Saturday, June 03, 2006

A slightly unusual request

I’ve mentioned before that bank holidays are good days to find a bit of fun. And so it was last month on the May-day bank holiday Monday :-).

I’m logged into both and gaydar, but it’s a guy from who contacts me first.

guy: hi
GB: hi
guy: how r u?
GB: fine, u?
guy: horny
GB: hehe, me too, where r u?

He’s about a 25 minute taxi ride away, a bit further than I’d like, but if it seems likely that we’ll get on well with each other I'd be prepared to visit him. So I send him the web link to where I keep the pics which show my face

GB: there u go, pics with my face in b4 u ask LOL. Do you have any pics?

In fact his profile doesn’t contain any pics at all, so given that my profile does at least have some pics of my body on it, I’m being a bit forward! But it pays off

guy: yeah of course, prob easiest if I send them to you on gaydar
GB: sure, I am currently logged in to gaydar so go ahead

Interesting that although we’re chatting on, we’re still relying on gaydar to some extent. When I get his pics I can feel myself starting to get excited. Wow, he’s quite the gorgeous Asian hunk! So I eagerly discuss the mechanics of who’s going to do what to whom. When we’ve got the basics sorted out though, he’s got a surprise for me

guy: do u cum lots?
GB: depends, if I find you really horny I will LOL :-)
guy: lol ok can you cum into a clean condom? haha sometimes if i get horny enough i like eating it the next day

Well, as I’ve said several times before, how ever many times you go round the block there’s always something new to look at. No one’s ever asked me that before! For some reason, he’s anxious in case he’s put me off because he continues chatting before I can reply

guy: if not i'm fine with you just cumming normally
GB: no probs, I could cum like that if u want :-)

With everything agreed, I tell boyfriend number 1 that I’m going to the gym, and head off to find a taxi to visit this guy.

After an uneventful journey, I’m soon inside a smart apartment block waiting for the guy to answer his door.

“Hi come on in”, he says smiling from behind the door.

“Thanks”, I say as I walk in, “where do you want me?”

Once he’s closed the door, I can see that he’s only wearing some boxer shorts and T-Shirt.

“This way”, he says. We head straight for the bedroom.

“Do you live here alone?” I ask.

“Errr yeah, why?”

No reason really, just trying to break the ice with some harmless conversation!

“Oh, it’s just good to know that we won’t be interrupted :-)”.

Once in the bedroom, I sit on the edge of bed and start stripping off. He disappears momentarily and comes back with some kitchen roll.

“Just in case”, he says laughing.

Once I’ve got my shoes, socks and shirt off, I stand up and take my trousers off so that I’m left standing there in just my undershorts. Still wearing his T-Shirt he walks towards me, puts his hand tentatively on my shoulder, and kisses me on the lips. Nice. Gently I lift his T-Shirt off and hold him close, nipple to nipple. His warm body next to mine feels lovely. Soon we’re on the bed enjoying each other’s company. After a while, things are progressing nicely when he reminds me of his request

“Can you cum in this one?”

I’m happy to oblige. And after a few more minutes we’re relaxing in each other’s arms, the main event is over.

“Do you want to put this somewhere then?” I say, after a suitable pause.

“Thanks, plenty there to keep me going”, he says gratefully. He carefully takes it out of my hand and lies it on his bedside table, next to his alarm clock.

“Any chance of a fruit-juice or something before I go?”

Moving into his reception area, we get chatting briefly while I’m drinking the apple juice that he gives me.

“So have you lived in London very long?” I ask.

“Oh, a couple of years or so. But I’ll be moving to France next year to study for an MBA.”

It turns out that I know the business school he’s talking about because some of my friends went there. And according to my friends, the school in question requires proficiency in three languages before students can graduate.

“Well if you already talk French”, I say, “I guess their language proficiency requirements won’t be a problem for you!”

After all, he already speaks English, and probably at least one Asian language.

“Actually I’ll probably take the opportunity to learn some Spanish”.

Noticing that he’s given me a drink without having taken anything himself, I decide that it’s time to make my excuses. Although I’m very curious, somehow the timing isn't right to ask him anything about his man-juice fetish. But I’ll definitely ask him a bit more about it if I ever meet him again.


gayboydiary said...

How interesting. I wonder if he heats it up before consuming it! GB

Gay banker said...

Well indeed GB(D). In my experience, the majority of guys prefer to avoid cum in the mouth, although there's also loads of guys who are happy to take it draught. Cold and congealed just seemed bizarre to me!

GB x

Reluctant Nomad said...

Very odd fetish by the sounds of it. I like cum (a lot! oh, and lots of it) but I like it fresh. Stale cum sounds plain nasty to me.

Saddle Up said...

Over my chest if you please...

GB - you should do a poll... we all like a good pole...!

William John said...

I remember a story on the Tee Vee where the lady quickly put the condom into a freezer and froze the sample, using it later for artificial inseminitation purposes. She later went on to successfully win alimony.

But, meh... that's the tv for you, not real life, eh... ;)

William John.

S said...

Wow. Sounds um, well, kind of gross. But hey, whatever turns you on...

Just a side note, GB, I love the euphemisms. Makes it less crude, and still sounds smooth and sexy.

Keep it up!

Saf XoX