Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gay Banker interviews LJKelley

The next interview candidate is LJKelley. His blog is an unusual mixture of Kylie worship, political rants, and poetry. But then perhaps an unusual mixture is to be expected, given that he describes himself by saying:

I'm a traveling computer geek. I enjoy activity, as well as quiet time at the beach or infront of this screen. I'm opionated and crazy (At least I'm admitting it unlike the rest of you)

In an effort to conduct a better interview I left a comment on his blog asking whether there was anywhere else I could look to help devise appropriate questions. In his brief reply he told me that he has a web site with a UK domain name, a profile, as well as a profile. (And I also sent him another e-mail to check that he didn't mind me posting these sites.)

He's certainly got an interesting background. Since he lives in Florida one might assume that he's just another cute young American gay boy who likes to soak up the sun. But he speaks Norwegian, which certainly seems unusual to me for someone living in that part of the world.

So LJKelley, here are my interview questions:

  1. According to your myspace profile you're in a relationship, but apart from saying things like 'he makes me happy" in your poem, you never mention anything about your boyfriend in your blog. So how did you meet him, and what's he like?

  2. Imagine that you can play god and choose famous historical (or fictional) characters for the major roles in the US government (President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Treasury, etc). Who do you choose, and why?

  3. In spite of your poem which talks about "No one else for ... me, One and Only!", your profile says that you're in an open relationship. My readers are always interested in the salacious details so can you describe some of your activities outside of your relationship to keep them satisfied?

  4. You describe yourself as a travelling geek, although it's not clear to me whether your travel is for business or pleasure. So what kind of places to you go to, and do you ever meet any interesting gay guys on your travels?

  5. And finally, you're 21 years old. What do you hope to achieve before you're 30?

The next interview candidate is a sixteen year old woman called saf. I've never interviewed a woman before and I'm not sure I'll be any good at it. Anyway, I'll try to get her questions out by early July at the latest.

Update: It only took Josef (aka LJKelley) a day and a half to come up with some good answers.


LJKelley said...

Oh... I had to think on that whole President thing :) Its never been put at me like that, but I think any activist left or right would be dully challenged to find a dream team!

Once again, thanx alot for the good questions so I could come up with some good answers :)

S said...

Thanks, GB! I don't think interviewing me will be that hard for you, and I'll post lots more for you to read till then to give you some hints about me. However, I have to say that I am going on holiday starting July 2nd at night, although you are quite a few hours ahead of me, so for you it would be more like morning of July 3rd?