie, turning into a narrow one-way street, “'cos the road we wanna go down is closed off at the moment”.

OK, sure, whatever, just get me there! I’m thinking much more about what I’ll be doing once I’m alone with the guy at the destination, rather than trying to decide on what route we should go. And as I think more and more about the imminent activities I have to move my hands to hide my enthusiasm.

I arrive at 1pm, exactly on time, and standing in front of the door I realise that there’s no doorbell. Ahhh well, guess I’ll just have to knock loudly. A minute afterwards and I’m still standing there, perhaps I didn’t knock loudly enough? Then suddenly I can hear some scuffles behind the door. The door opens, and not one but two Asian guys are standing there. Two gorgeous looking Asian guys in fact :-), perhaps this is my lucky day?

“Errr, is that GB”, said the guy furthest from the door sheepishly.

“Yeah hi”, I say smiling politely, “it sure is :-)”.

The guy closest to the door mumbles something inaudible and disappears, leaving me with the guy who I came to see. He’s a good match to the photo I saw online.

“Come in. I was going to txt you to say phone me when you got here, but guess I ran out of time!”

Thought so! No doubt he’d prefer his flatmates not to meet visitors like me. As I enter, I spot that he’s got a toothbrush in his hand. Now that’s a promising sign, I certainly prefer guys with good oral hygiene :-). Once inside, I follow him along the corridor before heading up the stairs.

“Go in there and make yourself at home while I finish off”, he says, disappearing into the bathroom.

Left to fend for myself, I feel like I’ve being fitted into the guy’s over-busy schedule. I must have been booked in for the 1pm-1:15pm slot, but thanks perhaps to a previous engagement over-running it’s now to be 1.05pm-1:20pm instead! No matter, once he's finished his duties in the bathroom I'll certainly enjoy kissing him.

But the clean living image that I’d been forming of this guy shatters as soon as I walk into his bedroom. It’s a complete mess, even worse than the room of the young Malaysian guy that I’d visited a couple of months ago.

There’s a big double bed in the middle of the room, but no sheets, blankets or duvet, just the bare mattress. And scattered on top of the mattress and all around on the floor are clothes, papers, books, used underwear, and lots of other stuff besides. How on earth can he sleep on a bed with no bedding? Perhaps he’s just put it in the wash, but then how come the bed is covered with all the other stuff?

I'd normally start to strip off, but where would I put my clothes? Leaving the umbrella that I've brought with me by the door, I start to clear some stuff off the bed, but there’s nowhere to put it!

“Sorry about the mess”, says the guy suddenly, “I only moved in recently and I still need to work out where to keep everything”.

“No problem”, I say tactfully, “I’ve seen worse”. Which is true because I was very messy - when I was about ten years old!

Somehow we manage to clear his mattress, and while he's finishing off I decide that it's time for me to strip off. He's still trying to work out where to put a small pile of magazines when I clamber up onto the mattress, ready for action.

"Surely you can finish tidying up later?", I say facing him, kneeling on the mattress, wearing only my white undershorts. He looks me up and down.

"Hang on", he says smiling, "let me put on some music. I don't want the other guys in the flat to hear everything we do!"

Pressing the play button on the small hi-fi by the window, he joins me on the bed and lies down next to where I'm kneeling. As I move down to kiss him though, suddenly he jumps up, "hang on, the music's not playing, what's wrong with this thing?"

This time he waits for the music to start before joining me again. But then just as I manage to make contact with his lips he jumps up again, "Oh hang on, I don't think it's loud enough, do you?" Well I guess that depends on what we get up to!

After a bit of kissing and cuddling, I'm soon pulling down his shorts. Briefly I look at his naked body from head to toe and it's quite amazing, there really isn't an ounce of fat on him. Gradually the activities become a bit more energetic. "Shhh, be quiet", he laughs, "the walls here are quite thin." His cock fascinates me. It's a good length, but probably the narrowest one I've ever seen! It's as hard as steel though, and we have a lovely time together.

"Any chance of a glass of water before I go?" I ask afterwards.

He slips his shorts and t-shirt back on, and goes downstairs to get me a glass while I stay in his room and put my clothes back on.

"Thanks", I say as he hands me the water, "are all the guys in the flat gay?"

"No actually, I'm the only one. But it's not a problem, everyone's cool".

We chat a bit about his situation. He's only been in London a couple of months, and he's got some kind of short term work visa.

"I think I need to find myself a better job though", he says, "the one I've got isn't well paid".

"Actually, I've got to meet some friends soon", he continues, looking at his watch.

"No problem", I say, "I've got things to do myself too actually". As I suspected earlier, the guy seems to have an over-busy schedule. I guess I'm just lucky that he managed to find time to fit me in!

Opening the door downstairs it seems to be raining. "Hang on", I say, "didn't I have an umbrella with me?"

"Yes of course, hang on there, it's by my bedroom door isn't it".

It would have been much easier to spot in a tidy bedroom! But it only takes him a few seconds to rush back upstairs to fetch it for me. I certainly don't want to loose that umbrella because it belongs to boyfriend number 1.

"Take care", he says, patting me on the shoulder as I start to put up the umbrella.

"You too mate!"

It's been an enjoyable session. But I still don't understand how someone can call themselves gay and live in such a messy room!


Tildar said...

This guy sounds like quite the slob, but at least he realized that after he invited you in. He could have ignored the mess altogether, instead he made a belated effort. Not quite a lost cause yet, eh?

Regardless, this Asian seems quite hot. Being half of one, I used to have such a body, but my Caucasian half is trying to overwhelm the abs, much to my dismay. Whatever do you boys do to keep the tire from forming?

closetalk said...

once upon a time, this guy who i visited had a cockroach going abt on his floor.
i left. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Life's too short to be tidy. I've never quite seen what the big deal is. Or maybe I'm just not really cut out to be gay.

gayboydiary said...

lol @ putting on music! That would drive me crazy, having a stiffy and the other person mucking about with the stereo! Do messy people make sloppy lovers in your experience GB? I'm obviously not experienced enough to comment ;-P GB(D) x

S said...

Well well...I suppose the no fat on the body is possible and not that wierd, but a skinny cock as well? How unusual!

Gay banker said...

Get down the gym Tildar!

What a big subject gayboydiary, the correlation between tidyness and lovemaking abilites :-). But the quiet unassuming guys (like you perhaps?) always know a lot more than they’re prepared to admit on first inspection! Of course, a lot of gay guys are quite neat so it’s hard to say really. With this guy at any rate, once he was finally focussing on the activiites he was fun to be with.

Actually Saf, I’m not sure it is that unusual. As Tildar implies, lots of Asian guys are naturally slim built and very skinny. I’d just never come across one before where those attributes were also very evident in his trouser department!

GB xxx

Tildar said...

Not much of a gym fan. Pretty avid bicycler though. I've been quite lucky with the figure thus far, but things are trying to change. I blame it on the 30/menopause mark.

just kidding


Saddle Up said...

Geez... if they don't mind him picking up trade online and inviting them back to the flat then they shouldnt mind a few grunts and groans from some bum-fun...

Anonymous said...

"I say facing him, kneeling on the mattress, wearing only my white undershorts..."

lol...I notice that you always wear white unershorts, not black, not blue, but white!
Is that your favorite colour?
Or you only have one pair of undershorts? lol....you no need to wash it ya?

Just kidding!