Thursday, September 28, 2006

Postings by category

Having spent time switching to the new beta blogger software, I thought I should get some benefit from the new Labels feature, so I've spent a few happy hours categorising all my previous postings by adding labels to them. I think the categories I've come up with work reasonably well because it usually seemed obvious to me which label to apply to a particular post. Just a few posts have been put in more than one category. In order of descending frequency, the categories I'm using are:
  • Encounters: Currently 112 postings. These are all the stories about hooking up with other guys for activities. A few of these postings relate to failed hook-ups, and there's also the 4 postings about getting to know The Man From Fridae. But hook-ups which occurred in the gym are listed in the Gym category.

  • Gay Life: Currently 49 postings. General comments, a few stories, basically anything that relates to my life as a gay man that doesn't fit into any of the other categories.

  • Boyfriends: Currently 48 postings. Anything which relates to boyfriend number 1, boyfriend number 2, or boyfriend number 3 is in this category. Early hook-ups with boyfriend number 2 and boyfriend number 3 also carry the Encounters label.

  • Gym: Currently 38 postings. Last summer the sauna in the men's changing room at the gym I go to was closed, but before then, hook-ups in the sauna were quite common :-). This category describes all that activity, and other stuff that happens in gyms when gay men are around.

  • Blogs and Internet: Currently 36 postings. Things that relate to this blog, meme's, and general stuff about gay life online.

  • Business trips: Currently 25 postings. Things I've done while on business trips abroad. Currently, all but one of these postings are also in either the Encounters or the Boyfriends category.

  • Holidays: Currently 20 postings. Anything that relates to going on holiday out of London.

  • Interviews: Currently 14 postings. I've interviewed 11 other bloggers via blog, 3 of whom have also interviewed me. All interviewees were other gay men, apart from one teenage girl called Saf, so this is the category for all the interviews.

  • GB's favourites: Currently 11 postings. I know it's a bit self-indulgent to have my own favourites, but I do so here they are. Most are stories that I found particularly amusing at the time, but I've also included my first ever posting because I did it very quickly and looking back on it now I think it was pretty good for a novice blogger! All of these postings are in at least one other category.

  • Infidelity: Currently 8 postings. I don't believe in monogamy and these are the postings that relate to that subject, and where I expand on my views.

  • Gay Info: Currently 6 postings. Some highly opinionated views of mine, mainly about how to pick up men offline as well as online. If anyone disagrees with any of my views, feel free to leave comments on the relevant posts.

  • Misc: Currently 3 postings. Although most things fit into the above categories, I ended up with 3 postings that just didn't fit anywhere else, so here they are.
I know it's a bit cheap writing about what I've previously posted, but after 283 regular postings I hope you can excuse me. If anyone has any suggestions for improvements, please let me know.


Bill said...

Hi there

I like your new categories - I haven't yet switched to the 'new' Blogger tool, so have yet to face that problem. However as I would have close on 2,000 posts to categorise I might simply start from now, or a most a year back and leave everything else in 'Misc.' for those that are interested.

I always enjoy reading of your exploits even if your life sounds pretty complicated. I suppose mine was at one time, too, but the 'fires' have cooled in recent years; in general I'm not that sorry ;)

MadeInScotland said...

Hmm, I'm so untechnical, but I guess you can switch and still keep the same blog address? Maybe I should wait for an invite.

Oh, and I just realised I never linked you. So I've sorted that too!


libertine di homo said...

fantastic job on the labels - it looks really spiff. i'm envious if your organisation skills - it looks like you have the new Blogger tools down to a science.

keep up the good work (and writing)!